B2B Lead Generation - 10 Methods

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B2B lead generation - this is how it works

The primary objective of a company is undoubtedly the Lead generation - this also applies, of course, and in a very special way, to the B2B sector.

In the following article, we will not only explain what a lead actually is, but also what the B2B
Lead generation works.

For this reason, we give you ten tips on how to attract prospects to your company or product.

Lead - What is that actually?

The term "Lead"The term "lead" is derived from the English "to lead" and refers to those who
Contact data of a company, which can be used by differentiated Marketing measures were generated.
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It should be noted in this regard that a lead is not just any contact data, but rather
rather those potential new customers acts.

A generated lead is a lead consisting of fixed components Record.

Which components are involved, i.e. whether, in addition to a E-mail address also a Phone number, the Date of birth or the Occupation of the contact is internal to the company - as a rule by the sales and marketing department.
the marketing department - to decide.

In this regard, it makes sense to stick to a simple rule:

Only those data that are also processed and therefore relevant should be requested from the interested parties, who are also potential customers.

Indeed, statistics show that the Conversion Rate decreases with increasing number of queried data.

Just like B2C, B2B lead generation can take place in different ways, whereby the following basic principles apply
a distinction is made between offline and online processes.

The following ten tips relate to the B2B lead generation at digital area, whereby the classic measures of the Inbound Marketing is resorted to.

Tip 1: Social networks

As before, and with an upward trend, social networks represent an excellent option for
B2B lead generation. As a company, you can easily communicate via social networks with
contact with potential customers.

It is important that besides Facebook & Co. also classic B2B portals such as for example Linkedin or Xing be used.

On these portals can potential interested parties be contacted directly. If the contact was
confirmed by the lead, you as the company gain insight into the lead's personal network
and get the opportunity for further lead generation.

Tip 2: Content marketing

One of the most important sources for B2B lead generation is still considered to be the Organic search.

Try to place your website as high as possible in the Google ranking for a wide variety of relevant search queries. This is best achieved through Added value content offers. Keep in mind that also Newsletter topics, Press releases and Guest article on the Ranking results have an influence.

Tip 3: Studies & Whitepapers

The following applies in principle to the B2B sector: Spontaneous purchasing decisions are rare.

As a rule, after the actual needs have been determined, a intensive testing.

In this context, different offers, products or solutions are analyzed and compared with each other. With the help of
of publications in the form of Studies and Whitepapers you can demonstrate professional competence.

Offer such content on your company's website in exchange for leaving contact information for the free download the likelihood that your company's brand awareness will increase.

Tip 4: Free e-books

In addition to whitepapers, free e-books are also suitable for lead generation in the B2B sector.

When creating e-books, it is not mandatory to base them on a current topic - as is the case with studies, for example.

An e-book can also take the form of a guidebook and contain advice related to an explicit problem or task.

It is important that you do not promote your company's products or services too obviously or superficially. This would affect lead generation, because the newsletters you publish would probably not be recommended.

Tip 5: Webinars

Companies that sell services or products for the B2B sector know that these generally require more consultation than services and products for the B2C sector. For this reason, it makes sense to present one's own service or product to potential customers in the context of presentations or seminars and with recourse to practical examples.

A rather cost-efficient form of lead generation consists of the Conducting webinars.

The generation of contract data takes place within the framework of a registration of the interested party, who can then participate in online seminars free of charge.

As a rule, webinars, like traditional seminars, take place on a date communicated in advance, usually consisting of a lecture and a question and answer session.

In terms of webinars and to activate a large number of participants, it is important that the focus is not on your service or product, but on specific problem solutions, topics or the like.

If, on the other hand, it is purely a sales event, then you will cause displeasure among the participants and a recommendation is also rather unlikely.

If, on the other hand, you act in a well thought-out manner and offer the participants added value, you will be able to
Make adequate offers at the end of the webinar.

Tip 6: Visitor recognition

The company's own website is still an excellent option for B2B lead generation.
If you want to ensure that visitors to your website use one of the different contact functions - whether e-mail, chat or telephone - to communicate with you, you should rely on visitor recognition.

Different analysis tools are now available for this purpose.

Such tools can automatically identify which topics and products are relevant to the companies that are
visited your website were interesting.

The data generated as part of this process
can be used by the sales department of your company to generate the companies as customers
be processed further.

Tip 7: Newsletter

Nowadays, almost all companies operating in the B2B sector use their own website to present their company and products or services. It makes less sense to hope that interested parties will contact your company.

In this respect, it is more effective to use one of the classic marketing instruments, namely the Newsletter to be used.

Make sure the potential customer subscribes to your newsletter so they can provide them with more information as part of the customer journey and remember your company.

Tip 8: The purchase of leads

If there is not enough time for lead generation, purchasing leads is also an option.

Of course, lead purchasing in the B2B area is far more price-intensive than in the B2C area, but ideally, due to the more precisely defined target group, the potential return per lead is also significantly higher.

When purchasing leads, make sure the company's target audience aligns with
overlaps that of your company.

Buying leads from competitors, on the other hand, makes less sense.

Tip 9: Google AdWords

Numerous B2B customers, just like B2C customers, turn to Google to get the information they need before making a purchase decision.

Accordingly, search engine marketing is also part of generating leads. Above all, try to achieve good visibility in organic search results for relevant keywords.

However, it is also important to generate good visibility in terms of paid search results.

Therefore, use Google AdWords as effectively as possible. The majority of users click on those search results that have a prominent placement and these are usually the ads of Google AdWords.

Tip 10: Native Advertising

Although online advertising is an option for generating leads in the B2B sector, the
classic banner advertising usually misses the desired target. You can solve this problem with Native Advertising Bypass
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Place advertisements in relevant specialist portals, blogs or newsletters of suitable media. Make sure that the content is embedded editorially, because then the chance that your company or your company's products or services will be noticed by potential customers is much higher.

However, make sure that the texts are of high quality. Content for advertorials is
usually prepared in a journalistic manner and arouses the interest of the reader through the headline and topic.
potential customers.


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