Website relaunch: 7 steps for success 

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The only constant in life is change. Did Heraclitus mean to refer to the seemingly never-ending and ever-necessary website relaunches? Probably not, but nevertheless the quote fits the topic well. A Website relaunch is sometimes bitterly necessary, to maintain a professional and competent Internet presence . Here give factors such as outdated technology, poor Images, unrounded design, poor customer guidance or an unsatisfactory User experience the impetus to undertake a modernization of the website. 

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But many are faced with the question here: Where do I start? What do you have to pay attention to? And how can you achieve successful and efficient results. The following article provides answers to precisely these questions.  

Relaunch - can it also be done in German? 

Before we dive into the topic, it's helpful to state a brief definition at the outset. Unlike a website redesign, a website relaunch is merely an optimization of the website. In this context, the term "Website Redesign" appear. The distinction between the two terms is controversial. A pure Website relaunch often refers to the technical optimization of the website, while the website redesign will aesthetic aspects in the focus. However, both technical optimization and aesthetic redesign should be considered for a efficient and successful website optimization Go hand in hand.

For this reason, the following article refers to both areas. Here remains basic concept and page strategy mostly are preserved. Why this is advantageous will be explained later in the text. Most of the time, a relaunch is appropriate when the Technology and the world in general evolve. Your website is the digital showcase of your company and largely responsible for the first impression, the visitor and visitors gain. It is, of course, your ambition at this point to make a competent, contemporary and aesthetic appearance to present. Likewise, it is of paramount importance that searchers you quickly and uncomplicated can find. With an outdated website it is most likely difficult to achieve these goals.  

But that's exactly what the website relaunch is for. 

Packing list for the website relaunch hike 

In order to climb an effective path with the website relaunch, it is important to already have a basic knowledge in the luggage. A must-have are the Targets. What exactly do you want to achieve with the relaunch? Where do you want to go? Do you have maybe inspirations from other websites or competitors? What do you want to change?

A successful website relaunch lets your website take off.
A successful website relaunch lets your website take off. (Image:

You can only achieve a goal if you know what it looks like. Therefore, a clear definition is essential. Consider also once again exactly your Target group and take knowledge about their needs and wishes into the website relaunch.. What does the target group respond well to and what appeals to them? What makes your customers tick? Last but not least, it is important to have a comprehensive knowledge of the current website to have. How is each Customer Journey? Which Landing page leads where? Once you have this information packed, the journey can begin. 

7 tips for your website relaunch 

Tip 1: Clientele is king 

Here we come to a point already mentioned before. Namely, a relaunch does not represent a complete redesign or redesign of the website, but rather a targeted Optimization. This distinction is of particular importance. Because just as the change means a change for you, it also means a change for your customers.. By not making the page structure and basic layout drastically different from the previous version, you create Familiarity and continuity for your existing customer base. After all, a website relaunch pursues the goal of even attract more customers and in no way to lose already existing customers and clients. It is therefore crucial to ensure that your previous customers also on the optimized website without any problems can find their way around.

One effective way to ensure the transition is seamless for your customers and clients is to let them know in advance. Give your Announcement an enticing characterby pointing out that exciting innovations are coming soon. Show that your company is constantly evolving and moving with the times. In this way, you not only run your website relaunch, but at the same time you also make Advertising for your dynamic and contemporary company 

Tip 2: Show yourself! 

In the optimization of a website plays of course the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a crucial roleto ensure that the new website is found. Therefore it is advisable, Use SEO optimized content and techniques. If you have not yet given much thought to SEO, we recommend that you educate yourself in this area - there is an informative Article. One often hears warnings against using Website relaunch to lose the current ranking position. However, this is in usually not the case.

This point refers to the reassessment of the website by the Google algorithm, especially when new designs or content are added or changed. There may be a temporary decrease in page views after the relaunch, as the Algorithm needs time to re-evaluate the page. As a rule, however, a relaunch does not lead to a loss of ranking positions. However, it is advisable, especially with extensive changes at the content keep an eye on the ranking and SEO analysis. 

Tip 3: Strengthen strengths: 

Let's stay on the topic of SEO. There is no exact SEO optimization for your website described in this article, but there is a useful approach to quickly improve your SEO Performance to improve. Take as a basis of your relaunch themes or graphics that rank well for you SEO-wise. So you focus on what makes You stand out and convey this not only to your potential customers, but also to the Google Algorithmus. And he will reward you for it. Therefore make a SEO Analysis and draw useful information from it. 

Tip 4: If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer: 

Is it really? For the practitioners among you, this point may lead to eye-rolling, but it is nevertheless crucial for a successful website relaunch. Namely the corporate design. Before the relaunch, it is advisable to create a uniform Create style guide for your websiten. You may already have one, but if not, some additional time will be needed for this. A corporate design is the visual design of a company, which the personality, i.e. the Corporate Identity, makes visible.

A uniform corporate design ensures that you will be recognized everywhere.
A consistent corporate design ensures that you are recognized everywhere. (Image: work

A uniform web presence gives your company recognition value, provides for more attention and gives your customer base orientation within the website. So make sure that your corporate design is reflected in your modernized website. 

Tip 5: Make It Easy: 

Especially when it comes to the Topics optimal user guidance and user experience goes, you should get help. Designers approach this topic with a lot of structure. For this you use Wireframing. This process is used to create a Create overview of interactive products and to show possibilities, how the structure and the process potential design solutions can be defined. The resulting sketches are a Mirror image of the Needs of both the users and the company. Presented both on paper and in digital wireframes, they are instrumental in helping teams and stakeholders create best-in-class solutions that are aligned with the needs der user-oriented prototypes and products

Tip 6: The proof of the pudding is in the eating: 

When you have made all the desired changes, it is important, test the website before the actual website relaunchn. Staging Site offers super support here when converting larger information networks or websites. The staging Site is a website replication, which is used for testing functions, Add-Ons, plug-ins, themes or source codes is created. It shows you exactly what would also be found in the live version. Here you can test everything again exactly and perform a quality control.

Does it look like you imagined it? Does the technology work smoothly? The generation of these pages is essentially dependent on the CMS system or the Store software dependent. At this point, take another in-depth look at your current CMS (content management system) to make sure it will always give you still the desired functions offers. 

Tip 7: Go Live:  

So, now that you're done with everything, everything can finally go live. Yes, it always sounds like it's done in one click, but plan enough time for the live walk. After all, ideally you don't want to have any downtime for your website. If you are already in the successfully tested in the run-up to the event, and your Structure plan consistently pursued have, the live walk should reibungslos proceed. Nevertheless, it may happen that something does not work as planned or adjustments are still required. 

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Immediately after the relaunch, you should use the Run Google crawlers over your website. This is done with a simple click in the Google Search Console done in order to Re-indexing to apply. This way you will be up to date in no time. 

Website relaunch is yes a feasible change 

Yes and No. A website relaunch always involves work,so it is advisable to enlist support, and Your CMS system can be your best ally here. Occasionally, an adjustment in the content management system, such as switching to our highly rated HubSpot, the schine way to success. So it can be said that a website relaunch is always a breath of fresh air for your business, and these 7 steps can give you a noticeable upturn lend.


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