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Marketing Automation


The customer

Fischbach is a group of companies comprising various construction companies, with a focus on modernization, refurbishment and revitalization of buildings. The Fischbach Group offers a modular service network that is modern, intelligent and solution-oriented.

Fischbach Holding GmbH
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Marketing Automation
Fischbach Group Website
Fischbach Holding GmbH


Implementation of measures on behalf of various companies in the Group. The basis for this is that data and contacts are allocated to segmented lists. Previously, marketing activities could not be controlled easily and centrally. The goal was to bundle and automate them in one account.

Marketing Automation


  • Introduction of HubSpot Marketing Automation
  • Addressing target groups at the right time with the right content
  • Automation of marketing activities and internal processes such as HR
  • Simple implementation of measures without external IT know-how
  • Communicate current Fischbach Group projects in a focused way
  • Creation of landing pages tailored to the target group


  1. Technical integration of the HubSpot Marketing Hub
  2. Linking landing page and blog domains for lead generation
  3. Set up the email marketing module for automated internal and external communication
  4. Design and set up of the Fischbach Group's online magazine using HubSpot's blog function.
  5. Creation of target group specific landing pages
  6. Implementation of an applicant pipeline for the semi-automated tracking and processing of application processes
  7. Set up an automated lead nurturing workflow to acquire new customers

The result

  • Increase visibility through landing pages, blog, and social media activities via HubSpot.
  • Automation of internal and external processes
Fischbach Group Website

Fischbach Group Website

Fischbach Magazine

Fischbach Magazine

Fischbach Hubspot Workflow

Company succession workflow

Fischbach Social Media

Fischbach Social Media Posts

Fischbach Holding GmbH

The success factors


Comprehensive use of HubSpot for marketing, HR and CMS

Customer acquisition

Automated customer acquisition through personalized lead generation and nurturing measures

Marketing Automation

Fast and smooth implementation of marketing automation through clear goal setting by the project team and user-friendliness of HubSpot