Referral marketing on social media - how to get recommended effectively online

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One of the most popular buzzwords in the modern social media marketing is the so-called Referral marketing. Thereby you use the Reach of your fans and buyersto make products and promotions better known. Outside of social platforms, rating functions and testimonials do this job for you. The only important thing is that these are sensibly curated and moderated. This is how marketing based on recommendations works.

What does referral marketing actually mean?

As a manufacturer or seller, you are constantly implementing new ideas to convince customers to buy from you. Globalized online trade has only made it more difficult for many manufacturers, position itself through unique features.

Personal recommendations make you stand out in a positive way.

Recommendations can be a simple Mention in the comments on social media platforms. Such as "Paula, you HAVE to see this." or "Jürgen, this is something for you!". But also a extensive evaluation of the purchased product, which may also contain criticism.

Example referral marketing Facebook
Example of recommendations on the Mercedes-Benz Museum Facebook page

Customers today are in many ways more empowered when it comes to assessing whether these testimonials are genuine. So to advertise with recommendations instead of just faking positive feedback, you need real interactions. Only through genuine recommendations do your customers have the feeling that they are just as loyal to the product as you are. trust as the person who recommends the product to them.

In the social media sphere, these are their own acquaintances, friends, colleagues and family members. In other words, a group that automatically associates them with positive characteristics. The probability that a customer buys an item because a friend recommended it is significantly higherthan if he himself merely discovers the ad in his timeline.

Stand out on social media with attractive products

If you would like to advertise a product in your online store, a Evaluation system where your sales team can also respond to negative reviews and can offer a solution. This way, even if the rating is not ideal, new customers see that they can trust you as a manufacturer or seller.


At Advertise on social media platforms you should use referral marketing from a interactive view raise from. On the one hand, your team should regulate as little as possible. On the other hand, however, you should get a rating or comments through eye-catching product videos and ads.

On Facebook and Instagram, for example, you can advertise with short clips. Thereby the Entertainment factor in the first place, whereby information about the product should also be conveyed. If the video is entertaining, crazy or funny, it will be shared, even though it is advertising. The purchase link generates visits to landing pages and store pages for you whenever a potential customer feels addressed.

The Sharing the video is also a kind of referral marketing how the Comment under the video under Mention of an online contact who should see the video. Also a critical comment increases the reach, as contacts of the commenter become aware. Here you should engage in a discussion and train your social media team in dealing with criticism of your products.

How to deal with negative reviews
Train your team to properly handle negative reviews (Image: Capterra)

Good referral marketing can be planned

The recommendation as a component of a intelligent marketing strategy understanding and firmly planning for it is essential today if you want to advertise and sell online.

An easy way to get started is the Set up email automation, about the customers one to two weeks after receiving your goods be made aware that they can improve their shopping experience and the Rate product yourself can. For Online stores it is also important to have a high score as a Trusted Shop to get, which is why you have to rely on recommendations here as well.

Recommendations on Google My Business and Maps make a real difference to your stores and outlets. You should achieve as many interactions as possible on social media platforms. But not every instrument in referral marketing is suitable for every type of business. Our experts will find suitable solutions for your products and integrate the marketing opportunities into the sales concept.

Put your referral marketing in our hands with confidence and watch as clients attract more prospects for you from friends and family and become influencers themselves, trusted by larger groups of people.


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