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Search Engine Advertising

There is usually no way around basic search engine optimization. However, SEO costs a lot of time and patience. In order to achieve success more quickly, search engine advertising is therefore worthwhile. Fast visibility against paymentthat is the motto.

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Search engine advertising - Quick success with SEA

SEA and SEO in combination

Two typical applications for SEA measures:
  • Search engine advertising can stand in for search engine optimization if it does not (yet) bring the desired ranking.
  • If the ranking is already right thanks to SEO, SEA can provide for the double great appearance: Especially with time-limited promotions, a clever two-pronged combination - SEA and SEO - can act as a true click booster.

All this and much more

In addition to classic search ads, Google Display Ads also include banners and videos to attract customers outside of search in the display network and on YouTube. With us, you receive complete support for SEA - we take over the campaign management from keyword research to the creation of ad texts and conversion analysis.

Our service portfolio

Straight to the customer with SEA

What speaks for SEA:

  • Search engine ads reduce click-through rates of the (upper) organic hits. Above all, the ads above the organic search results have a detrimental effect on the subsequent organic search indices.
  • At organic search hits the main attention tends to land on the URLs than on the snippets - on the one hand, these text segments often lack the outstanding performance feature, and on the other hand, the user first looks at the URL for awareness, brand and respectability.
  • Search engine ads are built differently - with title and ad text they dock more directly to the entered Search Keyword and pick up the user without further ado. Especially for store operators, Google Shopping ads - a special form of SEA - provide valuable services.
  • Search engine advertising is flexible! You can adjust, extend or cancel all ad parameters - at any time, with immediate effect.

Which keywords are best? Auto-optimized CPC? What is the right bidding strategy?

Which keywords can be optimized? Which bids should be adjusted? Which campaigns have the lowest ROI?

What exactly makes up your ideal customers? How do you give them a face and breathe life into them?

How do we generate high-quality leads for sales and marketing?

How do we achieve maximum attention for your brand? Which ads are the most suitable for this?


How do we retarget customers and visitors? How do we leverage existing Custom Audiences?


Our prices

An investment in the future that pays off.


We set up your SEA accounts for a fixed price. However, we do not optimize the ads continuously.

Upon request

Request our offer now free of charge and without obligation.

All SEA packages include:


We set up your SEA accounts, continuously optimize your ads and implement your wishes.

Upon request

Request our offer now free of charge and without obligation.

All SEA packages include:

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