The best tools for UX and UI analysis of your website

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The analysis of the Accessibility and Usability of a website are becoming increasingly important. This is because the requirements of users increase significantly over time. If a page is not easily accessible and intuitively usable, many customers already jump off. Through various tools you can check the usability and accessibility of your design and strive for optimization. We would like to give you an overview of the most important UX tools and show you where they can be used.


The high demands on UX tools and UX designers

Due to the ever-increasing choice of offers on the net, the clientele has become more and more demanding. The Functionality and accessibility of a website play a particularly important role here. A designer who creates a website, a store or even just a landing page therefore has to make many important decisions.

UX tools help designers and developers understand the Requirements and wishes of the users and to keep an eye on the to further optimize our own solutions. The most important UX tools include tools for analyzing the most important APIs, tools for heat mapping and tools for various split tests. We have selected the most important UX tools for you and would like to familiarize you with the industry leaders on the market.

Tools for the analysis of the most important APIs

Key metrics and benchmarks allow you to clearly see what your visitors like and where there are difficulties. Good UX tools in this area allow you to own APIs and to quickly and comprehensively analyze the key figures that are important for you. We present you the best tools for this purpose.

Keen - all key figures at a glance

As a UX tool offers Keen allows you to analyze all processes on your website or in your store and display them in an optimal way. Thanks to various APIs, you can monitor the processes on your site. Optimally analyze and improve in a structured manner. The tool offers you its own dashboard, through which you can see the relevant data and figures at a glance. All data is stored in the cloud and is therefore available regardless of location. The costs for Keen depend on the usage.

Clicky - Capture user interactions easily

As an optimal UX tool offers you Clicky a Overview of all activities on your website. These are recorded and displayed on your own dashboard in real time. In the premium variant, you also get insights into your Twitter statistics, campaign tracking and various conversion trackers for your website. Price-wise, Clicky ranges from free to costing $19.99 per month.

Analyze heat mapping and user behavior

The movements of users on pages play a particularly important role in UX design - especially mouse movements. But also the paths on the actual page, the concentration on certain content or functions should be monitored.

Analyze customer usage and interaction on a website with the UX tool Heatmaps.
Analyze how customers use and interact with a website with the Heatmaps UX tool. (Image:

Heatmaps make it very easy to identify trends and fix weaknesses. Some UX tools also offer other useful functions beyond heat maps.

Inspectlet - fully analyze user behavior

The UX tool Inspectlet offers you the possibility the entire behavior of the user on your website in detail. The tool records every mouse movement, every click, every button press and helps you understand what attracts visitors and at what points they leave the website.

You can quickly identify weaknesses and stumbling blocks and optimize your website.

The costs for the practical UX tool range - depending on the scope - from free to $499 per month. This allows you to optimally adapt the price and scope of services to your company and your requirements.

Smartlook - solution for websites and apps

With Smartlook you have a comprehensive tool at your disposal, which you can use both on Websites as well as on mobile apps displays all user movements and interactions. This allows you to analyze exactly which parts of your website are most convincing, where the most interactions take place, and where user bounces are more frequent. This way you can optimize your website down to the last detail and make your conversion funnels even more optimal.

You can use Smartlook free of charge with up to 1,500 recordings per month. In addition, the Starter Package is available at $19 per month and the Power Package at $79 per month.

UX tools for split testing

When designing a website, many different design decisions have to be made. Very often the question arises, which alternatives are preferred by users. Split testing offers you the possibility to different variants easy to test. For this purpose, there are some helpful UX tools which will assist you in this task.

AB Tasty - simple split testing and more

The tool AB Tasty belongs to the UX tools, which is mainly used to improve the conversion rate. The tool offers you the possibility to run A/B tests in variable environment and create any scenarios to integrate the tests optimally into your website.

Effective UX tools include A/B Tasty to weigh which action to go after.
Effective UX tools include A/B Tasty to weigh which action to go after. (Image:

In addition, the tool also lets you view heatmaps and personalize functions.

Unbounce - Split testing in all areas

The UX tool Unbounce offers you the possibility with a simple designer quickly create individual pages and create different variants for split testing for them. In addition, you can also work with the tool in a team, as you can assign roles to individual users.

The tool is not particularly cheap at $79 per month in the basic version, but it also offers a very wide range of functions. If you want to test and optimize as many elements as possible, this solution is a good choice in any case.

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Conclusion: The right UX tools make the daily work of UX designers easier and marketers

The sheer volume of different tools does not make it easy to make a decision. The different cost structures must also be taken into account. However, doing without these useful tools is not a wise decision either. After all, only an optimized website that is easily accessible for customers will be convincing in the long run.

Those who use the right tools wisely in this area will therefore benefit particularly strongly in the long term. The selection of tools shown above offers the right solution for practically every need.


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