7 tips for effective Facebook marketing

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Facebook Marketing offers you plenty of opportunities to become much more successful online with your business. This is not only about Range - also Customer loyalty, Link Building and Reputation can be significantly increased through intelligent measures. Here are seven tips that you can use to increase your Facebook Marketing to the next level.

1. concretize your Facebook marketing with an Ad Grid

Before you get started with your Facebook marketing, you need to plan your campaign in detail. This is where a Ad Grid, which consists of six steps:

  1. Determine Buyer Personas based on interests, needs, demographic characteristics, and buying behavior. This gives you the basis to create ads that turn your target audience into potential customers.
  2. Concretize the Added value of your product or the particular service. Remember that your potential customer has a Solution for his problem searches.
  3. Now formulate a Messagethat fits both your buyer persona and their needs.
  4. Research the preferred Channels of your target group and look for their Interests.
  5. Search for Photos, graphics or videosthat make your ads appealing.
  6. Now you start your campaign. After five to seven days, it's time to measure the first successes with appropriate parameters. analyze. This can be either cost per click, cost per lead, cost per acquisition or ROI. This way you can find the best ads and optimize accordingly.

2. define your marketing goals

With Facebook marketing, there are very different marketing Targets. Recommendable are Campaigns optimized for conversions. This has the advantage for you that the ads are only displayed to users who are very likely to take an action that you have defined in advance.

You can measure the conversion via the Facebook Pixel whose HTML code is embedded on your corporate website. As soon as the user performs the desired action, he will be redirected to a specific page. A simple example would be a Thank you page. Alternatively, you can determine the conversion with Facebook Events, which is connected to Facebook Analytics. This way you get deep insights into the actions of the target group.

3. rely on Custom and Lookalike Audiences

The Facebook Pixel also helps you if you want to go one step further and target Custom and Lookalike Audiences.

A Custom Audience makes it possible to individually defined target groups in various ways. So you can address your website visitors or use the email addresses in your Customer directory into the social network. A link between campaigns aimed at conversion and the Custom Audiences is useful to create a (re)address already recorded user group. Inactive users can be easily won back and you can monitor the interactions on Facebook and collect who has viewed which content.

Based on this data, Facebook Marketing gives you the Lookalike Audience. These are Facebook users who are very similar to your target group based on automatically determined criteria. Facebook virtually creates a Spiegl target group of your existing customers or users. Thereby increases the probabilitythat you attract new potential customers.

4. align your Facebook Page with the needs of the users

At the heart of Facebook marketing is your Company page. On this users want to be well informed and entertained. This means for you, only Publish content, which has a real added value offer. You don't have to post constantly to do this. If you constantly post news and articles on your page, your target audience will not be reached more effectively. Because on the Internet, nothing is as uninteresting as yesterday's news.

Contents that have a real source of information are ideal. The best content will still be shared by users in a few months or even years. These evergreens have another advantage for you: you can use the content again and again and share it again.

Therefore rely on Advisor content, which gives your fans an edge in knowledge.

5. turn prospects into fans

Despite solid and innovative information, it's no use in Facebook marketing if your page ends up looking like an encyclopedia. When it comes to content, it's the right mix that makes it, and that applies to your posts and your advertising campaign. You basically have the choice between:

  • Text contributions
  • Pictures with short texts
  • Videos

Especially Videos are increasingly becoming the best tool for Facebook marketing. Due to the competition with YouTube, video ads are significantly cheaper than traditional text ads. Even with a short video message from 15 - 20 seconds you can give users a direct insight into your products and services. This quickly highlights the concrete benefits of your offer and creates a relationship of trust through the targeted approach. You can increase this even more with live videos in real time.

Achieve a similar amount and even more attention Images. According to surveys, this results in 120 % more commitment and interaction on your site. Look for high-quality images in good resolution and exciting perspectives. Customer photos are particularly well suited for Facebook marketing. If you are lacking the resources for your own content at the moment, then Curation a good idea. This makes external posts accessible to your target audience through sharing.

When it comes to Facebook marketing, never forget the Call to Action. Close a post with calls to action like.

  • What is your opinion on the subject? Leave a comment!
  • Click here for more info and check out our trade fair novelties directly!
  • Enter the sweepstakes now!

6. use special promotions sparingly

There's nothing wrong with using Facebook marketing to thank loyal fans every now and then with a little something like a Raffle or Extra discounts to say thank you. This gets you a lot of attention in the short term, but does not necessarily ensure customer loyalty in the long run. If you define the Like of the page as a condition for participation in the competition, most users will only stay until the draw has taken place or bob around as a deadbeat on your page.

Therefore, for successful Facebook marketing, you need to define exactly in advance, Which actions actually benefit you. If you want to increase the sales of a certain product, a temporary discount campaign can certainly be useful from time to time. Therefore, inform your users about events and promotions. But be careful: If you have permanently low prices, this will quickly cast doubt on your credibility. After all, most fans do not yet perceive Facebook as a shopping channel.

7. provide professional support for the Facebook Page

Don't leave your Page to the intern. Facebook marketing only works in the long run if you let it Put in professional handsThis ensures that content is kept up to date and that user requests are responded to promptly.

No matter how good your content is: If the user hangs in the air with his comments or queries, interest in the page is quickly lost. In the worst case, this can lead to a shitstorm.

Therefore, consider your page as Hotline and interface to your potential customers. Do not miss the opportunity to provide feedback on products in comments and ratings. This way you can valuable insights implement directly.

Respond quickly, politely, and accurately to inquiries and focus on resolving the user's concern or issue. This Service binds not only your fans more strongly to you and your products, but will also get around. In line with other factors such as high-quality content your Facebook marketing is thus taken to a new level.

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