Successful lead generation with marketing automation

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Arguably the most important factors in online marketing are leads. The Lead generation through Marketing Automation represents the easiest and most effective centerl that companies can make use of. However, it is particularly important that the basics are mastered.

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Because in the basic preparation often decides the Success of the entire process. We show what advantages lead generation through marketing automation has to offer and which Preparation your company should meet in any case.

Learn to distinguish between qualitative and quantitative leads

Marketing automation allows the area of Lead Nurturings to a new level. This way the leads can always at the optimum time and with the suitably generated content be addressed without this having to be initiated by an employee.

Automation thus takes over the efficient generation of leads through a optimized user approach. And that is important. Because on the other hand the Number of leads through the use of marketing automation processes increase significantly. In lead nurturing, it does not matter how the leads are generated. But courting customers to develop them into qualified leads can hardly be done manually.


It thus applies different repetitive tasks in the area of marketing and to target them specifically to automate. Thus, at the same time a possibility of Lead evaluation created. In lead generation through marketing automation, it is thus possible to evaluate the individual leads and thus to display, practically at the push of a button, how far the lead has already been developed and at what point the lead can be transferred to sales.

Lead generation through marketing automation is easier than many think

Many companies get excited when they hear about the possibilities of lead generation through marketing automation, but still refrain from using this solution. And in most cases, this is for one reason: Fear. This is because many companies imagine the process of automation to be cumbersome and difficult. They are afraid of too high costs and too low a return from the changeover.

In this context, lead generation through marketing automation can be very easy to integrate into most companies and also offers a whole range of other advantages. A good example: By enabling the various repetitive processes to be carried out by the Software are taken over, the own Employees much more targeted work and thus inspire the success of the company much more. Thus, lead generation through marketing automation also has other positive features to show apart from the actual goal.

In addition, the customer remains much more in focus in such a system. After all, marketing automation presents the appropriate and optimally prepared content at every touchpoint, so that the customer is continuously guided through to the point of purchase.

Basic preparation for effective marketing automation

However, in order for lead generation through marketing automation to be used effectively, the company must also prepare for it. Because the Processes in the area of marketing automation require a certain structure and a structural basis, which is currently still lacking in many companies in the area of marketing.

Thus, lead generation through marketing automation can also be taken as an opportunity to restructure one's own marketing department and thus to maximize its success once again. The most important three basics are the target groups, the customer journey and the target definitions of marketing.

Precisely define the target groups

Many companies still work with rather vague definitions of target groups. Yet there are now so many Sophisticated ways to develop an accurate buyer persona. These help to define the target group precisely and comprehensively.

For lead generation through marketing automation to work at all, this definition is crucial. Once again, it is necessary to get down to the basic work and develop the appropriate personas for the individual target groups or refine existing personas. The better this is achieved, the more effectively lead generation can be used through marketing automation.

Clear structures in the customer journey

The next point concerns the Customer Journey. This should map all the potential customer's touchpoints with the company and assign interaction options to the individual touchpoints. The better one's own target group is known, the more finely the customer journey can be broken down and defined. Since marketing automation applies to the various touchpoints, these must be particularly clearly defined and structured.

Define areas of application for marketing automation

The final step for lead generation through marketing automation concerns the clear identification of those affected by automation Processes. These must first Identifies and then, if possible optimized so that these can be taken over by the software. The more work that is invested in this area, the more comprehensively and extensively marketing automation can be integrated in the company.

Lead generation through marketing automation: clear targets

Also important in lead generation through marketing automation is the specification of clear Targets and Interim targets. After all, the process is not initiated for its own sake. But to improve the efficiency of online marketing in a targeted manner.

However, companies should also be aware that lead generation through marketing automation can face teething problems, especially at the beginning. This is because the individual processes must first become established and be monitored and regulated accordingly by the employees. The time required for lead generation through marketing automation should therefore not be underestimated.

By setting clear goals and interim targets, it is subsequently possible to Lead generation successes much easier to monitor and control through marketing automation. In addition, this method enables you to maintain a comprehensive Proof of performance and can evaluate the new solution on the basis of various KPIs.

Dare to take your first steps with the right software

If you also want to go down the path of better lead generation through marketing automation, one of the ways you can do that is by using the Europe's most powerful marketing automation software which is already used by more than 10,000 customers around the world: SALESmanago.

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In addition, SALESmanago offers you the possibility to use the software extensively for Test 30 days free of charge and absolutely without obligation. This way, you can easily get an idea of lead generation through marketing automation and check if this software fits your company's operations.



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