Using marketing automation features in a targeted manner [Guide]

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You would like to get acquainted with the topic of Marketing Automation and learn more about the different types of Marketing Automation Features inform? We show the most important features and their functions. Clearly structured and optimally arranged.

Effectively use important marketing automation features

If you are interested in Marketing Automation Software decide, then it is important that you Marketing automation features also make sense. We will show you which features are particularly suitable and for which purpose and in which areas you should use them. After all, not all marketing automation features are equally quick and easy to use.

Per more effective You from the beginning the areas of databases and workflow know how to use, the stronger the effect becomes turn out for you. Test and try is always the best possible solution for newcomers to the topic of marketing automation.

The marketing database as the core of marketing automation

One of the most important marketing automation features is the Integration of CRM systems into the central marketing database. This serves as Access point for the most diverse systems and queries. The entire system draws all important information and Interactions and makes them available for further functions.

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In addition, marketing automation is able to direct and in periodically interact with the CRM system and create a consistent data reconciliation ensure. Thus all remain Data permanently up to date and can be used at the most diverse touchpoints used more effectively and intelligently be

Marketing automation features for better workflows

Optimized workflows are at the heart of software solutions in the field of marketing automation. Because in the software you can automated workflows which define the timing of various marketing activities.

Through these options, among other things, for different workflows and contacts Conditions and condition loops are queried and integrated. As a result, marketing automation responds effectively to the user and its individual inputs and responses.

Optimize the right campaign management

With the appropriate workflow as a basis, it is possible to make the management of the various campaigns more effective with the marketing automation software. In doing so, the software can not only handle multilevel, but also easily Control, monitor and regulate multistep campaigns.

This is also one of the core elements of the marketing automation features, as these solutions can be used to combine a wide variety of channels in different campaigns. Linking and targeted control can be used. For example, the customer can be guided through the steps of the individual campaign, which have already been designed in advance, in a time- or reaction-controlled manner and be led to the point of purchase.

Further features can be found among others in the area of direct automation. Because the software is able to Launch campaigns dynamicallyif the previously defined Preconditions are fulfilled. Thus, the software can respond effectively to interactions of the known customers and visitors. The lead is guided through the various steps according to his personal requirements.

With all these marketing automation features, the Steps defined in advance become, the The software then takes over the actual marketing work fully automatically. The departments can therefore concentrate much more on detailed work.

Landing pages and forms as intelligent features

Important additional marketing automation features deal primarily with the Creation of landing pages and the integration of intelligent forms in a wide variety of media. Through the marketing automation software, the various departments in the marketing area have the possibility to individually adapt individual segments of landing pages and thus improve the integrate existing information about the site visitor more effectively. So can Texts, but also Images and Video content be made more effective and dynamic and adapt to the respective user.

In addition, one of the important marketing automation features is to connect the various websites, newsletters or even other contact options with intelligent acting forms to provide. The ability to recognize visitors via various factors allows the user to identify an already pre-filled or partially filled form be presented. This increases the chances that the user not only notices this form, but also uses it in the company's interests.

Marketing Automation Features: Leverage Social Media Integration

The integration into the various social networks is one of the most important marketing automation features. Thus, among other things Statements and claims from Leads about the various social networks tracked across. Consequently, the Segmentation within the target group still more effective.

Also the Profile data of the various customers can be used by the software to Evaluation and segmentation of the various customers can be used. These segmentation measures make it possible, among other things, on the various networks to even more effectively than before a suitable advertising for the different customer groups.

At the same time, the integration of the social networks also offers the advantage of the direct analysis. This allows the Range of the campaigns and their Impact across the social networks and bring them into relation with the company's KPIs in an optimally prepared manner. It would be hard to link a social network more effectively with one's own marketing. These marketing automation features will continue to gain importance in the future.

No problem with the right software

All these features can be easily implemented with the right marketing automation software. The best way to do this is to use the #1 All in one Marketing Automation from SALESmanago. Because SALESmanago is Europe's largest marketing automation software with more than 10,000 satisfied customers around the world. You can use the different Marketing Automation Features and functions of SALESmanago quite simple free and without obligation 30 days test. Just see for yourself the benefits of Marketing Automation features.

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