7 steps on how to respond confidently to negative comments on social media

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Negative comments on social media are increasingly becoming a problem for companies. We show you what to look out for when dealing with these and How your team responds to them properly.

1. monitor social media channels - identify negative comments

There are a number of companies that set up social media channels and use them for various campaigns, but otherwise pay little attention to their own channels.

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In the process, the various channels must Regularly reviewed and monitored so that a company can respond quickly to negative comments, accusations or even emerging Shitstorms can react. For this purpose, for example, targeted Social Media Monitoring Tools insert

2. no work for the Intern - consistency required

Many companies still treat their own social media channel stepmotherly and are happy to leave this area in the hands of new and inexperienced colleagues or even interns. Nothing could be worse.

Because Social media has such a large Impactthat the use should not be carried out only by gut feeling and with constantly changing users. A fixed social media strategy and above all clear communication guidelines are of particular importance for a uniform appearance.

A social media strategy is of great importance
A social media strategy should form your foundation (Image: Martin Oswald, Medium)

3. negative comments on social media correctly

Your social media team should be able to, read negative comments correctly and these also correctly classify. If a customer is dissatisfied with a particular product or service and makes air because of it, the Criticism often justified or can at least be discussed.

But also Competitors leave negative comments to harm your company. In addition, there are the so-called Trollswho try to gain attention through as many negative comments as possible. These often also exceed legal limits. As a company, you can and should react in a confident manner and also use the executive power to show a clear edge against this type of user.

Communicate this openly in order to deter further free riders at an early stage.

4. delete, reply or ignore?

Negative comments on social media must in any case be Attention find. But how you react to the comments depends, among other things, with the above classification. Troll comments and unfair or false claims you can either delete, she ignore or even on these RSVP. Here it depends on the tact of the social media team and the reputation of your account.

Sound criticism should always be answered if possible.

Because here is much potential for your company hidden. Insulting or even inflammatory comments you should if possible Delete early let. Because these can permanently destroy the image on social media and, from experience, only attract further users of the same form.

5. remain critical - never get personal

Negative comments on social media can be a personal dissatisfaction of a customer arise. Therefore, as a company, you should question each comment and consider whether it could be due to your performance that such a comment arose.

As a company value negative comments and these as Stimulation for own improvement may be difficult, but it is still clearly worthwhile. After all, a company that is open to criticism and actively responds to customers is always rated more positively than companies that just ignore reviews or simply have them deleted.

Response from Dr. Oetker Pizza Germany to criticism
Example of criticism taken seriously by Dr. Oetker Pizza Germany

Negative comments can therefore help you to to improve their own products and services. It is important that you express this to dissatisfied customers. Respond to negative comments, show that the criticism has been received and that you want to change something. You will be surprised how good the feedback on Social media to these answers will be.

6. clear communication can help - used skillfully

As a company, the customer is king, but you don't have to back down from every unwarranted criticism. If you have established yourself well in the social networks and have built up a certain reputation, you can also Respond aggressively to perceived campaigns against you and to trolls.

It is important not to appear arrogant, but to always well-founded on the basis of facts to respond. A clear stance can quickly marginalize some negative comments if the Users realize that these were just troll attempts. A good eye for the various comments and the general mood are particularly important here in order to strike the right tone.

7. lively social media channels Are more trustworthy

If one's own channel is only used to distribute prefabricated advertisements or to respond to criticism from users, this does little to build trust. It is important that users have a positive connotation with the account connect so that the reaction to negative comments can be properly classified.

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A active accountwhich intervenes in various subjects and there actively communicates with users, acts clearly less advertising-driven and thus authentic. Take a look at the social media accounts of Dr.OettkerPizza, the BVG or also SIXT on Twitter to see the differences.


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  1. Good contribution! Are in any case some valuable tips. As long as the negative comments are really serious criticism, I think you should accept the criticism and fix the problem, only then you can become better in the long run. But if they are comments that have no hand and foot, I would delete them. LG Andreas

  2. A great article that summarizes the topic tangibly and comprehensively. Really very well and structured prepared. nd meets it even in 2022 still to the point. User intention is the be-all and end-all! Thanks for this and LG

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