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Marketing Automation

Modern marketing without a digitization strategy is like a website without navigation. So it's no surprise that large corporations have long been using complex marketing automation systems.

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Your marketing on autopilot

Small and medium-sized companies, on the other hand, have some catching up to do. A monthly newsletter here, a bit of social media there ... it's reminiscent of the race between the hare and the hedgehog: the hedgehog that supposedly has no chance wins because it doesn't just run off, but proceeds strategically. Competitive positions weaken wherever companies fail to find a strategic approach to digitization.

High-end solutions for more customers and more sales

There are holistic digital platforms for marketing automation. There, all marketing and sales processes relevant to a company are unified, automated, scaled and measured. This enables, for example:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of customers,
  • to carry out personalized campaigns,
  • Make marketing initiatives more efficient
  • and maximize marketing ROI.

Complex marketing campaigns that run smoothly along the customer journey, for happy customers and more sales - what sounds so tempting has so far often been stuck in implementation.

Our service portfolio

Marketing automation in the digital jungle

To ensure that your marketing runs on autopilot in the future, we will find the best solution for you that specifically fits your company, your requirements and your needs. We help you find the best solution for your budget in the digital jungle, maintain an overview at every stage, and strategically prepare and execute every implementation.

The danger of getting stuck halfway is real. Customers fear a lack of transparency and hidden follow-up costs - and put off the purchase. Once the software is finally purchased, the real work begins. Even if the selected software is a good fit for the company and its strategic goals, there are still many hurdles in the way of implementing the software: adapting it to the company's specific marketing processes, connecting it to the website, realizing that the existing content is not sufficient, and much more.

"Quick Win" is our advice

In any case, it takes time to get the full benefit of the more or less complex marketing automation systems. So we like to suggest starting with a less complex functionality, such as email marketing automation. You can then gradually add other online marketing items and channels: Lead management, landing pages, web forms, content marketing, campaign management, CRM integration, social media marketing, analytics.

Which marketing automation tool fits our company? Which solution is best suited for our strategy?
How do we implement marketing automation into our existing systems? How do we leverage our existing data?

How do we create omni-channel campaigns that achieve the best results across all channels?

How do we optimize existing workflows and improve the results and ROI of the marketing automation solution?

How do we create customized content that appeals to and convinces our target group individually?

How do we train our marketing and sales staff? How do we create internal guidelines for the systems?

Our prices

An investment in the future that pays off


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All automation packages include:

For medium-sized

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For Large Companies & Enterprises

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All automation packages include:

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