Use these methods to reach your target audience in content marketing 

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The best content marketing won't help if it doesn't appeal to your target audience. So that a Content marketing strategy is successful, it must directly Target needs and interests of the target group. What excites one target group can leave another completely cold. So that you can reach your target group in content marketing reach reliably, you need to know them exactly. With the following methods, you have the possibility to Optimize interest and attention

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Why is it so important to know your target audience in content marketing? 

Only those who know and understand their customers precisely know what they respond to and what inspires them. Your Target group serves as a common thread for your product development, strategy design, positioning, communication or media planning. Content marketing is all about your target audience. The bait must be to the liking of the fish, not the angler. Therefore, it doesn't matter what you yourself like - your target group must like your content and find it appealing. The following questions can help you with this: 

What does my target group want? 

Which content helps my target group? 

How can I solve a problem of my target group, surprise or inspire them? 

Know the target group exactly 

A target group in content marketing is neither defined by common demographic characteristics alone, nor can it be reached with just a few clicks at Google Analytics determined with certainty. The characteristics collected by Google Analytics are descriptive in nature and therefore only indicative of a possible target group. For example, they can determine the age, origin or language of your prospects. However, to reliably reach the right people at the right time with the right content in the right places, you need a much more detailed picture. 

In Google Analytics you get an overview of the characteristics of your target group.
Google Analytics gives you an overview of the characteristics of your target group. (Image:

Here it is recommended to create a Buyer Personathat represents your target group in content marketing. You classify them into Sinus-Milieus® (see below). On the way to your target group in content marketing, it is particularly helpful to interview existing customers. This allows you to create tailored content that inspires. 

Questions - but please ask them correctly! 

Talking to your customers gives you a deep insight into their lives. Your goal here is to Capture problems or wishes of your target group in detail. This is where specific questions that lead to concrete and helpful answers can help. Find out through targeted questions what the biggest problem of your clientele is, which you can solve through your product or service. solve can. It is important that you really let your clientele have their say and do not impose your own opinion on their (supposed) problem or even the potential solution.

If you ask carefully and listen carefully, you will often be surprised by the exact nature of your wishes or problems.

Of course, your company's customer-facing employees - for example, in sales, support or services - are other good sources of this information.

Keeping the right measure 

The downside of knowing your customers well is getting lost in the details. It's good to know your customers, their problems, concerns and needs, and to offer them solutions. But if you go into too much depth, you run the risk of assigning characteristics to your target group that they don't even possess. Then you can distort your target group or define it too narrowly. Therefore, always keep an eye on all relevant characteristics without giving too much importance to individual characteristics. 

Knowing meaningful characteristics is important for creating the target audience in content marketing.
Knowing meaningful characteristics is important for audience creation in content marketing. (Image:

The Buyer Persona will help you with this point as well. Create different buyer personasbecause your target group also consists of different people. A buyer persona should have the following criteria: 

  • Name 
  • Age 
  • Gender 
  • Occupation 
  • Goals and needs 
  • Motivation 
  • Frustration 
  • Social networks 
  • (Feel free to define other important characteristics). 

The more precisely you work out your buyer personas, the better you understand their demands. 

Immerse yourself in the lifeworlds of your target group 

When narrowing down your target group in content marketing, the next step is to embed the individual buyer persona in their lifeworld. What is the broader social context in which they move in their everyday lives? This is where you determine, what values and attitudes Representing your buyer persona or how your Consumer Behavior looks like. This allows you to get a more holistic and realistic picture of the person than if you only focus on demographic criteria such as education, profession, and income. By assigning your buyer persona to a milieu, you can more easily and better connect them with your Address content

The Sinus Milieus 

If you want to capture the entire lifeworld of your target group in content marketing, we recommend working with the ten Sinus Milieus. They enable you to capture the wishes, needs, and buying behavior of your customers.

You can identify more information and core characteristics about your target group with a Sinus Milieus.
You can identify more information and core characteristics about your target group with a Sinus Milieus. (Image:

The Sinus Milieus record the social groups from the lower, middle and upper classes and place them in one of ten milieus with regard to tradition, modernization and individualization as well as reorientation. This means that customers' life goals and styles, aesthetic preferences and everyday attitudes can also be taken into account when defining the target group in content marketing. 


When it comes to creating your target group in content marketing, the data from Google Analytics is not enough to paint a comprehensive picture of your customers. In this context, locating your clientele in target groups is crucial for success and sales. Only if you have these at the right time via the right channel and also reach emotionally, you will succeed with your content marketing strategy. Conversations with your real customers, data collection and the Creation of detailed buyer personasThe content marketing tools you use to classify your content into a sinusoidal milieu will help you paint a clear picture of your clientele. This way, your content marketing can unfold its full effect. 

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

Do you need professional support in reaching your target group in content marketing? We would be happy to support you with our extensive expertise. Contact us now for a no-obligation strategy discussion! 


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