7 tips for successful video campaigns that reach your target audience 

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Videos are the most popular media format on the web and on private smartphones. YouTube alone records 5 billion video views a day, on TikTok it is about 1 billion. With video campaigns, companies can reach their target group and benefit from the popularity of the medium. With these 7 tips, it's guaranteed to work! 

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Video campaigns are a question of the right budget 

About Video campaignsWith campaigns that are played out on the right platform, you can reach brand-loyal customers who are excited about new offers, as well as new prospects. An exciting campaign ensures Attention, entertainment and fits almost seamlessly into users' timelines and dashboards. But video campaigns have one major drawback: they are comparatively expensive. 

With video campaigns you have a creative variety to address clientele and prospects.
Video campaigns give you creative variety to target clientele and prospects. (Image: support.google.com)

A promotional clip should never be a spontaneous, quickly implemented idea. The campaign can be promoted on platforms such as Meta, TikTok, YouTube and Google Ads, for example on news sites, and thus ensure maximum reach. This requires professionally shot material, a strong script, actors and actresses with advertising experience, well-known faces and influencers. All of this adds to the cost, but pays off. So only launch video campaigns when you have Plan sufficient budget can, in order to work with creative, high-quality content Your Target group to reach. 

Different video campaigns for different platforms 

What's more unpleasant than being interrupted by ads while watching a long, interesting video? Ad clips that are too long for the platform, directed at the wrong audience, or loud and intrusive. As an advertiser, you can avoid ads that are misplaced and perceived as annoying by targeting your video campaigns to the appropriate platform and audience.  

Get to know the platform you want to advertise on. 

For example, TikTok is also used by young people, but is aimed at all age groups with broad-based content ranging from cooking videos and dance clips to personal experience reports. As of March 2022, 43 percent of users on TikTok were 18 to 24 years old and 32 percent were 25 to 34 years old. Only 3.4 percent were older than 55. In concrete terms, this means that you are reaching a target group here that is not interested in children's content, very young appeals, but also not in senior topics. Child stars and very young influencers may be the wrong brand ambassadors here. 

Giving unconventional formats a chance 

Decision-makers in companies are often concerned about treading unusual paths with advertising campaigns. On the one hand, they expect campaigns to "go viral" and become a media topic, but on the other hand, they fear attracting criticism as a result. Every good campaign becomes a topic of conversation, especially if you choose unconventional formats. Advertising campaigns for which Instagram reels are played out over the long term or sponsored Twitter hashtags are used naturally also invite comments.

Interactions increase visibility and ensure that the campaign can reach the desired target group.  

Allow for unusual formats and content. Marketing experts follow trends closely and know what works on which platform. 

Broadcast spots and clips across all media 

Cinema and radio spots, digital displays and classic posters will continue to be an important part of advertising campaigns in 2022. By playing out pure video campaigns, you award the opportunity to permanently promote your brand. strengthen and more known to make. Instead, our Thorit experts recommend: Plan a broad campaign across different media. 
Users are more likely to notice campaigns they encounter on YouTube, Google, and as in-app ads. 

Mobile-first also for video campaigns 

Advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, or YouTube let you choose which way you want to reach your target audience. Should ads be played only in the browser or only on mobile? Are you targeting Android or Apple users? Do you also want to reach your target audience on smart devices like TVs? The answer to all of that is yes.  

You want to reach your target audience where they are consuming content. 

In 2022, most people worldwide will use the Internet primarily on mobile devices. In Germany, almost every person over the age of 14 owns a smartphone. That's why Google already reacted years ago to the Mobile-First Index switched. Your video campaigns should therefore also be aimed primarily at smartphone users, both in terms of format and resolution as well as content and targeting. 

How to use YouTube display for your campaign 

An advertising tool ignored by many advertisers are the YouTube display ads. These are not promotional videos, but overlays that are displayed in the video app. A mix of ad clips and ad overlays ensures that you also reach the target audience that skips ad videos more often. 

With YouTube display ads, you are offered various advertising options.
YouTube display ads give you a variety of advertising options. (Image: medium.com)

Display ads are not only more favorable to play outbut also clearly cheaper to produce than spots. If the advertising budget is low, it may be worthwhile to plan a campaign instead of several spots that deliberately uses display ads as an attention magnet and shows prospects on content that really interests them. 

Skip advertising individually via TrueView 

One misconception that many businesses fall prey to is that a large amount of views increases the chance of clicks. In fact, you're more likely to reach your target audience if you give users the opportunity to view ads. direct to skip. Not every YouTube viewer will be interested in your product, and that's perfectly normal. Not every passerby will stop in front of a billboard, so why should viewers be forced to watch twenty seconds of commercials for a product they will definitely not buy. 

How can you successfully generate leads with Google Ads? - Download

Reaching your target audience also means avoiding wide spreads. YouTube TrueView gives you the option to do so. Use TrueView to make ads skippable. This increases the chance that viewers who want to see the ad will actually be interested in your product. 

Conclusion: Mobile and concrete wins 

Video campaigns want to be well planned and financed, but they also want to reach a specific audience. The motto is: find target groups, engage them, and inspire them with funny, interesting, or exciting content. Your target group is mobile, knows the apps they use and wants high-quality content. 


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