Social media targeting - find the right audience

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The times when the Criers of the digital advertising industry shout loudly to the crowd had to are over. Today you can use your Find customers very precisely even in a large crowd and virtually whisper in their ear.

Social media allows companies to be much more precise than they were just a few years ago, and has grown out of the the right targeting methods made a true art.

How to use social targeting Implement successfully and so for a Higher conversion rate We will show you in this overview.

What does social media targeting mean (for your business)?

The terms Social Targeting and Social media targeting are - for the sake of clear explanation - usually used synonymously with each other. The basis for this targeting method is the Data collection of the networks from Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and LinkedIn. This results in the possibility, Address customers more precisely to be able

You don't even have to "dig" deep into the personal data of your potential target group, already with slightly available user data you can use the Power targeted socio-demographic targeting implement in your campaign. Superficial data like Gender, education and age are immediately available to you. This allows you to select a relatively precise target group for your campaign with just a few clicks. Also functions like Geo Targeting are at your disposal and the in real time. This is useful, for example, if you want to attract users to a nearby store from their mobile device.

Because this way, in just a few steps, you can already Precisely narrow down the target group can, reduce the typical scattering losses of your advertising budget. Probably the simplest implementation of the targeting methods of social targeting offers you Facebook, here you can plan your campaigns very easily understandable and very precisely.

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With personas of your customers to the target audience

The Data for deeper insight into your campaign are available to you without having to launch active surveys. So it's no wonder that social media advertising budgets are growing and growing. That's not to mention that ad blockers don't work in apps, and you can make sure that users of Facebook or Instagram actually see your sponsored posts.

The different Personas of your customers, you can thus Address very precisely with campaigns and posts and ensure that each customer feels unique.

Even if you are still looking for the right persona or there is ambiguity about the target group and/or type of campaign, it is Social media targeting the right path to success. Because over A/B tests interactions, you can very quickly determine the Compare and rate the performance of your posts, so you stay not only targeted in your campaigns, but agile. And in real time.

The relevance of geospatial data on social media - this is why regional business and social media work hand in hand

Whether you and your company think and act locally or globally, Active geo-targeting offers you at every point in the spectrum between retail store and online store high functionality.

As Local Player you can use a Place restriction find in the advertisements, for example, the people who live in your region and whose personal interests match your business. For example, a user who lives in your zip code and is a fan of marathons and Tough Mudder is made for your store's athletic shoe campaign.

Maintain an online store that operates globallyor offer an app? Then you can easily create your campaign in different languages offer. In which language you display your advertising, you can easily depending on the region design.

Further developments in social media targeting

With additional targeting methods you can ensure, always reach the right target audience. For example, by selecting those User data to consult, which adhere to the users over several websites.

Keyword Targeting for example, describes a method that allows you to use the keywords that users are searching for. This works best for Niche products, which customers search for on Google to rank your store. But even if you Several campaigns at the same time use and want to show customers the perfect pictures and videos. The Conversion rate is particularly high with these targeted campaignsbecause customers are looking for specific products.

Through a Retargeting Audience on Social Media you can offer previous website visitors without purchasing new incentives to buy and offer them relevant products show. Repeatedly displaying your brand and products leads to a Recognition and preference effect among the target group. This, of course, proves useful for you and your (potential) customers.

Retargeting based on usage behavior

Also Behavioral Targeting works in a similar way. Here, easily scannable data records of the social networks are processed by a Longer-term usage behavior expanded. Thus, the user's surfing behavior also plays a crucial role. This allows you to implement dynamic data and current user preferences. Properly applied, this even allows you to Predictions in user behavior. This will allow you to place your advertising, Even before customers have adapted their own needs. An example of this would be brand awareness for a brand of baby cribs among users who searched for wedding rings a few weeks ago.

With semantic targeting, the textual deepening of content targeting, reduce wastage even further by analyzing less superficially. This reduces misunderstandings in content targeting and means your golf clubs are no longer offered to friends of the VW Golf community.

Ultimately, social media targeting also serves as an ideal platform for your Retargeting efforts. Because not only do you have a precise overview of the performance of your campaigns. You can also offer your target group targeted special offers, discounts and coupons in the feed to increase the conversion rate. Like this stay in the memory of your customers and constantly supply new incentives for your site and store.

Sales for your company and relevance for your customers

Successful online campaigns are neither a coincidence, nor a mere consequence of a good campaign. The most appealing photos, the most powerful videos, and the most perky texts won't help you, if your target group does not see them and can neither liken, nor share.

Social media makes good targeting easy, but also a necessity for the success of a campaign. Presence and visibility depend largely on how well you know and can describe your customer persona(s). All tools for different targeting approaches, Analyses and evaluation are available to you, so that you quickly notice, Which campaigns work with which target group.


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