Develop top content marketing strategy in a few steps

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A good content marketing strategy is no accident. Our team of experts is always working on new solutions for customers in all industries. Roadmapsthat make them individually successful. With us, you will learn which steps are necessary to develop the perfectly fitting content marketing strategy and how to Achieve the defined goals in practice can.

If you understand content marketing, you understand websites

Content Marketing is on everyone's lips, yet it is only being implemented hesitantly in German-speaking countries. Yet the concept behind it is quite simple.

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You position yourself as a competence partner in your industry through appealing texts and graphics and thereby ensure at the same time Traffic. But developing a content marketing strategy requires, above all, data around Target group, Contents and last but not least SEO.

While smaller companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to a large extent still refuse to be represented with an adequate web presence, the opportunities of online marketing pass them by. We believe that with some support from our experts and training around the use of content marketing any company can successfully advertise online. Our numerous successful campaigns and strategy developments for customers from all industries have proven it over the years. To develop a content marketing strategy, the following steps have become established for us.

Step 1: Who are your customers?

Before the development of any marketing strategy, there is a preoccupation with the Target group. Who is this abstract group that finds your products and services interesting enough to consume content? By running a test campaign via Google Ads or other large-scale providers, you'll find out.

Age, gender, level of education and much more can of course also be determined via a Target group analysis determine. In doing so, you can also determine characteristics around the Buying habits of your customers.

Where do your customers prefer to buy, for example? Are they interested in innovations, or do they buy traditionally proven products?

If there is already a Customer base, you should use the possibilities of the Feedbacks to the full. Customer surveys by mail can be rewarded with bonus points and vouchers, for example. The more data you collect, the more complete the picture becomes.

Facebook Insights also knows the people who work with your existing Company profile interact. If you use an in-house support team, they too can tell you more about previous customers and their concerns and problems. All of this ends up feeding into the content marketing strategy.

Step 2: Create Customer Persona

A Customer Persona is a virtual avatar that tells your marketing team who the advertising strategy should be aimed at. The more precisely the persona is equipped with vivid characteristics, the more accurately marketing finds its target.

So from all the data collected about your customers and target group, a dominating person created, or a Set of people created, who should be interested in your product.

The customer persona does not necessarily have to reflect how your current clientele looks. Much more it indicates which Target clientele you want to address in the future. Keep the characteristics of past customers in mind as you plan. They also tell you, what you need to do differently as a brand, to the new Address target group. The content marketing strategy is created around the new persona and includes information about it, what this specific person is looking for, what she wants to buy, what she's really interested in, and how to connect those dots.

Step 3: The content audit

Already have a website, social media profiles and campaign experience? Then you also have Content already generated. You need to look at this content for the new content marketing strategy and analyze, how and why he reached the wrong group or missed the targets.

Outdated content can also be deleted completely in the course of the new strategy. This is not only necessary if a re-branding is intended. Even a new advertising motivation and change in the target group approach and definition of the customer group can require a complete rethink.

Search engines like Google are sensitive to Content changes. Removing old content and adding new content can change your Position in ranking change significantly. Timeliness is an important factor for Google. Only regular new content will keep your website high in the results.

Step 4: Check out the competition and sift through the content

With your new content marketing strategy, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Your Competition already uses content on websites and blogs to draw attention to itself. With a Competitor analysis Therefore, you should primarily look at the subpages and find out to what extent and with which content the competing companies are Attract visitors and generate customers.

Also consider Structure and language of the content. Do companies in your industry often address customers informally? Do they use lurid headlines, or stay factual? Do you find out about the social networks also find out how this content is received by customers. Do they interact, share, or ignore company tweets and posts?

Step 5: Find topics and choose medium

Before the creation of the new content, there is still the big step of the Topic identification. Keyword analyses and Question tools from the SEO field can provide you with initial clues as to what your customers are trying to find out about. Content is divided into long valid themesthat will keep your industry busy for a long time and Newswhich you should prepare immediately.

Depending on the choice of Medium change Style, urgency, and comprehensiveness of issues. In your blog you have a lot of space, but you need to actively promote posts. With a glossary or encyclopedia, you will be found on Google over long periods of time, but you cannot refer too directly to your products. Magazines can also be played out via app, content directly under the products will be clicked on more often.

All media should be considered in the content marketing strategy.

Step 6: Plan and play out content

At the end of an extensive planning of where the content marketing journey should go, there is a concrete framework, which is now framed in a plan. You define when which Stage for example, an app should have been developed or a blog should have reached a number of subscribers. Last but not least is the Content creation and the promotion of the same.

With the right content marketing strategy increase your sales and make your company known to the desired target group known. With our Thorit Strategic planning we offer you an individual complete package that covers all or most of the steps in this planning. Our experts will also be happy to accompany your internal team in the Creation of a content plan or advise you on your options for online marketing and content.

Plan your content marketing strategy now and get started online

Wherever your company is right now, a modern online and content marketing strategy will potentiate success. That's why we advise you to promptly review your current advertising media so that you don't lose touch with contemporary marketing. We are happy to assist you in this process.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how


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