Targeting Google Ads Remarketing [Guide]

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Google Ads is not only one of the most popular tools to Search engine marketingbut offers by means of Remarketing also the possibility of different Target customers and customer groups. We show you what to look out for and the possibilities of targeted advertising using Google Ads Offers you.

How it works Remarketing with Google Ads



Remarketing means that you can focus the marketing activities on a certain clientele which is defined by you via Google Ads. These are always customers who already visited your site and a some interest to the day. About the great Google network across different campaigns, you can target.

Implement the remarketing tag on Implement on the website

It is important that the so-called Remarketing tag is stored on all pages and sub-pages of your online presence. This allows the assignment of the various users to take place effectively. This can be done either manual or via the Tag Manager take place. The Tag Manager is a good and simple choice and makes dealing with Google Ads and Remarketing much easier.

Insert remargeting tag via the tag manager
Setting up the remarketing tag via the tag manager

Choosing the right target group

In Google Ads you can now use different Lists for remarketing together. It is important here that you not only combine different lists with each other, but that you can also specifically exclude certain lists. Good examples of sensible remarketing are, for example, lists with Customers who have left your site with a full shopping basket again or which looked more closely at very specific products on your site have

You can filter in very fine steps and thus achieve a effective target group for the Google Ads you want. They will get your ads displayed via the networks you have chosen. Of course, you can and should underpin the corresponding campaigns with the necessary media so that exactly these Customers also targeted can be.

Let's take a concrete example:

You want your campaign to reach the customers who had a full shopping cart and got out during the payment process are. You have recognized that there were ambiguities in your procedure and for this reason many customers left your site at this point. By means of remarketing via Google Ads, you can now Reach targeted via different networks.

What is important now is not only the Open purchasing reminder, but above all to convey that you can, for example, use the Payment process changed and optimized. After all, customers need a Incentive received to continue the purchase again. This advertisement would be nonsensical for all other customers. It could even hurt, because you point out problems that these customers have not yet experienced.

Remarketing via Google Ads therefore allows you to address individual customers in a very targeted manner and thus to be more successful with them. Convince customers.

The selection of the appropriate period

A remarketing campaign can be run via Different lengths of time be planned. For example, if you own a very busy site, even a period of just one day can deliver very good results. You can plan the campaign through several steps up to 365 days run. Basically, it is advisable to approach the appropriate length of the campaigns.

Create audience list in Google Ads
Setting the remarketing target group with duration in Google Ads

It can often make sense to book the same campaign over different time periods. Compare them in their results and the Cost-benefit factor. Here there can be no more precise advice, because the duration of the campaign depends not only on the Industry and the usual times of the Purchase decisionbut also from the Target group and their usage habits.

For example, while fast-moving consumer products often Spontaneous purchases and thus Google Ads Remarketing already shows success after a short time, the situation is quite different in the vacation industry. Here, users often need up to two weeks timebefore they decide on an offer. The duration of the chosen campaign therefore depends on many factors and should always be adjusted and optimized in a self-experiment.

Target group size, duration of the campaign and budget in relation

The above selection criteria play an important role when you choose the suitable remarketing campaign want to start with Google Ads. Because a poorly planned and Poorly controlled campaign can quickly use up the marketing budget without achieving the desired effect.

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However, this still does not mean that the campaigns should run completely without control. Because Google Ads, while a powerful tool, must always be monitored by the user and controlled. A campaign that goes nowhere only burns money without increasing the number of Effectively increase conversions.

Conclusion: Google Ads Remarketing is enormously efficient - with the right settings.


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