Optimize conversion rate - how to turn leads into customers

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For all companies, it is of crucial importance to Optimize conversion rate. Because only through these measures you can Increase number of saleswithout having to generate new leads. The bottom line is that through conversion optimization, you increase the Efficiency of all marketing measures and ensure a higher efficiency of your company.

Keeping an eye on the customer journey

The most important factor in conversion optimization is the Customer Journey, so the Journey of a customer from first contact to sale.
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Optimally, the customer is supported at every touchpoint with the company by Targeted information and marketing measures, until interest in the company or a particular product or service is so high that the simple Lead becomes a buyer.

But it is precisely this customer journey that many companies fail to understand or make sufficient use of. The better the customer and their journey are understoodthe more effectively a conversion can be generated from the lead. In this context, both the Buyers Persona, i.e. the target group, as well as the Use of existing data an important role.

The optimization of the sales funnel at all levels

There are many different approaches and possibilities to optimize the conversion rate. It is important that you do not limit yourself to implementing individual measures once and expect an immediate effect.

This is because conversion optimization is a permanent and lengthy process.

However, it is also a process which noticeable impact on your business takes. The better the conversion rate that is, the more traffic you can convert into customers, the better the economic growth of the company.

For this reason, it is particularly important that you do not limit yourself to just one sub-area, but that you continuously and consistently optimize all levels of your sales funnel in a targeted manner and improve. Among other things, this also means implementing new techniques and new solutions when they better serve your purposes or provide benefits to customers.

Resting is practically impossible in online business, as the entire market and its perception is continuously changing and shifting.

Micro and macro conversions at a glance

Basically, you can distinguish between different conversions. The Micro conversions are practical small intermediate stepsthat a lead has to pass through before it can reach the Macro conversion, so the Purchase or the order comes. This is a conversion funnel, which can be comprehensively planned and, above all, optimized by you.

Users and leads are led to your site and thus to your offer via the various channels. Optimizing these is another step and also important. At this point, however, we take a look at the Conversion Funnel. To use the Optimize conversion rate all levels of the funnel must be optimized and improved in equal measure.

Examples of a conversion funnel:

  1. Micro-conversion: The lead visits the Website.
  2. Micro-conversion: For example, the lead looks at a Information video or product video.
  3. Micro-conversion: The lead adds the product to the Shopping cart added.
  4. Micro conversion: The lead registered himself with his data in the store.
  5. Micro-conversion: The lead passes through the Purchase process.
  6. Macro conversion: The lead completes the purchase and thus becomes a customer.

As you can see, there are many points at which a lead can decide to use the entire Cancel process and thus to jump off. Your task is to do exactly this prevent and guide the lead through the levels of micro-conversions.

Marketing automation can be enormously supportive

Modern tools for Marketing Automation offer enormous advantages in this process. Because these are able to most different customer data and to put them in relation to each other and to Address customers in a targeted manner. This not only makes it much easier to assign the customer to a specific target group, the systems also respond to the customer's behavior and reactions.

Thus, the lead is accompanied along the entire customer journey in a comprehensive and targeted manner and increasingly led to sales maturity. If the lead is sufficiently qualified and ready to buy, the system directs it automatically from the marketing department to the sales department. These measures can also optimize the conversion rate on a very large scale.

In summary, this means:

  • The customer is informed by Marketing Automation accompanied
  • Information and data point to Interests and inclinations,
  • From information to targeted marketing, the Customer effectively addressed,
  • The interest of the customer is increased and his Willingness to buy aroused,
  • Is the interest high enough, the lead becomes the buyer.

Small steps to an optimized conversion rate

There is no way to optimize the conversion rate that involves only one action or only one change. The bottom line is that it is a ongoing and constant process, in which you continue to optimize each Mirko conversion and make it easier, more accessible or more attractive for the customer.

In addition, it is important to check every change. Too many changes at once can quickly become problematic.

You could be losing leads and not know which of your actions was responsible for that drop. For this reason, you should Carry out all measures one after the other and with sufficient time interval. Only in this way you can be secured and on a good data basis Optimize the conversion rate.

Test and optimize measures

One important measure is testing. Avoid running such tests with a live system, but use different solutions for Split teststo test and optimize individual measures and their acceptance.

For example, you can use a Separate landing page with a narrowly defined target group very well for these tests. Through these A/B tests you can check the effect of the change and gradually optimize your conversion rate.
The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how
In addition, use further Key figures except the pure Sales figuresto check the impact of the measures. There are so many KPIs available in the online segment, so you can use targeted metrics for each measure. Bounce rates, Dwell time and also Clicks and Movements can thus be recorded very well and used as a relevant data basis.


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