7 Tips for Successful TikTok Ads

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For some companies, TikTok and TikTok Ads are still a blank slate. While Meta and Instagram are considered by many companies to be Social media and advertising platform, TikTok offers new potential. A younger target group you can reach quite playfully with TikTok Ads! How to successfully advertise on the colorful and noisy platform, you can learn here.


The most important facts about TikTok Ads

TikTok in its current form has been around since 2018; the app emerged from a merger between the Douyin platform and lip syncing via musical.ly. In the US, TikTok was temporarily no longer in the AppStore because then-President Donald Trump had the app banned. Officially due to the data collection by the Chinese parent company, unofficially the comedienne Sarah Cooper (@sarahcpr) may also have contributed to this, as she ridiculed the US president with her lip-synced videos.

Globally, TikTok is now divided into several groups, but this division is purely legal and has no influence on the app and regions in which it places ads. In Europe alone, TikTok has (as of: September 2020) 100 million active users, in 2021 there was no social media app in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store that was downloaded more often.

More than two-thirds of the users are under the age of 24. Users are also very active and the app has a more than respectable retention. As a rule, users in Germany open the app about 10 times a day and spend a total of about 50 minutes on TikTok. No wonder Instagram wants to undermine the business model with Reels.
So, this provides you with enough time and opportunity to place relevant TikTok ads for a young target audience.

Run successful TikTok Ads - 7 simple tips

1. the medium is the message

Any Social media platform has its own customs and demands. Facebook focuses on posts, pictures and comments, Twitter on retweets and Instagram on likes and interactions. TikTok offers space for short, entertaining videos.

Although you can produce content up to three minutes long, you should aim for 15-60 seconds. Your video should fit natively into your fans' feed: short, witty, accurate.

2. away from classic advertising

In the form of Content Marketing you should not publish a classic advertisement on TikTok.

Successful TikTok Ads are not classic ads, but TikToks with a branded message.

Stay relaxed and creative, let your imagination run wild and show how great and interesting your products are through movement and little stories.

3. find the right tone

Actually, TikTok Ads and Story Marketing not so much. If you've already worked a lot with Instagram Stories, you should find your way around right away. Important difference: Unlike Stories, most users watch TikToks with sound.

So you may also Work with your message on an acoustic level, you should underline important things with stickers in the picture.

TikTok Ads Example
Use trendy songs or tunes in your TikTok Ads. TikTok is mostly used with sound. (Image: thomashutter.com)

4. collect likes and comments

The algorithm is merciless and often seems overwhelming - especially on TikTok. The app switches off as soon as you open it, and there is no pause between videos. Your TikTok Ads will achieve greater visibility only if they are correctly linked are and as possible quickly as many likes as possible collect.

TikTok prefers to present users with popular content and that's exactly why popularity is the trump card here. So watch out for videos that immediately hit the Attract attention and from high quality are. TikTok offers many filters and editing features and, used properly, can create impressive videos - don't compromise here at all.

5. build something for yourself

But of course you should not only work from video to video, but think long term. Your TikTok channel should be a fixed point of contact from which subscribers can can expect new content. Strategically, you should focus not only on Likes, but also on Follows. This creates the basis for more interactions, but be sure to keep watching strong videos.

The number of followers alone does not guarantee viral success on TikTok.

6. choose the suitable advertising form

Basically, TikTok Ads are not necessarily in-feed ads that you place for pay. These short promotional videos are most comparable to story marketing, but don't be limited to that.

TikTok advertising forms
TikTok offers different (paid) advertising options (Image: thomashutter.com)

Participate in hashtag challenges or bet on Influencer from your industry and grow through a Brand Takeover as a cooperation with real TikTok professionals.

7. integration with the TikTok Pixel

Comparable to the Facebook Pixel you should use a Use TikTok Pixelto target your ads even better. With a plugin or the Google Tag Manager this is technically no problem at all.

If you have already gained a lot of experience with Facebook Ads Manager, the default mode on TikTok should look familiar to you right away.
When creating your ads, make sure that you act a bit broader than you might be used to on Facebook. The user base on TikTok is smaller than on Facebook, so if you make your ads too specific, you'll lose viewers across the board. So feel free to start with a larger audience, even if the RoI may be lower at first.

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TikTok Ads - similar yet different

When you run ads on TikTok, you'll quickly realize that the app didn't reinvent the wheel. Rather, from Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat to TikTok, you can see a linear evolution in terms of content and users, and your ads should fully serve them.


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