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Social media has become an integral part of the marketing mix. While some companies follow the motto "a lot helps a lot" and are present on all channels, others rely on no more than two platforms.

To find suitable social media platforms, you need a good Strategy. In doing so, it is important that you consider both your Target group as well as the different Types of social media so that you can make a decision. In the end, suitable social media platforms also depend on your Industry off. Here you can learn how to proceed with the selection.

These are the biggest social media channels

Every social media platform has a own orientation, which not only Optics, but also Function and target audience addressed concerns. Are each other two networks very similar, you should always opt for the with the greater range decide

Suitable social media platforms for most companies are either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Snapchat. In addition, there are smaller ones, Specific networks more interesting for certain industries like Jameda, HRS or Tripadvisor. To find the right social media platforms, it is first worth taking a closer look at the individual channels.

Facebook - the classic

Hardly anyone uses Facebook not why companies like to use this channel when quickly a large range is to be achieved. Facebook makes it easy for users to express their liking of posts by liking and sharing them. Thereby Content spreads rapidly and may even go viral.

Here you have the possibility to enter your Address target group directly and with her to interact. Due to the high popularity there is of course also your Competition active. Time and again it happens that competitors have a Shitstorm trigger or negative comments are spread. Therefore you need for Facebook in advance a Sophisticated social media strategy, to attract new customers and the Existing customers to maintain.

  • Suitable for: SEO, acquisition, PR in the field of B2C, service, feedback, information transfer.
  • Sales potential: high

Instagram - ideal for influencer marketing

At Instagram are found Images, Videos or with it enriched stories. Is it about the development of a Brand awareness of your target group, Instagram is certainly the right social media platform.

For you, this means your Professionally prepare content visuallyAfter all, first impressions don't get a second chance. Since 2018, the Hashtags lost some of their importance due to changes in the algorithm, but they are still important if you are in the process of Establish community.

In addition to your own channel, Instagram is interesting if you want to focus more on Influencer Marketing would like to set. With the Instagram Stories you also have 24 hours to make your target audience remember you with interesting stories. To do this, you need to share sequences of images or videos that are exciting content result.

  • Suitable for: SEO, acquisition, PR in the field of B2C, branding, feedback, information transfer.
  • Sales potential: medium

Pinterest - the platform for lifestyle

Your Target group is mainly female and has a penchant for Lifestyle products? Then you should as a suitable social media platform Pinterest under the microscope. In various sections at this virtual pinboard Images shared.

The Users' willingness to buy is very highbut the quality of the content must be right. You can create a direct link to your products in the online store create and on this social media platform the Conversion rate increase significantly in this way.

  • Suitable for: SEO, acquisition, PR, branding.
  • Sales potential: high

Twitter - brevity is the spice of life

At Twitter you must be brief, because you only have 280 characters, to convey your respective message. With Hashtags you can participate in current Trends and topics participate.

Note that Twitter in Real-time works. That means your followers want to be served regularly, which is why you Permanent presence need to show.

  • Suitable for: SEO, acquisition, PR, feedback, information transfer.
  • Sales potential: medium

YouTube - convince with videos

As a company, you can also open your own channel like private individuals and Videos upload. It remains only as long as alivehow to populate it with new content. You can Image films be Tutorials or Recruiting videos.

Social media platforms that fit you like YouTube require from you the commitment of a certain Budgets, as the Videos correspondingly high quality need to be in order to resonate with the target group. Detailed product descriptions and a good Channel info are also important for success.

  • Suitable for: SEO, acquisition, PR, information transfer.
  • Sales potential: high

Xing - the business network

User on Xing maintain and build their professional contacts off. The individual Industries discuss in different Groups.

On the one hand, you can show presence in these discussions, on the other hand, Xing is the appropriate social media platform on which you can present your Present brand and as Employer perceived be. The network is popular for Recruiting.

Alternative: LinkedIn, especially in the international area more widespread.

  • Suitable for: PR, information transfer, B2B.
  • Sales potential: low

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Finding suitable social media platforms - this is how you proceed

A suitable strategy is the be-all and end-all when it comes to choosing the right social media platforms.

Why do you want to use social media in the first place?

If you want to choose suitable social media platforms, you should first find out about the Purpose to be achieved become clear. This can be

  • PR in the area of B2B and/or B2C
  • SEO
  • Acquisition
  • Customer feedback
  • Information dissemination
  • Service
  • Branding

Where do you reach your target audience on social media? 

With the Allrounder Facebook you can reach almost any target group. However, that doesn't mean that another platform wouldn't be better for you. To determine this, you need to identify your Know customers including age, gender, hobbies, place of residence, education level and income. Have you read this information and the Buyer Personas, search through Data reconciliation suitable social media platforms.

What kind of communication and interaction do you need?

In social media public, but also in private messages communicated. The possibility of private communication is important if you have a Service channel After all, not every customer can or wants to share their data and concerns with the public.

Act in the field sensitive topics, is private communication also important. Not every user wants to publicly discuss their potency problems or interact with a corresponding post by liking it.

The setting of links 

Appropriate social media platforms allow you to, Direct customers to your store with links or to further service offers. Test in advance whether a Link preview is displayed - the potential customer wants to know what to expect.

Select by sales potential

Straight Online stores suitable social media platforms have to be selected according to the User buying interest select. Pinterest offers a Search function for products, Facebook holds a corresponding Shopping button ready.

Besides, your products must be compatible with the preferred content match on the network. Can your Offer difficult to display in imagesPinterest and Instagram are less suitable for you than Facebook, for example.

What does your content look like?

On each channel works a very specific type Content. You should be able to implement this for suitable social media platforms. Can your products be staged well, say Images on Instagram and Pinterest more than one snappy saying on Twitter or a Facebook poll.

Keep in mind: Social media is also a place where people are always Trolls around. This sometimes requires a strong nerveswhich not everyone can and wants to muster. With too much troll alert, you should therefore use a alternative platform envisage.

Conclusion: Define targets for suitable social media platforms

You have found one or more networks? Then you can immediately contact your Targets make. Popular parameters are:

  • Traffic
  • Range
  • Leads
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Mentions

Once these targets have been defined, you can use these measure with certain tools and orient your strategy on this. You will have to readjust your strategy again and again, because nothing changes as much as social media.

Do not frantically try to dance at all the weddings and focus on specialization - better to focus on one channel and really benefit from it, than to look for the Watering can principle far-reaching, but not very effective to play on many social media platforms.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how


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