Marketing Automation Workflows - From Welcome Journey to Win-back [Templates].

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When companies focus their own marketing on a new and modern level, the most important factor is the Marketing Automation play an important role. However, in order for you to use this comprehensively and effectively, you must specifically Marketing Automation Workflows implement. We'll show you the most important marketing automation workflows you should set up at the beginning.

The most important marketing automation workflows at a glance

There are many small marketing automation workflows, which do not play a special role in everyday life, but the general Simplify work significantly. On the other hand, there are also marketing automation workflows that take marketing to a new level and also make a significant difference economically can. It is precisely these workflows that we would like to take a closer look at here.

The Welcome Journey as a Marketing Automation Workflow

Trigger: New contact (registration in the store, registration for the newsletter)

If a user registers in your store for the first time or signs up for the newsletter, he is a blank sheet for you. However, this also means that the Welcome Journey can now begin.

The workflow that now follows is primarily for Data collection intended and should at the same time provide with further information.

Various e-mails are sent to the user at regular intervals. On the one hand, these inform about the company and its offers. On the other hand, they also ask the Interests of the user off. According to its interactions, the following mails and their contents change automatically.

Workflow Welcome

This is one of the marketing automation workflows, which is specifically designed to build a Data basis and serves the user of a certain Target group or Buyer Persona. Based on the evaluation of the Welcome Journey, you can plan and implement further marketing activities.


Hot Leads: The transition from marketing to sales

Trigger: Reaching certain triggers or a set scoring value.

With the Hot Leads is one of the most important marketing automation workflows, as it automates an important step. If a lead has a reached certain statusIf the customer is not convinced of the merits of a particular product, he or she is considered to be a ready for sale.

Hot Lead

In the preparation of this workflow, it is necessary to define precisely which Trigger must be reached for a lead to be identified as a hot lead. If the triggers are well adapted, the marketing automation workflow will directly identify the lead as a hot lead when the threshold is reached. Transferred from marketing to sales.

Optimally, the sales department also receives All relevant information about the lead automatically with. This means that nothing stands in the way of a simple and quick sale.

Win-back through appropriate marketing automation workflows

Trigger: Cancel the purchase when the shopping cart is full

It often happens that customers in online stores can choose the various Products in the shopping cart but do not complete the purchase, but instead use the Cancel purchase and leave the site. However, with the right marketing automation workflow, some of these customers can be won back.

Recover abandoned shopping cart
Journey to recover abandoned shopping carts

If it is a contact in your marketing automation software, you can contact them by email or other available channels after such a termination and remember the full shopping cart and the goods in it. Within the framework of this marketing automation workflow, the customer can also be enticed with discounts or further bonuses to complete the purchase after all.

Re-activation of customers

Trigger: Inactive customers without further points of contact

In almost every company, there is a group of employees that should not be underestimated. inactive customers and contacts. These have either ordered the newsletter a long time ago or registered in the store, but since then. no interactions shown. With the right marketing automation workflow, these can also be Activate customer groups again.

Here, too, you must first define the triggers or thresholds at which these customers are to be contacted. Usually, a duration is defined here, which must have passed since the last active contact.

Reactivation 1

Through marketing automation, these customers can be reached when the threshold is reached by means of a Reminder, one exclusive offer or with a Coupon be encouraged to get back in touch with the company and become active as a customer.

Up-selling and cross-selling: turning customers into better customers

Trigger: Purchases of the customer from the company

Up-selling and Cross-selling are important tools in many companies. Based on the customer's previous purchases, you can use suitable marketing automation workflows to get them to buy more goods from this segment.

To this end, it is important that communication between the company and the customer does not break down after a purchase. For example, marketing automation can be used to automatically Feedback request take place.

Up Selling

Likewise, you can, at a suitable time interval, advertise and recommend further and matching products. Here, the integration of the Product database into the marketing automation software is helpful. This way, the linking of different products and product combinations with other suitable products takes place. Advanced marketing automation tools suggest with the help of artificial intelligence Automatically matching articles before. The more purchases take place in the online store, the better and more effective the automated product recommendation becomes.

Through this workflow, you can bind your existing customers even closer to you and increase the Customer Lifetime Value Increase

Reminder of repetitive purchases

Trigger: An upcoming specific date or point in time

There are customers who buy regularly always the same products. If you capture this through the marketing automation software, you will quickly know when the customer is probably planning another purchase. This can often be observed with care products and cleaners.

Marketing Automation Workflow

Marketing automation can be used to adapt to these periods in advance. specific memories and marketing measures to ensure that the customer continues to buy from their own company. As a rule, up to three e-mails are used to Attention of the customer or to provide this with special offers to attract more strongly.

With the right software, these marketing automation workflows are no problem

What's important is that the marketing automation software you choose has the easy creation and implementation of these workflows is possible. A good choice is for example SALESmanago, the number 1 in Europe with more than 10,000 satisfied customers.

SALESmanago supports you not only in marketing automation workflows. Additionally it offers many Interfacesto optimally link the other areas of your company with the software. Simply test the system at your leisure. Because you can use SALESmanago 30 days absolutely free and put it through its paces without obligation and thus already the Test the first marketing automation workflows for your company.

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