Smart marketing strategies for the New Year

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Hit the ground running with your 2020 online marketing and start the year with a campaign and smart marketing strategies.

In this post, we'll discuss how to optimize your marketing for social media and the web, which Targets you should set for yourself and how you can achieve them. And of course, we take a special look at what will become even more important from 2020 and which Trends You expect.

Achieve your marketing goals step by step - with smart marketing strategies

Make specific marketing strategies for the new year to be the linchpin of your online marketing. To celebrate success in the new year, you should define and measure your strategic direction in detail.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

So before you formulate broad goals for 2020, you should work with concrete points. Set yourself a strategic map for next year now and be as precise as possible. This will not only help you to achieve your goals, but also when you need to readjust them.

The more precisely your goals are formulated, the more finely tuned you can be. And when the inevitable imponderables do arise, you don't have to realign your entire concept.

The most important marketing trends 2020 at a glance

User data have become a touchy subject and double-edged sword since the last few years. The depth of data you can collect through social networks allows you to accurately Targetingbut users naturally also want to know what happens to their data. Many users have lost trust in companies, but this is precisely where you can start. Be transparent and show your users why their email address is in good hands with you. Trust is a key factor for your online marketing 2020.

At the same time you can work with data and Automation Your users offer a plus in service, because the speed with which Automation and AI taking root in marketing is impressive. From deep learning your users' habits to service tools and outputting tailored content, you can't do smart marketing strategies in the future without artificial intelligence implement.

Personalization with Marketing Automation scaled 1
Artificial intelligence and marketing automation will gain importance in 2020

This specificity in online marketing can also be found in other trends of recent years. A good example of this is the Influencer Marketing. Because if you as a company really want to appear credible and authentic here, you must not measure the reach quantitatively. With suitable Micro Influencers you will find exactly the right audience for your content.

A special look at Instagram for the new year

Online marketing on Social media can no longer be achieved today without Instagram think. At the latest since Facebook took over the image platform, the Relevance of the platform increased sharply. As some recent statistics show, you can use this development to your advantage.

Squarelovin has examined the platform and its importance for marketing in more detail. Around 92 percent of all users give user-generated content more trust than advertising content of the companies themselves. The fact alone shouldn't come as a surprise, but the number of users does. This means that on Instagram in particular Focus more on testimonials and influencers should - the commitment for this is 300 percent higher and the Conversion rate increases even by a factor of 4.5. So trust users and invest in making smart marketing strategies less linear and more as a Network to think.

The coup of this trend: Not only is the yield higher, but the costs are also lower. Expenditure is around 50 percent lower for user-generated content than for classic ads.

Instagram stats
Instagram will become even more relevant for your marketing in 2020

However, content created by users, followers, and influencers is becoming particularly clear in the field of Engagement from. This is 690 percent higher for brands that use user-generated content. A comparison with the engagement rate of Facebook (0.09%) and Twitter (0.048%) shows that this is particularly worthwhile on Instagram. Instagram's rate is significantly higher at 1.6%.

So get your followers on board and show that your marketing is not "central government" controlled.

Implement smart marketing goals smartly in 2020

With these trends and a continued increase in focus on social media, you are well prepared for the year 2020. Especially if you focus on the small, incremental steps, Target specific audiences with specific content and find the right influencers, you can work with data in depth next year and also offer the correspondingly detailed content.

But of course, you can also use 2020 to get reorient and realign your marketing strategy. What exactly does that mean? Rethink social media and marketing and incorporate trends into your campaigns. How do you stay relevant in the age of Digital Detox? How do you reach the younger generation on TikTok? What role do AR, VR, and the next generation of consumer technology play in your thinking?

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template



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