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Social Media Marketing

Unique opportunities lie in the right use of social media channels. Companies can involve their customers and prospects in their activities directly, actively, and at a lower level than ever before. The growth opportunities offered here cannot be tapped via conventional media types and channels!

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Social Media Marketing - High Reach and Target Group-Specific

Addressing target groups precisely

At first glance, it is easier than ever to distribute images, messages and videos to the world very quickly via social media. But the big problem comes at second glance: For a long time now, relevant reach for your target group can only be achieved if paid postings and ads are used.

But it's easier than ever to address your target group precisely via the ads in the social media channels. Users can be selected and targeted using demographic, interest and behavior-based characteristics. This makes wastage a thing of the past.

What we do for you

We help companies set up the right social media strategy to gain a foothold and step on the gas in the social channels that are relevant to them. With precisely tailored advertising campaigns, we expand reach, increase website visits, and drive your sales. We precisely evaluate your social media results and continuously optimize the ads.

Our service portfolio

Clear KPIs for your objective

Social channels have become professionalized. Companies should do the same. Without a strategic approach, companies are lost in the social channels. The first step (as everywhere else) is to clearly define overarching goals as the basis for everything you do.

The absolute number of followers and fans does not say much at first. It is much more important to link a defined goal with the relevant key performance indicators. These KPIs can be used to measure goals and readjust strategies.

Which channels are relevant for our company? Which networks help us to achieve our marketing goals?

Which campaigns lead you to the target? Which targeting options of the platforms are the most suitable?

How do we create appropriate content for our appearances? How and when do we post updates?

How do we interact with our target group? How do we manage our channels?

How do we respond to crises and negative waves quickly and professionally?

How do we select suitable influencers or micro-influencers? How do we manage the collaboration process?

Our prices

An investment in the future that pays off


For smaller companies and startups

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All social packages include:

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For Large Companies & Enterprises

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