Consistent success with your content? Don`t work hard - work smart with structured content analysis

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Does this situation sound familiar? You click on an article, recognize content, numbers or years that are completely "out of date" are and leave this page directly again? Probably the majority of searchers will go to Google & Co are now nodding in agreement. Because the high number of posts that search engines can find also leads to viewers and viewers the Content always Evaluate more rigorously and pay attention to timeliness.

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To meet this request of the clientele, are not mandatory new contributions are necessary. The key to success is to get the potential out of the content that already exists. Because it takes merely a structured inventory, analysis and optimization of your contentto increase the visibility of your website and a Repositioning with clear expert status.

The following article explains how you can do this and what you should pay attention to.

Can content analysis simply be swept under the rug?

Often it happens with the already existing contentthat this, once published, is out of sight, out of mind. An SEO analysis was made, based on this a great text was written and this optimally entered. Now it is online. But After a certain time it no longer generates so many leads, gets no more clicks and slides further and further down on Google. What happened? Colloquially speaking, the article is "out of date".

A consistent process is critical to creating high-quality content. This includes content analysis.

A consistent process is critical to creating high-quality content. This includes content analysis. (Image:

And this is where content analysis comes into play. Optimally, it has already begun before this point. The basis for a content analysis is in fact a extensive collection of data on each item. The following KPIs Can be used forr be a good start:

  • Keyword: For which keyword does this URL rank on Google? Does this keyword still have an appropriate search volume?
  • Ranking Position: On which position is your post on Google?
  • Traffic: How many visitors visit your article?
  • Impressions: How many searchers see your article in the search results?
  • Bounce rate: How many users leave your site without having interacted with it?
  • Conversion Rate: How often was your CTA clicked, a purchase made or a whitepaper downloaded?

By monitoring this data, you can quickly identify the weak points in your content identify which are responsible for a deteriorated performance. Because it is not only a matter of actualization of the information, but also on an up-to-date and high-quality Search engine optimization and Target group orientation an. A successful content analysis goes hand in hand with a renewed SEO Research. When you understand this link, it quickly becomes clear that there is much more to content post analysis than simply adjusting the publication date.   

The perfect 5-step analysis routine

For content analysis, it is helpful that you are aware of Decide on a time period from the beginning. Do you review your content monthly, quarterly, or annually? This is how you ensure that the rich content pool you want to analyze is a little clearer and does not overwhelm you. In the next step, you can export this selected content to timeless, completely obsolete or only sort partially outdated content. This makes it easier to search for the Criterion Efficiency prioritized be

Because even if there is a desire to optimize every piece of content, it doesn't always make sense to do so.

Focus on the items that topics in demand and are to be updated quickly. When selecting your content, a primary consideration should also be whether it is still in ein line with the Corporate Goal and the current Corporate identity is. Have you perhaps started to gender? Do you recently use a uniform layout for your blog entries?

Once all this is clarified, we can move on to the structured analysis.

  • Are there changes to which the content needs to be adapted?

The first step should be to evaluate and analyze the above data. In addition, you should take a critical look at youre Target group definition throw. Are there changes in your target group? New trends or interests? Might you want to target an additional audience with your content? This approach gives you the opportunity, Content Fresh adjust or align.

But also internal changes should be taken into account. Is there a new product range? If applicable Changes in the workforce? New, more current data on the topics? The data analysis in combination with the above considerations reveal which blog entries are just a short touch up and which need a deeper analysis.

  • What is the competition doing? 

In marketing, it is always beneficial to occasionally look to the right and left. Finding out what competitors are doing differently allows you to you a comparison and at the same time also a reflection of their own work.

For effective content analysis, it is essential to also look at the competition
For effective content analysis, it is essential to look at the competition as well. (Image:

Look here at what themes or features are doing well or poorly with the competition. Also take a look at the Structure of the texte and see if certain Approaches promising are. It is not about copying, but rather the possibility of thought-provoking for fresh and creative ideas.

  • Do you want to improve your ranking?

It can happen that your post is suddenly on a worse position than before. Now to improve the ranking plays Search Engine Optimization play a significant role. Check here whether the used Keywords still work and are sufficiently built into the text. Keyword stuffing, i.e. an arbitrary insertion of the keywords is not supported by the algorithm and should be avoided. The Algorithm lets you rank all the higher, the high quality and quality your content is. You achieve this, among other things, with the incorporation of many internal and external links into your post.

  • Do you want your click-through rate to increase?

If simply no one clicks on your article anymore, a look at the Meta title and meta description thrownn. Both represent "Eye-Catcher" for the readers in the mass of contributions and should stand out.

Therefore, contrast your title with the meta title of a well-functioning ad and compare the gused tone, style and the use From emoticons.

Perhaps the target audience will be better captured by a different approach. Otherwise, follow the basic guidelines for the title. Generate with it Fancy to read the article read and show in the descriptionwhat the reader gets from the article in terms of added value and information.

  • Do you want to reduce the bounce rate?

In this case, it is of particular importance that the article is also complies with what the meta description has promised. Because when the reader comes to your page now, it's important to set it up on Hold the page and a as possible generate long reading time. Here, the headings, the structure and the Inclusion of CTAs accompany the reader through the text and always arouse new interest.

Shall neue subheadings be installed? Does the article take into account the current developments on the subject? Does the article possibly gain from other examples? Such questions can be a clue to the Reduce bounce rate through thorough content analysis.

Blog posts all well and good - does the same apply to social media?

Content is not only blog posts, but it can also be Social media posts be. The question is whether the 5-Step Analysis Routine can also be transferred to this content. It should be noted here that marketing on social media channels is much more fast-moving and is evaluated according to other criteria. In general, however, there are various possibilities, also on the social media the potential from old posts or contributions out again. On the one hand, a "Flashback" be created, thus referring back to earlier mail. On the other hand interesting comments be used as a hanger to show these Revive mail.

By criteria such as time of publication, Hashtags, eye-catchers and emojis, you can also dhe performance improve the social media posts. Also check if the current content format fits the corresponding channel and your Content Distribution is optimal.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

Just as with blog posts, analysis and constant monitoring of changes in the Starting point for successful optimization important.

Is content analysis really smart work?

Gustav Heinemann already said: "Whoever does not want to change anything will also lose what he wants to preserve". Here he was probably not referring to an effective marketing strategy alluded to, but with these words sums up the Essentials of this article together. Maybe there is something in your Content very much potential, but this only comes to light when the Content to the now is adapted. And this is definitely less effort than creating a whole new article. Accordingly, we conclude that a Content analysis smart work is. If you have any further questions on the topic or regarding optimal tools, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.


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