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Web Design & Marketing Automation


The customer

WSW Software GmbH offers highly configurable IT logistics solutions from consulting to development and support. As a leading provider of logistics add-ons, more than 400 customers worldwide benefit from the comprehensive all-round service for their products.

WSW Software GmbH
IT & Software
Web design, content marketing
WSW website screenshot
WSW Software GmbH


The goal of our project was to design and implement a new contemporary website with a connection to a marketing automation solution. The basis for this was the move to a user-friendly content management system and easy manageability. The marketing automation software was to be implemented in compliance with the DSGVO regulations. It was important to WSW to introduce target group-specific segmentation and to control marketing activities centrally.

Web Design & Marketing Automation


  • Creating a modern and appealing website presence
  • Implementation of an easy-to-manage CMS system
  • Introduction of SALESmanago Marketing Automation
  • Addressing target groups at the right time with the right content
  • Automation of marketing activities and internal sales processes
  • Introduction of a scoring model for lead qualification
  • Creation of segmented people campaigns and lead nurturing workflows


  1. Implementation of a website workshop
  2. Creation of the UX and UI design for the new website
  3. Implementation of the new CMS system
  4. Technical integration of the SALESmanago marketing automation solution
  5. Setting up the email marketing module for semi-automated internal and external communication
  6. Design and setup of lead nurturing workflows and automated sales processes
  7. Implementation of a scoring model for lead evaluation and further qualification
  8. Establishment of lead funnels to optimize lead management

The result

of Marketing Qualified Leads have an opt-in status
average click-to-open rate for automated mailings
average open rate for newsletter
Automation of internal and external marketing processes
WSW website screenshot
WSW Software GmbH

The success factors


Website workshop as a basis for the successful implementation of the new web design

Marketing Automation

Effective implementation of marketing automation through clear project team goal setting and customer communication

Customer acquisition

Comprehensive use of SALESmanago for automated customer acquisition through personalized lead generation and lead management