HR marketing: With these measures you can attract employees

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The shortage of skilled workers is getting worse and it is becoming more difficult to attract qualified workers as there is a lot of competition between employers. To find dedicated employees and stand out from the competition, can be HR marketing the right strategy be. It opens up the possibility for you, More suitable applicants for your positions and ultimately fill them in the long term.  

HR (Human Resources) marketing, also called personnel marketing, is concerned with promoting your company internally and externally. Retain staff or recruit new ones. Internal HR marketing is about motivating staff so that long-term and qualified cooperation is promoted. External human resources marketing is about showcasing the company's attractiveness in order to fill vacancies. HR marketing is therefore a Marketing of the company or employer with the employees as the target group.  

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Before good HR marketing can be done, it is important that you as a company have a Mission statement established Have and know what advantages you bring to the table over other companies. Once this is known, there are several strategies to execute successful HR marketing.  

In this article, you will learn about different measures that can help you attract employees to your organization or company. 

Your website 

Let's start with your Website. It is safe to say that all seriously interested applicants and candidates stop by your website. That is why it is important to clear and appealing design. Be sure to include insight into the company's values and goals, as well as an overview of key benefits.

An appealing and informative website is elementary in HR marketing.
An appealing and informative website is elementary in HR marketing. (Image:

Also set relevant teams and their tasks to give visitors to the website an idea of the working environment. The goal is to give the potential applicants a positive and future-oriented image of your company and to create anticipation for the cooperation.  

Video content 

One effective HR marketing strategy is videos. With Videos you can also optimally create a Optimally address younger target group and at the same time vividly represent your company in the truest sense of the word. Especially when you make videos with your own employees, this conveys Authenticity and openness. They can be explainer videos, humorous, short videos/reels e.g. for Instagram or a documentary video about your company, branches or business units. All these impressions bring out the best sides of your company and convey the "vibe" of your business better than a text ever can. 

Social Ads 

Building on your web presence and video content comes the opportunity to post content about your company and, of course, job postings on social media channels. Here it is advantageous Paid Ads which you can use to target potential employees.

Which channel is suitable depends on the target group and where they are.

Meta (Facebook, Instagram) is a good choice here, for example: With Fire campaigns you can optimally convey the personality of your brand, show yourself from the best side and build a connection between your employee target group and your company.  

LinkedIn and Social Advocacy 

Nowadays, LinkedIn is the place to look for jobs and employees. For effective HR marketing, a well-filled LinkedIn page is a must. Here you present your Job offers on display and naturally want the right prospects Discover them and respond to them.  

Reach out to potential employees with the right HR marketing efforts.
Reach out to potential employees with the right HR marketing efforts. (Image:

LinkedIn connects companies with the right job seekers based on their information in your account. To make an impact with searchers, it's important to use effective Employer Branding to operate. In addition to presenting the company's objective and benefits for employees, this includes, above all, documenting working life in your company. This gives potential employees a relevant insight and encourages interest in your job offer. Here are a few possibilities that LinkedIn offers for your HR marketing: 

  • Motivate your employees to create a profile themselves and, for example, the Share posts from your company account. Colleagues who are more active on social media also like to share activities, seminars, or simply talk about everyday work. This shows that your current employees are satisfied with you as an employer. Especially on LinkedIn, with the mass of offers, this can be a crucial point to attract competent job seekers. The related topic "Social Advocacy" we will explore in more detail in a future blog.  
  • Another important point is that on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network,you have a Variety of targeting options have. Some jobs have specific ideas about who is qualified for them. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to reach out specifically to people who match your criteria. This can relate to the necessary education, degree, language skills or geographical factors, for example. This allows you to find suitable applicants more quickly. 
  • The Placement is to be observed on LinkedIn. You can run a wide variety of campaigns to reach your personal goal. Here it is important to correct formats to select. Among other things, you can choose between text ads, video or spotlight ads. With the latter, as with all other formats, the ad is played out based on the defined target group (demographics, job title, etc.).
Address your target audience with the appropriate LinkedIn Ads format.
Appeal to your target audience with the right LinkedIn Ads format. (Image:

The only difference between this and the other formats is that the profile picture of the respective user is displayed next to their own company logo in the ad, so it looks like a "match".  


There are many and more strategies to conduct effective HR marketing, but from the above points it can be summarized that a well maintained internet presence and the constant representation of the company are central. Especially the Involving employees can be very helpful.

Good HR marketing does not start externally, but internally at your company.

Don't just look after future employees, but also maintain existing employee relationships. In this way, you will be able to conduct effective HR marketing and attract new employees.   


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