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Marketing Automation

Furniture factories A. Decker

The customer

Möbelwerke A. Decker GmbH is a manufacturer of high-quality solid wood furniture from sustainable forestry. With over 100 years of tradition in craftsmanship, the company produces exclusively in Germany. Made from natural materials, Decker specializes in timeless modern solid wood home furniture, such as dining rooms, kitchens and office furniture. Decker furniture has received several awards for outstanding quality and climate-neutral production. Ecological sustainability is particularly important to the company.

Furniture factories A. Decker
Furniture industry
Marketing Automation, Customer Journey
Decker website
Furniture factories A. Decker


Decker sells its products to trading partners worldwide. However, there was little knowledge about the end customers and their needs. The challenge for Decker was to capture activities of website visitors and prospects and get a comprehensive view of their target audience. This should help them better understand their needs so they can target their products and marketing activities accordingly.

Marketing Automation


  • Development of a database of interested parties and newsletter distribution list
  • Identify customer persona
  • Understanding customer needs and wants
  • Engage customers with the right content at the right time - personalized & relevant
  • Save resources & time
  • Measure marketing success (ROI)
  • Implementation of Marketing Automation


  1. Technical implementation of marketing automation
  2. Development of customer persona and customer journey, continuous adaptation through new data
  3. User behavior & customer segmentation
  4. Creation of surveys and quizzes for gamified profiling and collection of customer feedback
  5. Integration of a wide range of channels for comprehensive communication: e-mail, webpush, popups, SMS, social media.
  6. Targeted automated campaigns and mailings for existing and new contacts
  7. Dashboards for evaluation and ROI

The result

CTOR for automated emails
Growth of the contact database
completed quizzes and surveys
Möbelwerke A. Decker Newsletter
Grillido Ltd.

The success factors

Marketing Automation

Step-by-step sustainable development of marketing automation: regular agreements, gradual expansion of measures, monitoring and appropriate adjustments

Multiple interfaces

Gamified profiling and marketing through quizzes and surveys that get to know the target audience better while providing entertainment and interest to the user


Analysis of user behavior and user identification in real time with automated, tailored addressing and personalized content