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Asseco Solutions

The customer

Asseco is a European ERP provider with over 24,000 employees worldwide. The company offers future-proof and customized ERP solutions for medium-sized companies from a wide range of industries.

Asseco Solutions AG
Information technology, service
Marketing Automation, Performance Marketing, Content Marketing, Consulting, Web Design
Asseco Solutions
Asseco Solutions AG


marketing, generating leads and acquiring customers via online channels. One challenge was that previously used offline channels such as trade shows were cancelled due to the pandemic.

Full Service


  • Overview and strategic structure of a marketing tech stack
  • Relocation of the website to a modern, easy-to-maintain CMS system
  • Implementation of marketing automation measures
  • Thought leadership: Attract target group to APplus through relevant content
  • Lead generation through performance marketing
  • Lead quality evaluation


  1. Marketing Tech Stack Workshop
  2. Implementation of the new CMS system
  3. Marketing Automation Setup
  4. Performance marketing via Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads
  5. Editorial planning and publication of blog articles
  6. Creation of automated lead nurturing journeys
  7. Monitoring of KPIs and lead quality

The result

Click-to-open rate for automated mailings
of Marketing Qualified Leads have an opt-in status
lower cost/conversion for lead generation via Facebook Ads
Increase in website traffic compared to the previous year
01 APplus website screenshot
Asseco Solutions

The success factors

Analysis & Reporting

Closed-loop reporting: analysis of conversions in social media ads up to marketing qualified lead and customer

Remarketing & Prospecting

Use of remarketing and prospecting

Brand Awareness

Increase brand awareness through SEO-relevant blog posts and ads