How to increase your website traffic through content marketing

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More traffic on your own website has many advantages. You reach with your messages more potential customerscurious and interested parties can learn about the company's own offers. convince and from simple visitors Generate qualified leads. Content, i.e. the content of the website, plays an increasingly important role here. We show you how you can significantly increase your website traffic with good content marketing.

Content is king and convinces in many areas

Content Marketing has become a particularly important tool for several years to increase website traffic in a targeted manner and to provide customers and visitors with high quality and exciting content to provide. But good content alone is of little use if you do not make the content better known and distribute it in a targeted manner. There are a number of options available to you for this purpose.

Use social networks for the distribution of their content

Social networks are more than just simple advertising tools for companies. Not only do you make contacts here and can interact directly with customers and users, but here, as part of your content marketing, you can also Share content and draw attention to content.

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You should always create new content for social networks to refer users to your site in a targeted manner. In content marketing, you can make optimum use of these networks in order to Extend the reach of your content.

Linking and backlinks are still very strong

Linking can be internal and external and offers advantages in both cases. Internal links ensure that users stay longer on your website and thus increase website traffic quite organically. External links serve not only to underpin content, but can also be Backlinks have as a result.

So if your site is linked from various other sites, this will result in more website traffic and thus usually also More qualified leads. However, pay close attention to the pages from which you are linked. The better the linking pages themselves rank, the more traffic gain for you.

More website traffic through optimized headlines

Headings and Introductions are the means of choice for getting readers excited about the content and drawing them into the topic. So take the necessary time to elaborate on these two areas in particular for each piece of content. In the search results of the Search engines these two areas appear on the prominent position on.

They often determine whether visitors visit your content.

Website Traffic Content Marketing: Present yourself as an expert

Content marketing doesn't begin and end on your website. Because in order to sustainably increase website traffic, you need to be a Expert for your field make known. This means, among other things, that you should become active on other people's websites, blogs and in forums, in order to make a name for yourself there through professionally correct comments and helpful tips to convince. In your own profile you can usually enter your Link website and thus provide a little more attention.

Content marketing leads to thought leadership and increases website traffic
Content marketing enables thought leadership

Link spamming will be prevented and sanctioned accordingly. However, if your content is relevant and important and above all helpful for the usersIf you use content marketing, you will receive significantly more website traffic on your own site through the profile links alone. Content marketing is therefore more than just generating complex content on your own website. It always involves external sites as well.

Use paid articles for more variance

Paid articles, so-called Advertorialscan also be used specifically to increase traffic to your own website. And this even in two directions. Because you can both offer space on your website for paid articles and thus provide readers with more Variety and variance, provided that the articles have a thematic reference to your other content. Advertorials are often excellently prepared in journalistic terms and offer readers a high level of added value and information content.

In addition, you can also place own articles in foreign websites and thus increase the traffic of their own website. Because here it is usually always possible to own Backlinks to set and direct interested readers to their own website. It is important that these articles are usually not understood as advertising become. So you need to deliver good content and give readers a Added value through the article to allow other blogs or websites to publish it.

Make it easy to share content

You have good content on your website and want to share it more widely to generate more website traffic. Is the content good enough that the Users this distribute, you benefit from organic reach and distribution beyond your target audience. To do this, users must use the However, posts can also be shared.

Therefore, implement suitable Share buttonsso that users can easily share the individual contents if they are interested in them, and redistribute can. In addition, you can through your own RSS feeds draw the attention of interested readers to new content on the site and thus also specifically increase website traffic.

The easier it is to distribute content, the more your reach will increase and thus the organic traffic to your pages.

Get targeted attention for your content

As a company, it is important to to present optimally to the own target group. Do you have enough on your website and through the social networks high-quality contentt established and positioned, it is important to generate further attention. Donations are probably the simplest and most effective way to do this. As a company, participate in a targeted way in Fundraising, which are related to your target group to generate further attention.

Of course, it is especially good if you donate to organizations and associations which themselves have a great attentiont attract attention. Often, the donors are not only mentioned on the websites of the organizations, but also linked. This not only gives you more attention for your content in the relevant target groupIn the best case, they also generate good and high-quality backlinks to your site, where you benefit from the good reputation of the organization and thus from its ranking itself.

The newsletter: important content for many customers

Newsletter are still regarded by many companies as simple Dissemination of discount promotions and goodies used. However, according to the name, the meaning is quite different. It is about Inform customers about news. Thus, this applies not only to possible discounts, but also to the new content on your website. Skillfully done, a newsletter can increase the Make readers curious about the new content and encourage them to visit the website.

So newsletter readers are not just part of the sales funnel. They also lead to organic traffic, which you can direct specifically to your website.

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Here, the content can then be so convincing that further Buying impulses generated. So you don't always have to entice customers with discounts and special promotions, but can also use your newsletters as part of the content marketing strategy.

Content marketing with many faces

As you can see, with good content and a suitable strategy, you can increase your website traffic quite organically and thus both the Visitor numbers as well as the Sales can increase through your website. The important thing is that you get involved with content marketing and really good, high-quality and unique content present on your page and in the social networks. Because only quality significantly increases website traffic.


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