Editorial plan for content marketing - this is how easy it is to plan topics

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Times quickly a funny Facebook post share or spontaneously write and publish a blog post - that may work well for private online communication. For the professional and successful content marketing this procedure is not suitable. Here is a convincing strategy asked, for which you need a Editorial plan need. In it, you define weeks or even months in advance what you want to publish, when and where, as part of your content marketing strategy. This has long been a tried-and-true approach in journalism, and it's also a good Content Marketing editorial plans are steadily gaining in popularity.

What an editorial plan brings you

Planning your corporate communications activities in a bundle and aligning them according to a plan has several advantages:

  • You have time, Develop topics strategicallyinstead of having to think about something hectically on the spur of the moment.
  • By doing this, you ensure that all content marketing posts are suitable for the target group and on the own Message are aligned.
  • You will find it easier new topics that build on each other and create a uniform brand image communicate.
  • You can use the plan varied so that the recipient does not get bored.
  • Special dates and topics, you can plan for the long term so that you don't forget anything.
  • You always keep the Overview about upcoming tasks such as research, writing, and posting, and can use your time more effectively as a result.
  • You communicate in a disciplined manner at regular intervals.

What an editorial plan content marketing looks like

You need no complex Softwareto create your own editorial plan. A simple Excel spreadsheet is all that is needed.

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Here you record all important information for each planned contribution. It is important here that all colleagues who are to work with the plan also Access have access to it. Therefore, save the document on your company's intranet or internal server, for example. Alternatively, you can use an online service such as Google Docs and invite all editorial and marketing staff to it. It is also important that you save the Lead plan continuously.

What belongs in the content marketing editorial plan

When creating an editorial plan in table form, you specify in the table header which Information should be entered for each individual planned contribution. These include:

  • Subject / Title
  • Responsible staff (e.g. author, photographer, graphic designer)
  • Type of content marketing contribution (e.g. report, interview, product presentation, infographic, e-book)
  • Keywords and their density
  • Goal of the post and appropriate Call To Action
  • Date of publication (+ submission date for the editor beforehand, if applicable).
  • Channel of publication (e.g. Social media channel, company blog, e-mail newsletter)

In addition, you can enter possible sources, references or contact persons that facilitate the work of the responsible employee. It can also be useful to have one or more columns for the Progress to be set up. Here, for example, the responsible persons enter the current status using a previously defined color code. This way, everyone always has an overview of what still needs to be done and which content is already ready for publication.

Example editorial plan

To evaluate how successful the individual contributions areyou can find relevant information for each publication. KPIs like reach or interaction rates. This will tell you which formats and topics are working and which ones you need to revise or eliminate from your plan altogether.

In addition, you can see how topics develop over time: For example, can you get your readers excited about specific topics, which translates into increasing reach of the respective posts? Or do you post too often on a topic and the interest decreases?

Never post spontaneously again?

Setting up an editorial plan doesn't mean you can't publish anything spontaneously anymore. Just quick action is necessary in crisis communicationto convincingly communicate one's own position and possibly avert damage to the company.

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But even in quiet times, a good idea can be implemented at short notice if it offers added value and fits the content marketing strategy. In social networks in particular, a lot of reach can sometimes be generated spontaneously if you have an cleverly addresses a suitable current topic.

Create your own editorial plan now and get started with content marketing!

A conscientiously managed editorial plan enables you to communicate in a structured way. You can target your posts precisely to your individual customer personas and fill campaigns with content in a concentrated manner. This way, you leave your communication and your Content Marketing do not leave it to chance, but control it in a targeted manner. We are happy to support you in this - contact us now!


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