Develop digital marketing strategy [Guide]

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The best and most useful product won't sell if the target audience doesn't know it.

And nowadays the Internet playing an increasingly important role in purchasing decisions:

More than the Half of all customers in the B2B sector and about 80 percent in the B2C area find out about different options and brands online before making a purchase.

That's why online marketing that sends the right message to potential customers is critical to business success.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Here you must appealing information offers develop to convince prospects of themselves and convert them into customers. Whoever creates a Develop successful digital marketing strategy would like, must therefore Different channels and tools use

Digital marketing strategy - what is it?

The term digital marketing strategy summarizes all the measures that an advertiser implements on the Internet. This Measures must be aligned with a goal. For example, the goal may be to,

  • the Brand awareness increase,
  • more potential customers to draw attention to their own offer,
  • existing To retain customers permanently,
  • the Increase sales and/or
  • the Increase conversion rate.

In contrast to classic advertising such as TV commercials, billboards or print ads, ad formats only work to a limited extent online.

More and more people are using software such as adblockers to actively hide advertising. Digital marketing strategy therefore relies on a complex web of short- and long-term methods.

Measurable goals as the basis for an effective digital marketing strategy

In doing so, the effect should definitely be measurable. Only if you have a regular controlling You'll know whether your digital marketing strategy is working or not. Therefore, set yourself concrete goals, about 20 percent more leads compared to the previous year or a 15 percent increase in sales. Overgrow the development and Adjust your strategy if necessary. In the rarest cases, all the chosen methods work immediately.

Buyer Persona: The customer at the center of the digital marketing strategy

The basis for an effective digital marketing strategy is the Knowledge of own target group and the creation of Buyer Personas. Any actions taken must be guided by this information. The following questions can help at the beginning:

  • What makes my customers stand out?
  • Who is my desired customer?
  • What need or benefit does my product fulfill for the customer?
  • Why do prospects buy my product?
  • Which channels do interested parties use to find out about my product?

A well-developed Buyer Persona is composed as follows:

Demographic characteristics

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Residence
  • Income

Psychographic properties

  • Interests
  • personal problems that the product should solve
  • Goals of the customer

Survey existing customers, examine existing customer data and use Market research resultsif available. From this information, create one or more buyer personas to guide your digital marketing strategy.

Then, select the methods, channels and tools for your online marketing that will help you achieve your previously set goals.

Understanding and guiding the customer journey

Every (potential) customer goes through the so-called Customer Journey. A Trigger initially arouses interest in the purchase of a certain product. This can be, for example, an experience, a wish or an advertisement.

Most of the time, prospects already know some products and brands at the beginning of the customer journey. However, the existing information is not sufficient for a well-founded purchase decision, which is why prospective customers are now inform about prices, designs, brands and product features. They do so more and more often via the internet.

Every contact with a brand or a product is called a touchpoint. The digital marketing strategy has the task, As many relevant and informative touchpoints as possible create.

After the customer has usually informed himself from several sources, he decides on a product and buys this.

Here is the Customer Journey but not to the end. The Experience with the purchase process and the product is also crucial. Is the customer satisfied, it will most likely buy from you again. A positive experience can therefore Regular customers create

In addition, the probability increases that the satisfied buyer leaves positive reviews on online portals and friends and acquaintances a Recommendation for your product expresses. In this way, the customer creates new touchpoints for you that can influence other prospects on their customer journey. So in the best case scenario, this creates a sustainable cycle.

Search engine optimization: Be found on Google

Most KProspective customers first research products using a simple Google search. It is essential that the digital marketing strategy takes this into account. It is therefore important for all advertisers that your company or product website appears on the first search results page for matching search queries so that interested parties can find it. The higher you rank, the better.

This is helped by the so-called Search engine optimization, SEO for short. Here play on the one hand technical factors play a role. For example, your website should load quickly and be clearly structured.

On the other hand, the Content important, after all Google wants to offer its users search results that are as relevant as possible. With Information offers such as texts, infographics and videos, you score points with the search engine.

In addition, new content should be published online on a regular basis, for example on a Blog and in a News section. This signals topicality. You address the contents to Keywords off. These are keywords that match your offer and that users are searching for.

Select measures for the digital marketing mix

The Choice of methods for online marketing is related to the buyer personas and the goals set. Therefore, every strategy requires a individual decision necessary. The choices include:

Weigh the measures based on your set Targets, your Buyer Personas and the Customer Journey off. Some measures, such as influencer marketing, are better suited to the B2C sector, while white papers, for example, can achieve excellent results in the B2B sector in particular.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Focus at the beginning on important measures that are precisely suited to your company and target group. If these work successfully, you can increase your Marketing mix as part of the digital marketing strategy further extend.


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