Successful LinkedIn marketing - the beginner's guide for companies

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LinkedIn - that can best be translated as "integrated". And that's what the around 560 million members worldwide also in the first place: the Building networks and contacts for professional and private purposes. This creates a unique hybrid: social network and business platform in one.

Companies have long since recognized the opportunities available to them through the use of the most famous career network in the world open up. The own Company page at LinkedIn has now achieved the same relevance as the company's own Facebook page - in many cases it is even more important. Find out here what is important when successful LinkedIn marketing arrives

From job exchange to communication medium

In the early days, the company presence on LinkedIn was at best something for the HR department. It was simply a matter of getting in touch in an effective way with Applicants for advertised jobs to come. But the network's global triumph has quickly opened up new potential.

Today, it's all about, Build networks, to link and use them. It is a matter of developing one's own Consolidate brand and to promote their growth. And it is about something that is related to an initially perplexing, but then quite logical realization:

Job seekers and career seekers are also consumers.

This experience has led to LinkedIn becoming the most popular network for the Lead generation represents. However, this requires a professionally designed and effectively used company website ahead. According to LinkedIn's own surveys, fully developed company pages lead to up to twice as many visitors as incomplete or carelessly designed pages.

But a second finding of the LinkedIn surveys is of even greater importance for a successful corporate presence: Only live pages generate traffic and subsequently leads. In this context, life on a company website means the regular publication of articles. It is not necessarily the quantity that matters. Quality and continuity are the actual quality parameters. According to LinkedIn, company pages on which a new post appears at least once a month gain around six times as many followers as inactive or only sporadically supplied pages.

The corporate side as a strategic anchor

The real purpose of a company page is to highlight the company from all relevant perspectives, making the page a popular and frequently used contact point build up. On the company's website, visitors learn everything about the company's purpose, its range of products and services - and, of course, about current job offers. But that is by no means all.

The company page boosts your LinkedIn marketing especially through the Concentrated transfer of industry knowledge. Target groups on LinkedIn have a special structure. In addition to the interest in the respective offer, the question of how the company can be useful for their own career planning is also important for them.

Industry knowledge is - next to job offers - the most important resource for career advancement. A company site that imparts this knowledge can take advantage of the undivided interest of their target group be sure and generate leads from it in an intensive way.

Companies that on their pages high visitor benefit generate, operate LinkedIn marketing in pure culture. Company pages that apply this principle achieve very good follower numbers - mostly through useful and practical contentwhich also addresses current developments and trends.

With LinkedIn marketing, too, it's all about strategy

The creation of a new company page is uncomplicated and fast done. And that's exactly where the danger lies: It's too tempting to leave it at that - after all, from that moment on, you are present on LinkedIn.

That may be true, however, this approach has little to do with LinkedIn marketing. It is solely about that, Generate added value for the visitors and potential leads. This can be achieved neither with a poorly filled out page nor with standardized company profiles from a text construction kit. LinkedIn offers all the options for optimally designing your own page - including effective and easy-to-integrate marketing tools.

The objective as the foundation of the concept

If you're sitting in front of your freshly opened business site and asking yourself "All well and good, but what do I actually want?", you've taken the second step before the first. Before you go through the hassle and effort of the Design of a company website suspend and a editorial concept create, you need to be clear about which specific goals You want to reach with your LinkedIn marketing. Do you want to recruit more promising employees? Is your goal to boost your company's image? Is it about brand building? Is it to sharpen your company's USP? Do you want to generate leads above all else?

As a rule Several destinations perhaps even all of them and a few more. This is precisely where the risk of blurred target focus lies.

If you want to achieve everything, you will achieve nothing.

What you need to be clear about first is the question, which goals are strategically relevant. The design of the company page and subsequently the entire LinkedIn marketing must focus on them.

Contacts for guidance

If you already have a representative number of contacts and followers, you have a Valuable knowledge base for target identification at hand - you just have to use them. You can also look at it the other way around: Your contacts and followers tell you what your goals are. However, you have to listen carefully, because in most cases the message reaches you in code.

The groundwork for the Decoding your target group is the careful Analysis, as is also common in other social media channels. The results can, for example, be fed into the Personas development flow in. This gives you a precise picture of your contacts and allows you to target them in your LinkedIn marketing.

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Tips and tricks for your LinkedIn marketing

To put your business site on a stable growth track and noticeably increase the chances of success, some useful practices are recommended:

Tip 1: Provide helpful content

Without this principle, all the following tips are meaningless. If you don't offer your site visitors something they can use well, you won't achieve growth rates. Post regularly and with topics that are relevant to both your business and the Interest level of your target group concern. Share also external sourcesas long as you fit the profile. Ideal frequency: daily. At least: once a month.

Tip 2: Basic understanding of the algorithm

You can't do effective LinkedIn marketing if you don't understand how the Rating algorithm of LinkedIn works. Finding out is easier than you think: LinkedIn treats the Algorithm not confidential - unlike some other well-known platforms. This makes it easy for you to craft your posts in a way that LinkedIn will consider them to be high-quality and not be classified as spam.

Tip 3: Use LinkedIn Analytics

There's little point in using Google Analytics to evaluate LinkedIn posts. Rather use the in-house Analysis tool. This provides you with optimal starting conditions for your LinkedIn marketing, because it shows you, Which contributions achieve the highest response rates and when, along with a number of other detailed analyses. For the design of your Publication schedule this is an excellent tool. 

Tip 4: Play out and evaluate LinkedIn ads

With LinkedIn Ads you can increase your organic reach on LinkedIn via various ad formats. This gives your Content more views faster, you can also use the ads, for example, for the direct lead generation deploy. Here, too, the following applies: A previously defined strategy and Targeting are fundamental, otherwise your investments will be in vain. You should also evaluate your ads regularly. For this purpose, LinkedIn provides you with comprehensive KPIs and demographic characteristics of your target group available.


LinkedIn Marketing combines professional and private interests of the target groups in an ideal way. On company pages, it is possible to reach out via Accurately targeted contributions Spread knowledge content and thus develop high follower numbers. These eventually lead to the Generation of leads, to popularize the brand, to Image building or for the recruitment of skilled workers.



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