What web design tools does a digital marketing firm use? - Here's a little insight  

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The eye eats with you! Correctly recognized! However, this is not only true for culinary moments, but also for your web design. Visually appealing, aesthetically pleasing websites often have a better User experience and remain in the memory of the visitors. Therefore, with the help of good web design tools it is important to make your website a real feast for the eyes.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

A suitable tool can help you with the graphical and technical aspects of website creation Provide support and from your website to conjure up a star menu. At Thorit we use various tools for the web design of our own website and those of our clients. These support dhe creative work of our Design & Technology team in designing and processing.  

This article provides an overview of the advantages and disadvantages, features and costs of the tools we use. Based on this information, you can then decide on the tool that best meets your requirements. We are happy to support you in this process.  

What is hidden behind the term web design?  

The term web design includes everything related to design, the Structure and the user guidance of web pages has to do, including the technical implementation. Web designers gather the requirements for the website, create a clear structure and take care of the Quality assurance.

Good web design tools can be a tremendous help in creating a functioning, success-bringing website.
Good web design tools can be a tremendous help in creating a functioning, success-bringing website.
(Image: frankwatching.com)

The Online presence of a company is the first contact with customers and clients, so a uniform, creative and clear design is important in order to Convey professionalism, credibility and competence.  A good web design ensures a positive user experience, fascinates the visitors and prolongs the time spent on the website.

It also helps to ensure that the brand is ae unique identitiest developed and remains present in the minds of the clientele.

The right design can be the deciding factor in why a potential buyer or a buyer decides in favor of a particular company. Therefore, it is important to choose a design that your company optimally represents and the Appeals to target group.  

Please waaaasss...? technical terms in web design that nobody knows 

Before the decision is made to use a tool, it is always interesting to read through user experiences and to see which Web design tools other companies use. Before the article jumps deeper into the matter, a basic knowledge in the field is useful. In view of this, a few technical terms are listed below to make the subject more understandable.  

  • User Interface (UI): This term refers to the visual design elements of a website that allow users to interact with it. 
  • User Experience (UX): This describes the overall experience of users when interacting with the website.
  • Responsive Design: This is the design and development of a website that adapts to different screen sizes and devices to ensure an optimal user experience on desktop, tablet and smartphone.  
  • Wireframe: Is a schematic representation of the website or app that shows the basic layout design and structure. 
  • Prototyping: This refers to the process of creating a template that simulates the behavior or appearance of a web page.    
  • Templates: These are ready-made design templates that can be used as a basis for designing web pages or web applications.   
  • Plug-in: A plug-in in web design is a software component or add-on module that is embedded in a web page to add certain functions or features that are not present in the web page by default. 

Web design tools with the focus on the graphics  

These tools focus on the visual design the website. This is done on the layout, Color scheme, typography, images, icons and other visual elements paid attention. With a web design tool that provides space for Creativity and experiments is to offer, ease of use is essential. The Collaboration features of the tool play a significant role here. Teamwork on a project is facilitated when several people can work on it at the same time and leave comments.  


The Cloud-based Web design tool places a lot of emphasis on collaboration and is thus made for teamwork. The efficiency is increased by the comment function and the real-time changes increased many times over when using this tool. Due to the fact that the tool can be accessed from anywhere, it provides the way for an uncomplicated way of working that leaves room for inventiveness. In addition, the tool convinces with a variety of helpful features.  

At Figma, all work and its Intermediate steps automatically saved. This auto-memory allows web designers and web designers to access previous Access versions of their design and track changes. And when the design is completed, it can be used with the Prototyping function of the web design tool can be tested.  

Figma among the graphic web design tools a good choice.

Figma is a good choice among graphic web design tools. (Image:figma.com)

Figma is cloud-based and does not offer an offline solution. Therefore, this tool is dependent on the Internet connection.  

Figma is both on the Mac as well as on Windows available. Through its intuitive user interface can also Without previous experience be worked with this tool. For use, Figma offers a free variant, but the collaboration features and extensions are only available with paid plans. The costs for this range from 12 euros for the premium plan to 75 euros for the business plan.  

