Set and achieve online marketing goals - this is how [Guide].

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Blind action is rarely successful in online marketing. It is essential to define your own online marketing goals and to Align work with these goals. We will show you how to Define goals and on the basis of which factors, among others, you can Evaluate steps towards these goals can. Finally, you want to know when you will be able to use your goals set achieved have

Target groups and buyer personas - the first basics

Before you can even begin to define your own online marketing goals, you must first think about your Target groups and your customers know more about them. After all, they play an enormously important role in defining the goals.

It is therefore necessary on the basis of exemplary representatives of the different target groups and buyer groups the Buyers Personas to develop. These are typical of this group of buyers in terms of their behavior and their reactions.

This gives you a direct and, above all, anonymous overview of the various target groups and enables you to Evaluate reactions depending on the target group. This is much easier and more target-oriented than having to consider each customer's reactions individually.

Not every target group is receptive to online marketing

In addition, it is always important to consider whether each of the defined target groups and buyer personas can even be adequately addressed via online marketing. While a great many people are now digitally connected, not every target group and every customer can be reached equally well. The less alignment there is between target audience and digital marketing channels, the greater the risk that online marketing efforts will miss their mark.

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Define online marketing goals of different types

Now it's time to define the online marketing goals. And these can be absolutely different. Because the different tools in online marketing can be used for different goals. So define your own personal goals.

Would you like to:

  • The Traffic of your store or site increase?
  • A better Conversion ratee achieve?
  • More Existing customers win?
  • Inactive customers reactivate again?
  • More customers into your retail stores?
  • Your Brand make more generally known?
  • Your brand better in a certain point position?
  • As Employer become more attractive?

All these points can be realized through various online marketing measures. Once you have defined the online marketing goals, you can select the appropriate tools.

Choosing the right tools for your online marketing goals 

The nature of the online marketing goals also always defines the Choice of toolswhich is available to you. For example, if you use the Improve your brand reputation want, this will be difficult to achieve via a simple newsletter program.

Here, for example, it can be purposeful to social networksn also endure negative opinions and these answer calmly and objectively. While this may be stressful and exhausting at first, it can significantly enhance your reputation as an open and communicative company. After all, you show Interest in customer feedback and deal with this in a factual manner.

When it comes to improving traffic and conversion rates, you also have many different tools at your disposal, which you can use in a targeted manner. Always make sure that you nust use different tools at the same time. Otherwise, it will be difficult to determine the individual measures correctly evaluate and thus the Success of the individual measure.

Goals and intermediate steps: Define the key figures

Practically all online marketing goals can be defined on the basis of specific Key figures capture. Be it the Traffic, the number of Interactions in social networks that Conversion rate or the Reaction rate of existing customers to your mailings. So you already have the opportunity to define the goals you set based on specific numbers.

In addition, always sit down Intermediate stepsthat need to be achieved. This will make it much easier for you to see if your Measures purposeful are or whether there are still Potential for change which you have not yet exhausted.

Evaluate, test and analyze - the steps to success

And this is where the real secrets of success lie. Because You do not have to drive every campaign to the endIf it is already apparent that you will not achieve the online marketing goals you have set.

Check all campaigns and all tools regularly with the previously defined KPIs. In this way, you can determine at an early stage which paths promise little success and cancel them at an early stage. On the one hand, this increases the Chances of success, on the other hand, you don't waste money or capacity in less lucrative campaigns.

The constant analysis and evaluation of one's own measures ensures the best possible success here.

Online marketing goals achieved - and now?

Since as a rule the Goals reasonable and structured set, these can also be transferred from the company with a achieve manageable effort. But of course, achieving online marketing goals does not mean that the company can now sit back and do nothing more.

Because in these areas, standing still always means taking a step backwards. Accordingly, it is now necessary to define both the goals and the ways to achieve them. analyze and again to rate. What went well, what measures went poorly, and what paths should be avoided in the future?

All important questions, which should be answered comprehensively in any case. Because only with this knowledge in the luggage it is possible to dare to new and stronger goals.

Set new goals, define refinements

It is now valid set new goals and carefully set the individual waypoints along the way. This is of course helped by the Experiences of the last episodeso that here significant improvements can be achieved. In addition, there is now the possibility, on the basis of the last experiences and the last targets work more accurately and, for example, to segment certain target groups again or to revise various buyer personas once more.

It is therefore a continuous process of improvement, change and sharpening of own toolswhich affects the entire online marketing. In addition, Synergies between online and offline marketing be used even more, as the Overlaps due to experience become increasingly clear.

So it's always a matter of defining new and better online marketing goals and achieving them faster and more effectively with your own tools.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template


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