7 Tips for Optimizing Social Media Video Ads

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Social media video ads are becoming increasingly important for many companies. Because via videos the not only reach the target group optimally, but also convey the message ideally. Thereby the Contents suitable for the company, to the campaign and the target group vary and pursue different goals. From purely animating viewers to creating buying impulses, there are many possibilities. So that you as a company can use these campaigns effectively, we have put together seven tips for you.



Successful social media video ads originate in planning

Since the production of the videos is more expensive than the creation of image and text ads, you should get the most for your money. However, this also means that video ads for social media are definitely should be planned more extensively, than many of the traditional marketing campaigns. After all, once a video has been created and presented, it cannot be easily adjusted or corrected. It is therefore important to evaluate as much data as possible in advance in order to Determine the exact target audience and the desired interactions on the video.

The better the individual elements mesh, the greater the subsequent success with the customer.

Video Marketing Trends
Good video marketing increases your appeal to customers and your reach (Image: anymator.com)

Determine the right duration of the videos

The runtime of the social media video ads can be significantly vary and is among other things also depending on the chosen platform. While Instagram and TikTok, for example, allow ads lasting a maximum of one minute, Twitter offers more than two minutes for the ad. Facebook and YouTube, on the other hand, allow much longer formats. But it is not always useful to use this maximum time. Because customers and viewers are not only impatient, but also the artificial scarcity of the presentation can trigger a buying impulse.

It is important that the length is chosen to suit both the desired effect and the target audience.

An informational video explaining technical details should be significantly longer than social media video ads, which are primarily intended to trigger buying impulses and generate leads. Best practices show that social media video ads should generally be no longer than 30 seconds.

Remain "catchy" without diminishing recognition value

Social media video ads must be presented to the user of the relevant platform whenever possible. immediately catch the eye and captivate this. This means that the videos not only have to be exciting or interesting from the start, but also that the visual language plays an important role here.

This is why social media video ads are worthwhile
Videos stimulate buying interest and increase awareness (Image: bruceclay.com)

If the ad stands out clearly from the rest of the page, it can attract attention. If the video is also exciting, entertaining or captivating, many customers will not skip this ad. However, with all the freedom of color and form language, it is important to ensure that the videos can be associated with your company at any time.

Important tips for the design of a own brand identity should therefore be considered in advance so that you can clearly present precisely this brand essence within the social media video ads as well.

Production for smartphones - peculiarities always consider

Most social networks are consumed via mobile devices in this day and age. This means that users usually use their smartphones to be on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. So, for your ads, you need to use the Take into account peculiarities of these devices.

As a rule, the screen brightness is set lower due to battery consumption and is accordingly darker. For this reason, not only should the format match the usual resolution of the devices, but the brightness must also be adjusted. When creating the videos, you should pay attention to a particularly good brightness and a slight overexposure.

Just try this with a simple video in different brightness levels on your smartphone. You'll be surprised how much such a small step can change the effect of a video on a mobile device.

Image and sound are equally important elements

Many companies forget about sound when it comes to social media video ads and focus primarily on great images that catch the eye. But a good and above all rich sound is equally important and can sustainably underline the message of the images.

However, be aware that many users scroll through social media feeds without having the sound set. Therefore, be sure to include subtitles to make spoken words understandable to these users as well. If you upload the subtitles as an SRT file to your ad, social media channels like Facebook will automatically fade in the subtitle when the sound is off. This way, the subtitles are not visible to users with sound and are not perceived as annoying.

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Play social media video ads to the right audience

Social media video ads are only effective if they reach your target audience with precision. When setting up your campaigns, make sure to set the targeting as precisely as possible. It's best to test several targeting options in an A/B/X test so you can find the best settings.

Customize the video content to the desired audience.
Tailor video content to the audience you want to reach. (Image: swat.io)



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