Social media demographics: These are the platforms your target group really uses

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Social media platforms are a dynamic field where the type of content, interacting users and trends are constantly changing. This has an impact on the public's perception of the platform, but also on the general Social Media Demographics. Only if you know where your target group actually is, your marketing measures will reach their goal. 



What the platforms conceal about their accesses

The numbers that Facebook The figures that the company announces for its active users every year are impressive. According to the company itself, around 2.45 billion active users per month accessed the platform in the course of 2020. With a global population of 7.8 billion people, that would be one in three ( But this number is not enough for marketing to decide whether your target audience is also present in the platform's social media demographicsThey hide the fact that there is far more than just one account per private person.

Social media has changed and the social networks have long been the first port of call for marketing experts, to plan campaigns for companies and strengthen their own presence. Out of 23 million people who accessed Facebook every day in Germany, 2 or 3 million are likely to be entrepreneurs and companies that manage their advertising or Address customers directly would like to

They often have private secondary accounts or manage multiple accounts for their customers, who only broadcast but do not consume content. In total, around 38 million Germans use social media, i.e. one in two. The question of who prefers which network is answered by the so-called Social Media Demographics data answered, but not the how. 

How people use 2020 social media platforms

At Facebook people spend most of their time interacting with friends and family, while Twitter is a public platform, which is characterized by the fact that a tweet can be accessed worldwide. It is true that Twitter has recently given users the long-awaited option of replying to so-called "replies" by means of a moderation feature. Replies, for tweets to be limited or turned off. But the basic principle is that of a public chat, where anyone can read anything as long as the account is not locked.

On Twitter, people find out about the current events and discuss news developmentsbut also very personal experiences. The platform allows photos, videos and livestreams, but unlike Facebook, it does not have the function of creating albums and sharing them individually. At Pinterest users upload images and ideas to albums and can share them.

Also with Instagram it is a kind of picture collection, but here are set Influencer with products, vacations are privately documented and shared with the whole world, and large groups of viewers can be attracted and played with via hashtags and ig-TV.

Social media use
Find out which media platforms are actively used (Image:

TikTok is a relatively new app. It is currently causing trouble in the U.S., where it was decided to deny the Chinese provider access to U.S. user data. Young people under 25 love this platform because it lets them combine videos with music and create new content by streaming clips endlessly. consume every second.

However, the absolute success platform in Germany is YouTube. Recording, streaming, sharing and watching videos, commenting on them afterwards and discussing the content is what makes the service so successful. Also the new Premium features with which fans can support their favorite channels are well received.

What percentage of Germans use the platforms?

The platforms are used by this proportion of the total German population (Global Web Index Q2/Q3 2018, 16-64 years):

  • YouTube: 76 percent
  • Facebook: 63 percent
  • Instagram: 33 percent
  • Pinterest: 21 percent
  • Twitter: 19 percent

Demographics: All age groups represented on different platforms

The actual Social network demographics are essentialwhen you need to decide which platforms to use for your campaign. A campaign that includes all services is not only particularly costly, but often inefficient because it's far too broad.

Facebook publishes its User data per quarter. In January 2019, the gender distribution on Facebook was practically exactly the same. The age groups, on the other hand, showed clear differences. Only 6 percent of users in Germany were 13 to 17-year-olds, while the 18 to 24 age group accounted for 19 percent of users. At 30 percent, the 25 to 34 group was particularly well represented, after which the figures dropped again (

Age distribution on social media
What platform is your target audience on? (Image:

19 percent of users were 35 to 44 years old, 14 percent under 54 and 12 percent older than that. Seniors over 65 were represented by only 4 percent. This means that, just like young people, they can hardly be reached on Facebook.

Twitter fell into the Social Media Demographics, stood out due to particularly even usage. On average, 30% of people in Germany used the platform from time to time, with only one in five in the over-60s group showing interest. (

TikTok does not provide figures for Germany, but it is clear from the content that the 13- to 20-year-old group in particular, which is not strongly represented anywhere else, finds a lot of fun in implementing new ideas here.

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How important are platform social media demographics for marketing?

Facebook and YouTube are the only platforms that offer such a Allow exact allocation of the advertisements so that the appropriate target group is always reached. Still, it makes little sense to target groups here that, according to social media demographics, hardly ever use the service. 

Through this concretization of the address of a customer group significantly reduce the cost of the advertising campaign and get more clicks for less cost. Get independent advice today and plan your marketing mix on the right platforms.



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