Marketing automation with social media - how you benefit from the link!

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Social media is more of a duty than a freestyle. But not everyone has the capacity to take care of Facebook and Co. Marketing automation comes to the rescue.

Marketing automation on the web - it's getting social

Privately you like from Facebook hold what you want. Privately you like Twitter too talkative, Instagram too vain and TikTok Be too childish. But your business needs the social media presence to resonate with your target audience. Awareness and a Image build up.

This is a necessity not only because you want to give your customers the necessary comfort offer. It also helps you with the Search engine optimization under the arms. Google also knows how important a healthy social life is for companies.

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Of course, this brings not only opportunities, but also work. Social media is by the structure as never silent feed like a whirlpool, into which you daily add new information and which is nevertheless never full.

And of course you have a clearly defined goal, you want win new customers and Better understand potential customers learn. However, the sheer amount of data required for this and the complexity of social media processes makes it almost impossible for you to keep track of it all. The following insight tells you how Marketing Automation can help here.

Complex scenarios in social media - this is why you need marketing automation

Of course, you can collect and evaluate data yourself. And in many cases, it's easy and makes sense. If you, as company X, sell your product Y on your website and customers Google "product Y from company X", come to your website and strike immediately. This is the simplest case imaginable and the most implausible.

More likely, customers will search for product Y on your Smartphone search and test video on YouTube see. The test video finally leads to your company's channel, the video is still watched on the train. At home, your potential customer watches on a Comparison portal test reports and clicks through to your Online Shop. Later appears to him via Retargeting an advertisement, while he browses through it on his laptop Facebook browst. So he clicks through to your Facebook company page and likes the page. And while the water for the pasta is boiling, he sits in the kitchen with his tablet and clicks through to your Facebook page. Store and on Buy.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

This case is still very direct. In reality can Sales processes much more complex become and lead across all of a company's social media channels, posts, personalized ads, and months. And that's for a single customer. The only rational methodTo maintain an overview in this jumble of information, it is necessary to refer to automated processes to fall back on.

In this context, marketing automation is more than just a trend or buzzword - marketing automation is the only sensible method of analyzing the digital footprint, drawing optimized conclusions from it, and acting better in the future.

The goal of marketing automation in any scenario is to, More qualified leads generate and the Conversion Rate on your website or across different networks.

You can tap into social media in a new way via marketing automation

The right tool strikes when you need it. The point here is this, Place advertisements at the right times and these to the right target group. For some of your customers, that may be the ad on Facebook or Instagram. For others, it's the newsletter in their email inbox.

Compared to working with leads and customers manually, marketing automation is not only on social media, but also off it on your website or mail client scalable. And it's almost infinitely scalable. If you are still working manually with your leads, you have virtually no other choice but to work with a rough trowel. Or you will have to invest an extremely high amount of manpower in order to do justice to your customer groups.

Data collection alone makes anything but a machine solution no longer practical.

Straight Social media has made the situation not only more complex, but also more difficult. Because unlike direct marketing via mail or a visit to your website, social media is often a lengthy process. Customers build here over weeks, months, years a Relationship with the brand on. Therefore, the contact points must be all the more precise.

In addition, well managed marketing automation can skillfully expand your networks on social media by, for example. Tailored ads to desired target groups send and the Analyze performance of your postsin order to optimize the human aspect as well.

You also benefit from automation in dialog with your customers, because with scenario-controlled Bots you can meet your customers with automated conversations, providing personalized service even when you can't provide service yourself.

Or in a nutshell: Automation in the marketing process makes your work across multiple channels not only simplebut also shapes them more efficient.

The right tool for the right job

Of course, for marketing automation you need more than just the right know-how, you also need the correct Tools. Don't compromise and trust the number 1 in automation. SALESmanago is the largest marketing automation software in Europe and is already used by more than 10,000 customers.

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You can even use the software Free for 30 days and test it without any obligation. So just try it out and be amazed at how detailed you can view social media data and how elegantly you can interact with your target group via various interfaces.



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