Tips for optimizing your marketing automation workflows 

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More and more companies are focusing on optimizing their marketing automation workflows. The goal is to improve relevant processes, which will Increase profitability and return on investment and the Reduce marketing costs sustainably. Every lead and existing customer has the potential to contribute to increased sales. With marketing automation, you can exploit potential for improvement in the Lead generation just as in the Lead Nurturing

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Why is optimizing marketing automation workflows important? 

Consistent digitization and increasing the degree of automation in marketing enables you to increase your Reach target group more effectively as well as efficiently and thus expand your market position vis-à-vis the competition. The further development of technical possibilities - among other things through Artificial intelligence - creates the conditions for automating processes to an ever greater extent. This allows you to improve the quality of lead generation and nurturing through personalized contacts.  

Optimizing marketing automation workflows allows you to target your audience.
Optimizing marketing automation workflows allows you to target your audience.

Through Marketing Automation Workflows you can offer potential and existing customers personal experiences that remain in their memory and provide unique selling points compared to the competition. 

Successful leadMaintenance and strong branding due to low error rate 

Optimizing marketing automation workflows offers great potential for successful lead nurturing. The Constant high quality of automated processes has a positive impact on your branding, keeps error rates low, and helps you plan marketing spend better.  

Marketing productivity is doubly enhanced by automated marketing workflows.

Your employees in marketing and sales will benefit from a lower task load and can use the time freed up for performance innovations and a stronger focus on direct customer contact, among other things.

Implementation Key Marketing Automation Workflows 

The higher the level of digitization in marketing, the easier it is to automate processes and subject them to consistent optimization. If your company grows, scaling is straightforward. With regard to optimization, it is of great importance to have a holistic view on marketing and sales processes. You should not create isolated solutions that only marginally increase overall productivity and cannot be measured as part of controlling measures. 

Examples of automated marketing workflows 

  • Generation of an automated greeting for new leads after a successful registration - e.g. for a newsletter 
  • Implement nurturing workflows for leads with regular contact via email and other marketing channels to maintain a dialogue with the contact and drive maturity or purchase readiness 
  • Targeted conversion of inactive contacts into active customers through automated reactivation workflows - for example, after cancellations in the order process or longer absence phases 
  • Create automated offers after a defined lead scoring value is reached to target contacts for successful conversions 
  • Obtain regular feedback from key customers to validate buyer personas, strengthen loyalty and trigger referral marketing 

Exploiting the potential of email marketing 

Among the highest potentials regarding the optimization of marketing automation workflows offers Email marketing. This marketing and sales channel, which is underestimated in some companies, offers the opportunity to address decision-makers directly and on a personal level.

You can target your leads and clientele with content and offers tailored to individual requirements. 

Reasons for poor automation in emailMarketing 

  • Lack of knowledge of own processes 
  • Unclearly regulated responsibilities within the marketing department or between marketing and sales 
  • Lack of acceptance or deliberate blocking of innovations by employees in key positions 
  • Poor utilization of the technical possibilities of modern marketing and CRM tools 
  • Lack of a well thought-out strategic concept that covers all process steps 

Focus on the operational and strategic planning of theg 

In order to put the optimization of marketing automation workflows on a firm footing, it is crucial to engage in strategic and operational planning enough time to take action. Make sure that employees from all affected departments are involved in order to find solutions tailored to your company with a broad consensus.  

Briefings and meetings with affected departments when optimizing marketing automation workflows are important.
Briefings and meetings with affected departments when optimizing marketing automation workflows are important.

Only when the individual processes and all responsibilities are clearly defined digitization, automation and continuous optimization of marketing workflows is possible. 

Optimization of existing marketing automation workflows 

For marketers, it is highly relevant to understand existing marketing automation workflows. Regularly review and improve. Market conditions change, as do the requirements of your buyer personas. Time and again, there are workflows that don't work in the intended way and fail to meet the goals you set. By making adjustments, you can improve lead generation, lead nurturing, and the Customer Journeys Optimize. 

Examples of measures for optimization 

  • Review the number of active contacts in each workflow to distinguish successful workflows from less successful ones 
  • Control of the start conditions or start situation of contacts in order to optimize the automatically provided content with regard to the information requirements, to avoid the playout of irrelevant content and to identify weaknesses in the workflow. 
  • Consistent focus on customer needs in order to optimize workflows in a targeted manner with regard to the qualification of Marketing Qualified Leads into Sales Qualified Leads 
  • Inclusion of different marketing channels in workflows or linking of different workflows to each other in order to achieve the defined goal. 
  • Analysis of the defined KPIs such as the opening rate, click rate and conversion rate and corresponding adjustment of the measures 

SThey exploit unused performance potentials. 

Exploit unused performance potential by optimizing marketing automation workflows and prepare your company for future marketing challenges. Automated processes give you greater planning certainty and increase the productivity and quality of your marketing activities. You achieve the best results through a cross-channel and cross-departmental view. 

Further information and suggestions can be found in the Study on the deployment and use of marketing automation in German companies, which we are happy to provide for download. 


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