SMS Marketing Automation: Automated and direct customer communication

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The SMS is a news medium in the everyday lives of many Private individuals have become so unimportant that they don't even think about sending text messages on the move in the corporate environment. At the same time, SMS Marketing Automation is an excellent tool to Reach customers directly and to the Evaluation of purchases, actions or return to a store reminders. This is how you use SMS Marketing Automation for your campaigns in a forward-looking way.

SMS as a relic of the original cell phone

At a time when more than three-quarters of the German population owns and uses a smartphone from infancy to retirement, SMS increasingly seems like a relic from the 1990s.. Yet the iPhone, which made the use of smartphones with touchscreens marketable, only came onto the market in 2007.

Advantages SMS Marketing Automation
Advantages of SMS Marketing Automation

Even today use Millions of people still SMS messages, especially because they no longer cost money. Almost all basic mobile rates include SMS and MMS free of charge and without limits. This is the perfect way to bridge gaps in coverage without mobile Internet, for example, using SMS. SMS Marketing Automation as Sales tool on the other hand, has only become really attractive through the use of smartphones.

SMS messages are perceived via notifications

Due to the versatile uses of smartphones, your customers today spend significantly more time with their phone. Some users do not put the mobile device down for hours while they store, play games or look at photos of social contacts.

Notifications are seen and opened quickly.

Every blink and pop-up could potentially an important message be. This way, your advertising is seen before the customer is fully aware of it.

SMS Marketing Statistics
Open and engagement rates are very high with SMS marketing (Fig:

To use this effect in a meaningful way, the message must be get to the point immediately and clearly identify who it is from. An SMS text like "Save 10% now, today only! Click here" with link is considered Spam blocked in the worst case. A notification like "Hey, we haven't seen you in our store for a long time. Use the following code now to save 10% today only" works against it. friendly and concrete.

Timing is crucial for SMS Marketing Automation is crucial

In addition to the incentive to work with your SMS to interactYou must also offer the customer opt-out options and a specific contact person behind a link or under an enclosed number. Timing is also important.

Response speed for SMS Marketing Automation
Quick interaction and response to SMS marketing (Image:

In contrast to the Remargeting via cookies, the customer expects an indication of why you have his or her Telephone number for advertising purposes use. Here come the mechanisms of SMS Marketing Automation due to purchases, use of the customer account or by opting in to competitions and promotions.

SMS Marketing Automation Example
Example of successful SMS marketing (Image:

For example, remind the customer automatically:

  • a Complete purchase in the storewhich was started via the customer account
  • expiring Vouchers of actions to redeem
  • that a Broadcast arrives soon (e.g. delivery service, courier)
  • acquired products to rate
  • or as Testimonial to perform in return for a thank you

SMS Marketing Automation set up

As with all automated marketing channels, SMS marketing automation also takes over automatic responder the dispatch of the individualized messages for you. This works, for example, with the help of web tools or a Software packagethat brings together all your marketing tools. Our Thorit marketing experts will be happy to advise you on options, SMS in your marketing mix.

New call-to-action

Contact us about marketing via SMS and we will find suitable solutions that are compatible with your existing and future campaigns and that can be used in the future. Convenient and secure for your customers are.


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