The most important CRM functions for successful marketing [Checklist].

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The Customer Relationship Management is of particular importance for most successful companies. It forms the basis of the successful marketing and must be carefully maintained. Thanks to ever new possibilities and technical innovations, you can have access to a whole range of functions that significantly simplify and improve the work in this area. We have summarized the most important points for you.

All CRM functions must be easily accessible and clearly visible

The Usability also plays an important role in customer relationship management. What use are the best functions in the area of CRM if the Users do not find them or use them only awkwardly can.
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For this reason, any software in this area should be built in such a way that aAll important functions and tools are available quickly and clearly. stand.

Qualified data are the basis of success

The foundation of good customer relationship management and thus also of marketing are good data sets. Because the best campaigns and actions are without success, if the data used is not correctare outdated or are not presented in an appealing way. Addresses that have been entered twice are just as annoying as incorrect salutations, poor data links or empty data fields.

The foundation of all successful CRM functions is thus the quality and the Consistency of the data used.

The first thing to do here is to invest labor and manpower in order to Check and optimize the quality of the data basis used. Only on this basis can good customer relationship management provide the company with an significant advantage provide

From cold addresses to qualified leads

Among the most important CRM functions is the Qualification of addresses and data. Only through the repeated revision, control and optimization of addresses and data sets can from contacts qualified leads arise.

This is the basic function of a functioning customer relationship management and should be never neglected can be used. This is because, on the basis of this data, the customers and leads can be divided into different buyer personas and thus be Target groups assigned be

Thus, not only is a qualified addressing of individual persons possible, but a Directly address groups with similar interests and similar focal points. The better this is possible, the more customers you can potentially reach.

The planning of campaigns thanks to suitable CRM functions

Good and comprehensive customer relationship management is the Basis for all efficient marketing activities in a company. We show you why both the marketing actions and the personal address based on the various CRM functions.

Distribution list for target groups for optimal addressing

Distributor in Customer Relationship Management allow you to use the various Allocate marketing actions to the most diverse target groups. At this point, online marketing and customer relationship management clearly overlap and complement each other, as both have a similar approach. Optimally, online marketing can be based on the CRM functions and thus benefit significantly from them.

Organize all actions clearly

Good customer relationship management also includes the Monitoring of the marketing measures and the Testing the successes. Thus, one of the most important CRM functions is the Monitoring and control of all marketing activities across one interface.

This allows the Affiliation of the different target groups to specific marketing actions check or the Rate of returns identify. This will give you an overview not only of marketing, but also of the Quality of own CRM data and their Benefit for your company. In this way, the quality of the company's own customer relationship management can also be increasingly refined and optimized.

Personalized marketing addresses of the customers

No matter for what reason you want to write to your customers or contact them directly, it is always the Address customers personally. This definitely goes beyond the correct form of address, for example, when you refer to past purchases or past contacts would like to point out.

This is where the various CRM functions can be enormously helpful, as these All relevant data directly for serial letters or e-mailings. This way the personal addresses of the customers much easier and, above all, more accurate.

Keeping an eye on the inbox

Also the own Inbox is something you cannot afford to ignore when it comes to customer relationship management. Because Subscriptions and unsubscriptions to the various newsletters and programs must be monitored, as well as returns, for example. Returns can be achieved, among other things, by Incorrect or invalid e-mail addresses arise. All these elements must be comprehensively recorded, analyzed and evaluated accordingly for good customer relationship management.

One of the most important CRM functions is that these Work from CRM automated and thus much faster. This not only saves a lot of working time, but also works extremely reliably. This means that the employees in Customer Relationship Management can concentrate on the more important core tasks and the Have repetitive tasks conveniently automated by the CRM functions.

Make CRM data visually analyzable

You can use the data contained in Customer Relationship Management not only for targeted marketing but also, among other things, to Improvement of own brand core and own profitability. For this to happen, however, the data must not only be machine-usable, but also evaluable by humans be

For this reason, an important CRM function is the Visual preparation of the contained data for reportings. This way, you can not only make the changes within the CRM visible to others, but also support lectures and presentations with visually prepared data and figures. Powerful CRM tools offer this function out of the box and convince with the easy accessibility of these tools.
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Use CRM functions to monitor competitors

Of course, customer relationship management tools can also be used for other purposes. For example, they can also be used for your Competitors and competitors to create their own profiles and to use the various AI-based solutions use the Actions and interactions of your competitors with your web presence in view to keep.

Due to the always Stronger networking of the various information and the various storylines, a profile can thus be created that is always finely knit. This makes it much easier to keep an eye on your competitors. The Efficiency in direct competition can thus be significantly improved by the appropriate CRM functions and used to one's own advantage.



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