Personalization despite Marketing Automation - Efficient & Individual Customer Communication

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The terms Marketing Automation and Personalization are becoming increasingly important in many companies. While both areas are considered important by many, automation and personalization initially appear to be incompatible. Marketing automation offers many new opportunities for efficient and personalized customer communication.

Marketing automation takes over repetitive processes

Especially in the area of Email marketing there are many, always repetitive processes, which much manpower bind and little creativity require. Marketing automation can take over precisely these processes.

This means that marketing automation primarily frees up manpower, which can develop its full potential in creative processes. Marketing can therefore significantly improve its performance by automating certain processes. streamlined and more powerful be made. Important so that the personalization does not come up short.

Achieve personalization through data sets

The simplest form of personalization is the Personal approach to the customer in all business contacts. But also Congratulations birthday and similar occasions can be managed via the company's existing records easily automated.

The more data are present, the more targeted the customers can be addressed and the more comprehensive the overall personalization of marketing. But that also means that you need to manage customer data, browsing and purchasing behavior data, and any other Store relevant data centrally and accessible from the system must. Only then can marketing automation use this data to personalize customer contact.

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Social data is becoming increasingly important for companies

The Records are therefore particularly important for companies. Until now, it was mainly data about already purchases made or via Responses to emails and newsletters particularly interesting, because with these the Purchasing behavior of the customer could be determined. Within the scope of personalization, however, you must always more data use. These are then available to your company for personal addressing.

A wild, if rather unusual, example would be:

A customer buys in the Online store of the company again and again Dresses and pants in size 42. And that for several years. The company makes about marketing automation again and again Suggestions for new clothesif they fit the customer's choice and she chooses these garments. However, over the course of a year, the ordered dress size changes to 36 or 38. This is where the company can come in, for example, and tell the customer about your Weight loss congratulate and at the same time attractive offers in the new size offer

The data is there, you just need to target it.

Individual approach at targeted points in the customer journey

The mix between marketing automation and the personal approach and personal contact with the customer is important. Because customers also notice when they are only addressed via a well-programmed marketing automation and they therefore do not individually valued feel.

Especially companies that position themselves as family brands or in a similar segment must be aware of this danger. It can therefore be quite sensible and purposeful to Supplement marketing automation with a personalized approach and expand them. This can be achieved via a targeted Mailbut also about telephone or postal addresses be possible. Which path you choose for personalization depends not least on the target group and also on the orientation of your company.

Marketing automation software can in turn help you with this personal contact. For example, by letting you through automated reminders when a certain value or event is reached reminded to contact you. In addition, the software gives you directly all important information at handwhich you can use specifically.

Marketing automation and human address thanks to shared database

You can see how important personalization is and how strongly it is perceived and valued by the customer. Of course it is important that All relevant data available during all interactions with the customer are. A company makes itself unbelievable, when in e-mails and Newsletters again and again reference to the Preferences and previous purchases of the customer is made, but the customer is not direct communication like a stranger is treated.

This is typically noticed during telephone contact. When the customer calls the company and the person on the phone cannot access all this data even after naming the customer number or other identification features.

The task here is to integrate the various departments such as Better link marketing, sales and customer support. Then the customer feels better taken care of and thus increases its own Trust in the brand of the company. Marketing automation that is targeted and, above all, complemented by other measures can help create Regular customers achieve an enormous effect.

Personalization as an important and effective marketing tool

The in every contact used with the customer, personal address and the personalization of the overall user experience is of crucial importance to many customers and can awaken new incentives to buy.

What is important is that this concept is reflected over All contact points of the customer along the Customer Journey pulls until this one to the Ready for sale was conducted. Even after a purchase has been made, a company can maintain contact with the customer and be remembered positively.

Not only does this ensure that the customer will turn to the company again in the future, but it also often provides positive mentions to friends and acquaintances. So, through the positively perceived personalization, you can have a significantly greater marketing effect reach

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