Marketing Automation Tools 2023

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Marketing automation tools for more efficient marketing

Anyone who wants to successfully advertise their products and services must nowadays all marketing channels to be noticed by potential customers. However, as modern marketing is becoming increasingly comprehensive, confusing, and thus time-consuming and personnel-intensive, it makes sense to use high quality Marketing Automation Tools to use. We present you a comparison of the most important tools.

Marketing Automation Tools 2023

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation becomes the Automation of all marketing processes of a company is used. It takes place with the help of special automation software, which is often cloud-based. and simplifies, structures, standardizes, combines, measures and evaluates the marketing processes. This makes the marketing more efficient and also more cost-effective.

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Since Marketing Automation many different advertising channels integrated and with a CRM module combined, even more data is available to the advertising company, that make it to the Generation and Nurturing of Leads can use. It collects comprehensive information from various sources about all website visitors and their interests by, for example, using their Click behavior and their areas of interest analyzed and evaluates. These data The advertiser then uses this information to determine the most suitable suitable advertising strategy. Various marketing automation tools support successful automated marketing. 

Advantages of Marketing Automation Tools

The interested visitor to the company's website is identified in Marketing Automation as a Lead and receives automated emails with appropriate information. If he then shows a Purchase interest, the database lists him as a qualified lead and adjusts the actions accordingly. These qualified leads request a catalog or a free download, for example. Are they already in the CRM-database, they will receive a special offer because the company already has information about them and their interests.

If the qualified lead buys the advertised product, it is transferred to the CRM database as a sale and also in the future about the products and services of the advertising company. Marketing automation tools include automation such as:

Compare marketing automation tools based on your requirements and marketing goals. We are happy to support you in the selection, implementation and realization for successful automation 
  • Website monitoring
  • Marketing CRM
  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Lead generation
  • Pop-ups
  • SMS Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • WebPush Marketing
  • Offline channels such as store purchases

Instead of using different programs for these areas, as was previously the case, the software offers a integrative solutionwhich works together with the CRM customer database. There are all data about (potential) customers stored from online and offline communication. with the advertising company. This can be sign-ups for the newsletter, Facebook comments or emails. The Data collection simplifies the Customers rating and at the same time prevents important information about them and their individual buying behavior from being lost. In addition, the data facilitates the precise playout of content and the Care of existing customers.

Success through marketing automation

Most Marketing processes run with marketing automation independent from. First, suitable content and Workflows created to nurture or engage specific leads and segments. In this way, one determines when, how and with which content the contact should be played. For this purpose for example means of communication like E-mail, SMS or Social media used. Even Drip Marketing can be easily operated with marketing automation tools: The advertiser provides the prospect with "drop by drop" at certain time intervals automatically with information about the product or makes him special offers from time to time.

Marketing Automation Workflow
Marketing automation workflows enable automated targeting of leads and customers

Marketing automation solutions there it for the B2B and B2C sectors. They benefit marketing professionals and sales alike:

Marketers save a lot of time because they no longer have to generate the leads separately and on their own. Nurturing also runs without further intervention. The distribution in turn can access secure information, find possible target groups more quickly, and address (potential) customers personally. This increases customer satisfaction and sales at the same time.

Another advantage of marketing automation is the simple and quick Interpretation of the Leads/customer data and the success of the campaign. The new customers acquired can later be offered additional cross-selling and upselling products.

Companies that have automated their marketing can

  • reduce their marketing costs by 33 %,
  • 50 % generate more leads,
  • significantly increase the conversion rate in three out of four cases,
  • and increase their sales by around 10 % during the first six to nine months.

The increase in sales in turn usually results in an increase in the advertising budget, which in turn can be used to generate even more qualified leads and customers.

How do B2B and B2C marketing automation tools differ?

Marketing automation is basically beneficial for all types of businesses. This applies equally to B2B and to B2C advertising. E-commerce company benefit also to a large extent. The biggest difference between the two types of automated marketing is the target group of the advertising campaigns:

Compare marketing automation tools based on your requirements and marketing goals. We are happy to support you in the selection, implementation and realization for successful automation 

B2B marketing addresses other companies, B2C marketing private Consumer. The former requires targeted communication with the decision-makers of the respective company, which presupposes detailed information about these people. The content is communicated in a factual manner and is based predominantly on Facts and useful information about the product, while private consumers are informed according to their individual interests and with emotional language be addressed.

Automated B2B campaigns are based mostly on personal and long-term Business relations oriented, B2C advertising activities speak Consumer with regard to their needs and wishes. This is done by convincing them of the special added value of the advertised product. Long-term customer relationships are seen as a positive side effect.

