Google search network vs. display networks

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Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a successful marketing strategy without Google Ads. Above all, ads on the Google search network and display networks have become established. Both have different advantages and can use your Support campaign differently. The following article explains the characteristics of the different web networks and how best to place your ads there. 

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Google Display Network  

Two million websites, videos and apps are addressed in this Google advertising network. This also includes Google's own products such as YouTube and Gmail. With a Display campaign you can therefore target 90 % of Internet users and define your ads according to different deliveries. This way your Target group widely made aware of your product or service. The position of the ad is determined here similar to the search network by a Bidding process controlled, which is why a Optimal targeting of your ads is crucial is. For this, there are these five targeting options.  

  • Keywords: Here, the ad is automatically played on website and apps that Google associates with the respective keyword.  
  • Placements: Here you can define on which websites or apps your ad will be broadcast.  
  • Themes: Google has sorted websites and apps by topics. This way, your ad can be assigned to a topic that the search engine considers particularly beneficial for your campaign.  
  • Demographic category: This delivery works best in combination with another category. This allows your audience to be further narrowed and defined to target your ad to the appropriate audience segments. 
  • Remarketing: You can also use the option to target specific users. These can either be users created by Google or visitors to your own website. This gives you the opportunity to maintain your relationship with customers through news.  

Advantages of the display networks 

The biggest advantage of display ads is that as an advertiser you are not dependent on an active search by the user community. The ad can be played out on other websites, where it can be seen through impressive Content can generate impressions and clicks. This will increase the general attention to your product or service. The creation of display ads is also made very simple by the user-friendliness. Because Google uses machine learning in the alignment, bid settings, and formats of the display ads and ensures the best possible target group approach. Optimized targeting filters out the best-performing segment target group and allows it to be played on appropriately.

The Google Display Network includes a variety of websites on which ads are delivered.
The Google Display Network includes a variety of websites where ads are delivered. (Image:

In addition, machine learning can help you with Smart Bidding. This bidding strategy uses machine learning to optimize the number of conversions and the conversion value for each auction.  

Display networks can upload ads in two different ways. Either it is a responsive displaywhich automatically adapts to the advertising space. So, different attachments are uploaded to Google Ads and subsequently suitable ad combinations for websites and apps are created automatically.

The size, format and display is adapted to the advertising space in responsive ads.
The size, format and display is adapted to the advertising space in responsive ads. (Image:

The second option is a manual creation of the banners and ad texts. Especially skillful advertisers use this tool to give their campaign more uniqueness. The ads are generally controlled via the Google Ads interface, where you can choose between two methods: Either the display ad is placed to match an already selected search network ad or developed as a display-only campaign.   

Google search network  

Here ads can be presented in a group search-related on websites and apps. This search is performed by Keywords regulated. This is because if a user's search query contains a specific keyword that is relevant to the campaign, the ad is placed. The search network ads are made recognizable by the word "ad" on the Google page. The ads are displayed either in Google Search or in Google's partner search networks.

Search network partners are website owners who are in cooperation with Google and place free ads and production listings. They increase Google's reach by hundreds of websites.

Since search networks are specifically looking for a product or service, the keyword is crucial.

It is reasonable to assume that these are viewers who are already further along in the buying process and therefore conduct a specific search. Also with Search Network Ads you can use different formats to place the ads:  

  • Responsive search ad: Here, different variants of an ad are provided to create a choice of messages.  
  • Dynamic search ads: Here Google recognizes based on the content of the website, suitable search queries, keywords do not have to be deposited by the advertiser. This is because web crawling collects important information from these pages and matches it with your campaign settings. All that is needed is a description and the landing page of the campaign. 
  • Shopping ad: This ad is different from the others as no predefined text is needed. The ad here is composed of a photo, the product name and the price.  

Difference between display network and search network 

The biggest difference between the two advertising networks is the Range. Display campaigns focus on quantity, so that the service or product catches the eye and achieves a level of awareness. Here, the focus is on impressions to attract attention. Display campaigns are usually not clicked so often, which is why this is a wrong advertising strategy if you want to have more clicks.

How can you successfully generate leads with Google Ads? - Download

In contrast, the advertisers and advertisers on the search networks want to Reach potential customers. Here, the focus is more on a group of viewers who are actively searching for a specific product. The goal is to generate new leads and conversions. An attempt is made to generate new leads and conversions through exciting Advertising copy to attract viewers to your site - here you need to stand out from the competition.  


The two advertising networks can help you with different objectives. If you want to make a product launch or launch a new brand, you should consider the display networks. If you want to increase your traffic, the search network is recommended. Therefore, it is always important to define what applies to your campaign and how you can thus make the best use of the different advertising networks.  


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