SALESmanago for e-commerce - you should know these advantages

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Automation in marketing is an important concern for many companies. This is because it speeds up processes and offers companies of all sizes Flexibility in optimization of their own marketing - regardless of budget. But the most important point is that customers and clients are offered a seamless experience.

Knowing the goal is one thing - achieving it is another. For Marketing Automation there are many solutions - one of the largest providers of automation software for e-commerce is SALESmanago. We'll tell you what the platform, founded in 2012, can offer you with seven advantages that will help your e-commerce really take off.

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A short history of SALESmanago - the key facts

  • The interaction: The platform was founded in 2012 by experts in IT and marketing
  • Customer service and local offices: The company works with over 1,000 partners in Europe, Asia and the Americas and maintains numerous offices of its own
  • The success: In the last five years, the company has grown by over 3,000 percent, making it one of the success stories of marketing automation
  • The big numbers: More than one billion data from customers; more than 75 million e-mails are sent via the platform every day
  • State-of-the-art technology: AI technologies and machine learning ensure software that is ready to adapt

The most important advantages of SALESmanago for e-commerce at a glance

1. benefit from experience of other customers

In e-commerce, you don't just want to use good tools, you want to industry-leading tools. SALESmanago's customer catalog is long. Among the companies that rely on the services of the automation platform are Starbucks, Vodafone, and KFC. However, it is not only globally operating corporations that benefit from SALESmanago's automation. For SMEs and startups, the platform offers attractive offers - because AI services are highly scalable.

Advantages of SALESmanago for e-commerce
Artificial intelligence optimizes sales and email marketing - features offered by SALESmanago for e-commerce. (Image:

2. manage contacts and manage customer data

The more personal you make e-commerce and the better you know your customers, the more tailored you can make your offer.
This includes profiles with contact data, purchasing behavior and typical behavior of the clientele, but also data about their behavior when contacted, as well as predictions of future behavior.

A clear customer card gives you structured information about data, purchasing behavior and more.
A clear customer card gives you structured information about data, purchasing behavior and more. (Image:

This is precisely where SALESmanago for e-commerce shines, because past Data is collected and processed in appropriate depthso that the machine learning processes can derive future behavior from it. This allows you to analyze what your customers are most likely to buy next and which communication and marketing channels they prefer.

3. personalization across the entire customer lifecycle

Not only do a wide variety of messages need to be sent across the customer lifecycle, but other media need to be served as well. Successful E-commerce today can no longer commit to Messenger or e-mail and sink their teeth into one channel.

It is necessary to serve several channels in a targeted manner and to provide them with media-appropriate content.

SALESmanago does all this natively from one source: Mails, messengers, push notifications, ad networks, mobile apps and chats work all across the platformso you can focus on your job while SALESmanago reaches your customers in a personalized way.

4. mobile marketing also from your side

If you believe in the benefits of Mobile marketing you might first think of your customers interacting with you via your e-commerce app or on the phone. At SALESmanago for e-commerce, mobile marketing is also available for marketing management: this allows you to control campaigns from your side via the platform using the handy app. If you want to stay up to date on changes, need to check messaging at the last second or are currently on a business trip, the laptop can safely stay in your bag.

5. lead generation with minimal effort

Generating qualified leads has become an increasingly complex issue for marketers within the customer journey. SALESmanago takes at least part of the work off your hands. Especially in e-commerce, recent years have shown that well-qualified leads are the way to better mailing lists, contact data and, as a result, conversions.

A Customer Journey can be easily created at SALESmanago.
A customer journey or workflow can be easily created and customized at SALESmanago. (Image:

You do not need a degree in web design to create the appropriate forms with SALESmanago. The Drag and drop editor works analogously to large CMS platforms and makes it easy for you to create landing pages that work for your clientele. A very valuable functionality is that tools for A/B tests are also integrated into SALESmanago's platform.

6. automation made understandable

For complex processes in e-commerce to be widely used by contributors or marketers, they need to be easy to create. For example, creating a workflow can be complex - but you don't necessarily need to know how the technology behind the workflows works.

Workflows in SALESmanago for e-commerce work similar to a visual composer compared to an html editor.

This allows many processes to be automated, including Abandoned Cart Campaigns, email marketing or dynamically customized offers. Experts can also develop or customize more complex automation solutions; this is easy to handle thanks to SALESmanago's drag-and-drop editor.

7. less time and more power on social media

Running and managing social media campaigns centrally is one of the biggest advantages of SALESmanago for e-commerce, because the platform lets you keep track of Facebook or Instagram. This means that you can not only manage leads generated via Facebook on SALESmanago's own platform; you can also create Custom Audiences or launch and modify ads.

Social media campaigns and advertisements can be created and planned at SALESmanago.
Social media campaigns and advertisements can be created and planned for e-commerce at SALESmanago. (Image:

At the same time, you keep track of likes and shares, all without having to switch between platforms - so your campaign across all social media platforms, mails, ads, and messengers not only feels like one coherent campaign, but operates like one.

Automate today, profit tomorrow - with SALESmanago for e-commerce

Marketing automation can help your business bridge the gap between personalized service and personalized messaging. SALESmanago is a platform that offers you many features to manage campaigns in a targeted way. These include not only ease of use and a flexible pricing model, but also tools such as centralized control of social media campaigns.

EBook - Read now: HubSpot, Salesforce or SALESmanago - 7 Marketing Automation Tools in Comparison - Download



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