How to successfully create a landing page with HubSpot

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Your potential customers are searching for something on Google or Bing, or their interest is sparked by an email or a Social media campaign awakened: Now they should be on a customized landing page of your company, which presents your products and services in an appealing and convincing way. To generate successful conversions clear web design, well thought out contents and a error-free display on all end devices are important prerequisites. Of course, also a Fast loading time of this page is a decisive factor. With HubSpot you can create compelling websites - at no additional cost.

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High degree of automation and simple operation

Landing pages created with HubSpot make a professional and visually appealing impression. They combine the know-how of frontend and backend developers, User Experience (UX) designers and content developers.

The high degree of automation and simple drag-and-drop operation greatly reduce the complexity of website creation.

Even without experience in web design, you can create landing pages for your products and services that will promote your business as well as your Branding and strengthen your market position.

Landing page reflects core corporate values

As a central communication medium with potential customers, a marketing page is of great importance. It Reflects central values - such as accessibility, authenticity and customer proximity. As a direct Touchpoint with your company or brand, it is important to score points through soft factors such as moods but also relevant knowledge and to show the clientele that they are the center of attention.

A successful landing page can be given with few and simple steps.
A successful landing page can be created with few and simple steps (Image:

Satisfying the high expectations of modern users is not always easy. HubSpot creates the best conditions for successful implementation of Internet and email campaigns.

It is possible to compare up to five different landing pages.

HubSpot uses internal analytics to select the highest performing landing pages for you and displays them in the dashboard.

Features of a good landing page

Landing pages do not require any extraordinary creativity on your part. Proven concepts and structures ensure that visitors feel at home at first glance. find your way and Expectations fulfilled be. It is of crucial importance that the page is optimally adapted to the Keywords and follows a common thread in terms of content.

Create a landing page that is specific to you and customized with HubSpot.
Create a custom landing page with HubSpot (Image:

Depending on your target groups, the focus can be on fact- or emotion-oriented content. On your Corporate Design tailored colors, design elements and images ensure a high recognition value for repeated contacts between your target groups and your company or brand. A good landing page essentially consists of six building blocks:

  • a headline that arouses curiosity and tempts users to read on
  • High-quality visual material in the form of illustrations or photos that fit the theme
  • unique, keyword-optimized texts that convey all important data and information to visitors
  • an appealing Call-to-actionwhich prompts users to take immediate action
  • Clearly visible and simply structured form fields to generate leads or collect the contact data of potential clients and customers
  • a description of the legal framework and the benefits that users will receive by filling out the form

Optimize content for F-reading patterns

As a landing page creator, you need to enable your users to grasp the website within a few moments. There are hardly any users who spend the time to read all texts completely. Average users skim websites according to the so-called F-pattern or F-pattern. The headline and the first paragraph receive the most attention, as do the first words of all subsequent paragraphs.

Example of capturing F-read patterns.
Example of capturing F-read patterns. (Image:

Relevant keywords direct the eye to the right, creating the second F-bar. Therefore, consider in advance how you want to design the website with HubSpot's landing page tool. The goals in a smart way to reach potential customers and customers to continue their Customer Journey should not be lost sight of in this context.

Save time with mobile optimized templates

The templates provided by HubSpot save time and make design easier for you. All templates are optimized for mobile devices and can be individually adapted. Optimization for mobile devices is of great importance. In 2021, around 58 percent of all page impressions worldwide were made via mobile devices - and the trend is rising.

If you want to develop your own design, the smart tool offers you all the options to customize the layout, content and form fields to match your branding. So that you know how your finished landing page will look to your target groups, you can simulate and check the display of the website on different devices.

Qualify leads through dynamic forms

Using aligned dynamic content and dynamic forms, you can personalize the landing page for your online campaigns and target different buyer personas or customer groups. In particular the Reconciliation of the forms on the progress of the customer journey enables you to gather relevant information about potential customers and avoid redundancies. Your analysis ensures that you know when a Marketing Qualified Lead becomes a Sales Qualified Lead. Users, in turn, reward personalized content with higher adoption of your brand and lower bounce rates.

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Extensive analysis and testing capabilities

A major advantage of online marketing campaigns are the optimization options while the campaign is still running. A clear dashboard shows you which landing pages have had the greatest success - in terms of views, contacts, and customers. HubSpot provides you with search engine optimization suggestions perfectly tailored to your content.

Even small changes to content and design elements can have a significant impact on the success of a landing page.

Single tests for images, call-to-actions, headlines, and forms provide insights that enable you to increase your number of leads.

Conclusion - Strengthen market position with HubSpot

HubSpot offers you extensive opportunities to strengthen your market position and increase your sales through online marketing and email campaigns. Design attractive landing pages on your own, with which you can successfully generate leads and conversions. The straightforward drag-and-drop editor gives you all the features you need to make your pages the foundation of your marketing success.


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