Achieve more search volume with Google Ads keywords

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Do you know the different tools that Google Ads provides for keyword optimization? Only the most relevant keywords ensure successful campaigns and positively influence visibility in online marketing. It is not always easy to find the most relevant Google Ads keywords to discover. Using a Google Ads account and the tools offered there will make it easier for you to deal with keywords. This way you will find the users who are interested in your products and services.

In this post, we will give you an insight into targeting Google Ads keywords for successful advertising campaigns as well as how to effectively use your advertising budget.

How can you successfully generate leads with Google Ads? - Download

The importance of Google Ads keywords for your online marketing

The success of your Google Ads campaigns is determined to a large extent by the Keywords. They are the basis for the delivery and assignment of user queries. High-quality keywords are therefore of decisive importance for the economic use of your advertising budget in online marketing.

Thereby, qualitatively convincing keywords have a double benefit:
Whoever is looking for a certain product or service comes into contact with your company. Via the carefully selected keyword he receives a right answer to his search query. He will have a positive attitude towards your company. It is you who can provide the user with the appropriate product or service in this case.

You benefit from the fact that the high-value keywords will reduce your limited Marketing budget targeted and effective. You don't waste advertising money on campaigns that have little chance of success.

Discover new keywords with the keyword planner

Through your Google Ads account you use the tool Keyword Planner free of charge. The planner makes it easier for you to search for new and particularly suitable keywords that fit your products and services. You work in the planner among other things with Groups of words that have relevance for your offer. The planner, in turn, suggests the most relevant keywords for this term environment. You can also come across new interesting, especially relevant, keywords via website and categories.

Use the keyword planner to search for suitable keywords in a structured way.
Use the keyword planner to search for suitable keywords in a structured way. (Image:

The planner allows you to, Search volume information and latest trends to get. You can also multiply and merge keyword lists to get even more keyword ideas. You also filter the quality of keywords by querying average monthly searches, competition, and estimated cost per click (CPC).

The relationship between budget and keyword quality

Your budget on Google for ads is directly related to the quality of keywords. You bid on specific keywords with your budget. This way you acquire the chance to be listed at the top of the page for search queries.

The higher the bid, the greater the chance of being in the top positions. The quality of the keywords is a decisive factor in whether or not your advertising budget will predominantly lead to attractive listings for corresponding search queries.

It's not about bidding on as many keywords as possible. The point is that you bid on the right keywords for your offer. The Keyword Planner will help you get the most out of your budget and Google Ads keywords. This is possible because you can find the most relevant keywords and fine-tune them using the keyword options.

Keyword options make everything fit

An important element in keyword optimization are the keyword options. Through them you refine the Google Ads keywords. The following options are distinguished here:

  • Largely suitable
  • Matching word group
  • Exactly fit

You should know and understand these different options.

Largely suitable means for the search queries: The delivery includes all terms that are related to this keyword. This option represents a particularly large search volume. It also covers queries that are based on a further understanding of the keyword. An example: You enter as a largely matching keyword Buy shoes an. Your ad can then also be displayed in search entries such as Buy sneakers or buy colorful shoes appear. You open up with the option broadly suitable a wide latitude in assigning search queries to a keyword.

The two keyword options appropriate phrase and Perfectly suitable narrow the search more. For example, if you enter as a suitable group of words "Buy shoes" specify, your ad can also be used for buy colorful shoes be played, but not for Buy sneakers. With the exact matching keyword [Buy shoes] will only search for Buy shoe or Buy shoes Elicit your display.

How to use Google Ads keywords options
By using Google Ads keywords options, search volume can be more accurately addressed. (Image:

If we consider only the search volume and the Range of a keyword for user queries, the largely matching option would always have to be ideal. Nevertheless, when it comes to keyword options, you also make the choice based on the type of campaigns you have in mind. Depending on how specific your offer is and whether there are terms for which you definitely don't want to be played out (such as. buy used shoes), limiting the keyword option or excluding negative keywords may make sense.

The fine tuning of the search queries

The keyword option "largely matching" captures the largest radius in search queries. It is therefore the ideal choice for Smart Bidding. This subset of automated bidding strategies allows you to optimize the conversion rate. Behind this is machine learning. You get an excellent opportunity to strategically control your campaigns via Smart Bidding.

You can achieve further fine-tuning with Google Ads keywords, among other things, with Excluding keywords. You can use it to introduce limitations when searching for your products and services. For example, if you do not have an item on offer in a certain product category, you exclude it with the corresponding keyword.
They offer children's toys made of wood, but not plastic. Plastic toys is achieved by excluding the keyword from queries for your keyword. Toy no longer relevant.

How can you successfully generate leads with Google Ads? - Download

If you use the keywords, the keyword planner and the other tools of Google Ads strategically, you increase the probability of success for your advertising campaigns. You only use your advertising budget in a targeted manner if the use of strategically well thought out is. A large part of the success depends on the quality of the keywords. Keywords must be selected with particular care and with a view to all relevant information. Likewise, adjustment steps for the optimization of keywords are necessary again and again.



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