The Best of Social Media Practices  

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Social media: This word combination triggers many different emotions in people. For some, curiosity, fun and (leisure) enjoyment; for others, perhaps annoyance, information overload or even fear. In today's world, social media is almost mandatory for every age, every company and every person. Especially if you want to place novelties on the market or to tap into new customer groups would like, can with Social media marketing the goal can be achieved.  

If you're someone who can't quite grasp social media or your business isn't warming up to the channel, this article will give you a perfect springboard into the subject. The article lists the social media best practices you can use to boost your online presence as a B2B company, but also as an individual. Optimize on various channels and achieve more successes.  

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Social Media: The formula for business success or just a bunch of cat videos after all? 

Social media has long since evolved into more than just a smorgasbord of cat videos - that's common knowledge. Through the active use various social media channels, companies can gain numerous advantages for yourself. Having a presence on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, X (formerly Twitter), Meta, TikTok, or LinkedIn allows businesses to showcase your Range and visibility in the midst of billions of users.

Achieve success - with social media best practices.
Achieve success - with social media best practices. (Image:

In addition, you can through authentic and approachable communication Build a deeper connection with your clientele. When focusing on the return on investment of social media marketing, it is clear to see that increasing the reach or expanding the network can lead to more leads, conversions and ultimately higher sales. With this in mind, it would be inefficient for a company not to have a presence on social media channels.  

From zero to social media hero: how to rock your marketing with social media best practices  

Ready for takeoff? Do you know your users?  

Before starting with any "fancy" strategy, complicated videos or the most creative post. a starting point determined become: The foundation of any social media plan is your Target group.

Who do you want to address and/or win over? It is not enough to collect superficial demographic information, but you should really be able to slip into your target group and see through their eyes, so to speak. What problems, expectations, wishes or needs does your audience have? What topics interest or inspire them?

You can only do effective and successful social media marketing if you know your audience well.

Through such an analysis you gain Findings about what added value you can promise your target group by buying your product or service. But be careful! This promise must not only be kept, but also communicated to the clientele in the right way. communicates be

On the social media channels, a completely own communication cultivated. Find out how your target group interacts with each other. Is the exchange open, close, and personal, or do potential customers value professional distance? This audience research gives you an idea of the ideal clientele and the knowledge of how to reach them with the right Content can address on the social media channels.  

Ready, set, go? With a strategy for social media success 

One important point among social media best practices is definitely the Strategic planning. Even though it may seem as if everyone is posting on Instagram & Co, this is not the case and not the most promising way to go about it. Here should previously agreed targets be the motivation for successful marketing. Similar to any other area of the company, plans and strategies are developed to achieve these goals as quickly as possible.

Consider and treat your social media presence and posted content as a Expanding your marketing mix and business. Therefore, create a social media calendar in which you enter all important dates: these should be product launches, company events and other relevant moments of the company, but holidays and event days can also be included.

With a social media calendar, you can plan in a structured and clear way.
With a social media calendar, you can plan in a structured and clear way. (Image:

You should always have content ready for them. Therefore, focus on the Preparation of content in various formats. If you create and pre-plan this content early, you can more effectively create logically connected campaigns. This can apply to paid ads or organic content, for example, but it also applies to connecting social media marketing with events, etc. If you schedule more time in advance and provide for correction and approval loops, you will the quality of your content assured be. Then you have the "go" for posting.  

And hop - be authentic  

Be authentic! That's always easier said than done. But on social media, this is the be-all and end-all. The users of the social media channels are looking for a credible appearance and exchange. Because you won't get far without it, it's one of the social media best practices. So make sure your brand has a distinct identity has and the contributions can be well associated with you. Also be open and transparent. By providing insights into the company's day-to-day operations and sharing your team activities, you build a connection with your followers.

Reflect this authenticity in your images and videos as well, as overly staged or edited content often has the opposite effect. Avoid straying from the truth or presenting lurid, misleading content just to attract more attention. Inspirational, credible storytelling is the right approach. If you engage in authentic interaction with users, you may soon go viral. 

Everything ready to go? Have fire guidelines been set?  

As already briefly addressed above, a clear brand identity of importance. This includes setting certain rules regarding tone, style, color, etc. It is also important that the visual aesthetic is consistent for all social media posts. This also applies to the spelling, structure and composition of the content. Particularly essential is the Careful use of hashtags. Of course, hashtags vary depending on the content of the post, but keep those that are always used.

The more consistent and thoughtful the post or ad is, the more professionalism and expertise is conveyed to users.   

Employee social advocacy guidelines are equally important for authentic social media engagement. If you want to get your employees on board, it is important and only fair to provide them with such a Guide to support you. In it, you record how the company is to be represented and which specifications are to be adhered to. This way, nothing can go wrong with social advocacy.

Speaking of going wrong - on social media, unfortunately, you don't always encounter friendliness. Unfortunately, the Internet is also full of negativity. If this ever hits the company profile, it's important, Crisis communication guidelines to have. In such cases, it's essential to respond consistently and not simply delete the comment. Once you've captured all this, you're ready to go with your social media experience.  

And off you go! Always stay in touch with the clientele  

New customers and clients can be super found and approached on social media. Just remember that it is not only about social networking, but also about Customer care goes. The competition doesn't sleep, especially on Instagram and the like, so it's crucial to always respond to direct messages as quickly as possible and keep your customers happy. If - which is desirable - there are many interactions, you can resort to tools that create structure and, if necessary, with the help of artificial intelligence answer for you.  

Pay attention to optimal customer care - including on social media.
Be sure to optimize customer care - even on social media. (Image:

Additionally, a proven social media best practice is to create ads or posts that viewers can interact with. Add a CTA to your ads and motivate the customer base to comment and share. Most Social media algorithmsThe people who are responsible for playing out your post value a high level of engagement with the posts. But not only for this, but also your customer loyalty benefits significantly. Stay in touch and always be present for your clientele.  

The goal? Only an effective analysis gets you there   

Now that you've applied the above social media best practices, it's time to analyze performance. A thorough analysis helps you market effectively by focusing on what works and improving what doesn't. Find out which posts or ads worked best, where they got the most engagement, and what topic your audience was most interested in. The insights you gain will show you what fits and works best for you and your target audience. This allows you to use social media more and more effectively.  

Does this really make me a social media hero?  

Of course, there's a lot more to social media marketing than that. But this article shows that you don't need superpowers to make social media work for you. Pay attention to these essential tips, and jump into your social media marketing with a breeze and the social media best practices in your pocket. 

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

If you have any further questions or suggestions on the topics of social media marketing, performance marketing or employee social advocacy, please contact us. Our experts will be happy to help you.  



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