The Thorit team The tool is extremely valuableh, as it impresses with a wealth of possibilities to create diverse and unique designs. From landing pages to Google Ads kann any design can be created. On top of that offers Figma many additional plug-ins that simplify the work for the team. 


Sketch is a flawless web design tool. The on MacOS installable, cloud-based tool supports teamwork as well as Figma through its collaboration features. The user-friendly Sketch goes to approach the topic of design a bit more technically. Sketch uses vectors to create graphics, which makes the Designs are scalable and can be quickly and easily adapted to different sizes and devices. Moreover, the web design tool has a symbol library that supports the creation of symbols representing recurring design elements. Thus, these can be easily reused in new projects and designs. The le powerful prototyping features of the tool allows effortless review of the design. All in all, it can be said that Sketch is ideal for the design aspects leaves nothing to be desired.   

Also Sketch is one of the best web design tools.
Also Sketch is one of the best web design tools. 
(Image: sketch.com)

If you want to get started with Sketch, you can choose between two plans. The user pays $10/month for the Standard plan or $20/month for the Business plan.  

Web design tools with a focus on technology  

As previously mentioned, dhe technical implementation plays a decisive role in web design. For this reason, web design tools should be designed to meet all needs. In this day and age, when almost everyone owns several technical devices, the Responsive design of great importance. The user experience should be consistent on any screen size and guide users smoothly through the site. A logical and clear information architecture of the website helps visitors feel more comfortable and find and access information more easily. 


The marketing and sales platform is perfect for implementing such technical requirements for landing pages and websites. Especially the simple and direct connection with the Marketing and sales automation Enables easy analysis of website performance.

The web design tool is specially designed to support promotional activities and therefore offers Marketer-friendly Templates an.

It also enables the creation of Call-to-actions based on the behavior of individual customers and effectively plays them out on the website. Here it does not matter from which device the web page is opened, since the Responsive design works perfectly.  

Among technical web design tools, HubSpot offers a wide range of options.
Among technical web design tools, HubSpot offers a wide range of options.
(Image: hubspot.com)

HubSpot advertises that no real programming skills are needed to use it. In actual However, handling it requires technical finesse.  Since the tool puts its focus on the technical side of website creation, the Flexibility in design customization and layout somewhat below. Experienced web designers might feel somewhat limited by this.    

Companies that value a Analysis, seamless integration of web design with marketing and sales functions and inbound marketing, but will be very satisfied with this web design tool.  

Before looking at HubSpot's price list, it is important to mention that this system is a fully functionable CRM system is, in which web design is only a partial function. Interested parties can choose between the Professional plan for 791 euros/month and the Enterprise plan for 3,300 euros/month.  


WordPress is an optimal tool to optimize the design of your website. The open source platform operates 43% of the websites worldwide and is therefore also optimally prepared for all web design wishes and problems of customers and clients. It impresses with its accessible mode for widgets, the AI Features for the design and easy installation and management. The customer management system also offers a wide range of different plug-ins, extensions and SEO optimized Design Supports. Here, too, emphasis is placed on flexibility and scalability, and Responsive Design is implemented.  

Since WordPress is a common tool, it can become a popular target for hackers or malware. In addition, problems occur from time to time with the Plug-ins, which affects the performance of the system and the design.  

Bloggers or content creators, small and medium businesses or e-commerce companies will find this web design tool a great support. 

Wordpress also provides a wide range of options among technical web design tools.

WordPress also provides a wide range of options among technical web design tools. (Image: wordpress.com)

With WordPress, there is a wide choice of plans. Either you choose the Free, Personal, Premium, Business or E-commerce plan. Our Design & Technology However, Team recommends the free version here. If you still decide on another plan, you can expect a budget of up to 45 euros/month. For large companies, there are enterprise plans starting at US$25,000/year.  

Are these all web design tools?  

Of course, this A is limitedWe only select the tools that we use in our own company. But there are many more web design tools "out there" that offer specific features.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Important in the decision is that you know where you set your priorities and what you want from the tool. If you have this as a basis, you could look for a suitable web design tool. We at Thorit are very happy with the above tools and can show our best performance with them. 

If you are interested in more testimonials or have questions about specific tools, contact us. We are happy to help with consulting, website design and operation.   


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