Differences B2B and B2C Marketing Automaiton
Different buying processes in B2B and B2C impact marketing automation (Fig:

Another difference is in relation to the products or services offered. The subject of B2B contacts are often Niche products, which must be explained in great detail and adapted to individual customer requirements, while B2C offers not be personalized as a rule. In B2B marketing automation, the advertising company must also act as a trustworthy, serious business partner be perceived. In automated B2C marketing, on the other hand, the Satisfying the needs of the consumer through the offered product in the foreground. But thanks to various features of the marketing automation tools, a personalized approach is no problem in the B2C area.

Using the example of the automated Email marketing this means that acquiring qualified leads and ultimately sales takes significantly longer with B2B contacts than with B2C contacts and also requires significantly more preparatory work. The timing of requested newsletters also differs: Newsletters to B2B prospects are best sent during the Business hours of the interested party, as they are then more likely to be noticed and read. Private consumers, on the other hand, are best contacted in their Free time and on Weekend. B2B contacts respond well to the offer of Whitepaper and additional meaningful information. B2C leads are quickly generated via Discount offers and Trial subscriptions converted.

What marketing automation systems are there?

Examples of modern automation solutions are

Some marketing automation tool vendors have their focus on the Email marketingThe software price usually depends on the number of leads/customers to be managed. The number of emails to be sent monthly rarely plays a role. Most providers offer less expensive annual subscriptions or options to expand as demand increases.

Which Automation software is suitable for your company essentially depends on what kind of customers you want to attract (B2B, B2C) and how many customers are advised. Who has a large customer base If you want to create and maintain a large number of data sets and want to use extensive functions, you should purchase a program with correspondingly large dimensions. This acquisition is of course associated with higher investment costs.

Marketing Automation with Salesforce Cloud


The US provider of the Sales Cloud has existed since 1999 and was the first company on the market to have cloud solutions in its portfolio. Today it is the international market leader in CRM systems and automated marketing.

The Marketing Cloud includes:

  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Marketing
  • complex cross-channel marketing
Marketing Automation with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Image:

The buyer has a choice between the modules:

  • Journey Builder
  • Audience Builder
  • Personalization Builder
  • Content Builder
  • Analytics Builder

Marketing Automation with Marketo

image 212

The Marketo platform is also a cloud-based automation solution. The comprehensive software solution is particularly suitable for large and medium-sized companies. Especially complex sales systems with a high transaction value benefit from the Marketo solutions.

Marketo offers four modules:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Marketing Management
  • Customer loyalty marketing
  • Real-time personalization
Marketo Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation with Marketo (Image:

Key features include:

  • Lead Management
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Existing customer marketing
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Web Marketing
  • Search engine marketing (ad marketing)
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Third-party integration capabilities 
  • Account-Based Marketing

Marketing Automation with SALESmanago

logo SALESmanago scaled 1

SALESmanago is one of the few marketing automation providers from Europe. The software offers extensive possibilities for B2B companies, e-commerce and sales. The Professional version is already affordable for small businesses, but offers comprehensive features.

SALESmanago includes:

  • Email marketing
  • Live chat
  • Website tracking
  • Web Push
  • Social media
  • Mobile apps
  • Advertising networks (Facebook, Google) and RTB

The most important functions:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Push notifications
  • Dynamic content
  • User identification and user tracking
  • Own CRM
  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Offline Beacons

Marketing Automation with HubSpot


HubSpot has evolved from a sales and inbound tool to a holistic solution provider for sales, marketing and service. The browser-based marketing automation tool scores with user-friendliness and rapid implementation. By combining the various modules, companies can select the scope and functions to suit their needs.

HubSpot offers these modules:

  • CRM
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Service
  • CMS

Key features include:

  • Blogging
  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Management
  • Analytics
  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Calls-to-Action
  • Ads

Marketing Automation with Exponea


The Marketing Automation and Customer Data Platform Exponea brings customer data into focus. Through the comprehensive collection, analysis and intelligent action on customer data, marketing grows efficiently.

Exponea can be used for the following channels:

  • Email marketing
  • Retargeting
  • Mobile Push
  • In-app messages
  • Web Push
  • SMS Marketing
  • Integrations and webhooks
Exponea Marketing Automation
Product recommendations through marketing automation with Exponea (Image:

The tool includes the following functions:

  • Tracking, linking and analysis of customer data
  • Omni-channel orchestration
  • Web optimization
  • Product recommendations
  • Forecasts in real time
  • Scalable infrastructure
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