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Workshops & Consulting


The customer

As a specialist in heating and air-conditioning technology, Hoval is the experienced partner for system solutions. Customers can, for example, heat water with solar energy and heat rooms with gas, wood or a heat pump. Hoval links the different technologies and also integrates room ventilation into this system. Customers can be sure of saving both energy and costs, and of protecting the climate.

Hoval is one of the leading international companies for indoor climate solutions. More than 75 years of experience motivate the company again and again to develop innovative system solutions. The complete systems for heating, cooling and ventilation are exported to more than 50 countries.

Hoval AG
Heating and ventilation manufacturers
Hoval Case Study
Hoval AG


Evaluate standardized Group-wide processes for lead management in the various national companies. Since the database is not maintained digitally in a uniform manner and many steps are performed manually, holistic reporting is not possible.



  • Standardized Group-wide lead management processes
  • Central, digital and complete database
  • Automation of lead generation, lead nurturing and handover to the sales department


  1. Alignment of goals and challenges
  2. Analysis of existing processes in the various country organizations through workshops and interviews
  3. Identification of gaps and problems in the actual process
  4. Identification of differences in the processes of the country companies
  5. Development of a uniform target process
  6. Preparation of the implementation by recommending suitable tools and measures

The result

Summary of the different actual processes in German and English language
Visualization of the actual and target processes
Uniform terminology defined for lead management
Action plan for implementing the Group-wide target process
Hoval Case Study 01
Hoval Case Study 02
Hoval Case Study
Hoval AG

The success factors

Workshops & Interviews

Workshops and interviews with participants in different positions and from different countries


Analysis of various lead sources and marketing measures

Process visualization

Regular adaptation of the process visualization in close exchange with all project participants