The Super Fusion: Strengthen Your Online Marketing with SEO and AI

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Nowadays, anyone who wants to give their SEO a boost combines it with artificial intelligence (AI). SEO and AI - the new dream team? AI offers many exciting possibilities that Strengthen SEO. For example, it can use the Understanding user and customer behavior or Apply analyses, which is responsible for the SEO are useful. 
Have you reached a point with your online marketing where you don't know how to improve performance? This is where AI can make sure that your SEO gets more depth. Artificial intelligence is most applicable when it comes to speech recognition and understanding, semantic understanding, visual perceptions, and decision making, and shows strong performance in these areas. 

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What is AI? 

Before we discuss how SEO and AI can work together, we first need to understand what AI is exactly. Artificial intelligence (AI) or in English "artificial intelligence" (AI) includes different technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, computer vision, etc. These technologies help machines perform certain cognitive tasks as well as or even better than humans. 
Well-known examples of AI are Siri or Alexa. These AIs understand what a human says and respond to it. Netflix or Spotify use AI recommendation engines to suggest movies and songs their viewers and listeners might like based on their previous preferences. 

Among well-known AI devices, Siri and Alexa are way out in front.
Among well-known AI devices, Siri and Alexa are way out in front. (Image:

Yet AI is more than simple automation. Thanks to advanced information technologies and superior computing power, artificial intelligence is gaining Insights from huge amounts of data. She learns continuously and therefore gets better and better over time. In some cases, it recognizes patterns that humans do not recognize and recommends promising measures based on this. All this happens so quickly and comprehensively that a human could never do it. 

SEO and AI - what opportunities does artificial intelligence offer? 

Marketers know that SEO is becoming increasingly complex. It has long since ceased to be enough to blithely Keywords and add a few backlinks. Search engines are now using AI and machine learning technologies themselves. To keep up here, you should bring your SEO and AI together and unite them. The following options are available for this purpose: 

  • AI text generators write automated texts and optimize existing content. 
  • AI suggests new topics. 
  • AI image generators create suitable images within seconds based on word input. 
  • Chatbots handle communication with potential and existing customers; the  
    AI understands and interprets customer behavior. 
  • AI does the retargeting of prospects and interested parties. 

What advantages does AI offer in SEO?  

AI can help a company stay ahead of the competition. The biggest three advantages are: 

  • Increased effectiveness, speed and efficiency 
  • higher user-friendliness and customer satisfaction 
  • better rankings. 

One of the great strengths of AI lies in its comprehensive Automation. Time-consuming tasks are increasingly eliminated because an AI can work around the clock. It no longer needs staff to program new software and you can plan and realize your digital content more strategically yourself. In addition, the AI insights accurate and up to date. This saves time and money while increasing productivity and enabling good business decisions. 

Benefit from the advantages when you combine SEO and AI.
Reap the benefits when you combine SEO and AI. (Image:

AI is designed to make life easier for users. This benefits both the companies that use AI and their customers. By being able to provide your customers with extremely personalized services and products offer, Increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty
Search engines base their suggestions on AI. If you combine your SEO and AI and base this on artificial intelligence, you can achieve higher SERP rankings. For example, by creating customized user experiences through AI. User experiences are among the most important criteria considered for ranking. What's more, AI supports you in this, find the right keywords and content, which are maximally relevant for your target group. 

How can SEO and AI be combined? 

Good SEO is based on thorough data analysis. Data analysis contributes to a better understanding of ranking processes. AI can Analyze large amounts of data automatically and efficiently. For this purpose, there are different tools that provide the following services: 

  • Data information about the own website and the competitor's pages, 
    own crawler and database 
  • Learning based on the data situation and support in the creation of an SEO strategy. 
  • Pointing out correlations and anomalies. 

AI is in a state of permanent development. As a result, it always stays up to date with changes and innovations on the market.

AI-powered SEO tools allow you to do more with less and secure competitive advantages for the business that would not be achievable without AI. 

AI helps to understand the search intentions of users in depth and to apply these insights to one's own content creation. In addition, AI assists in keyword research. AI-based tools use natural language processing to understand the user intent behind a search. This saves long deliberations on keyword variations. 

Find suitable AI-powered SEO tools for your business.
Find AI-powered SEO tools suitable for your business. (Image: search engine

In addition, AI tools lead personalized keyword research through, which are tailored to the authority of your website. They analyze your entire site to determine how difficult it is for you to rank for a specific topic. You can gain groundbreaking insights here and save yourself a lot of time on wasted efforts.

The AI tool shows you for which topics you can easily rank and thus gives you a clear direction. 

Keep in mind, however, when applying AI to SEO, that you'll need to keep your Content strategy never build on the statements of an AI tool alone. An ideal content strategy consists of a combination of human and artificial intelligence. This way, you will improve your SEO significantly without a doubt. 

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template


SEO is important to generate reach and visibility. Search engines nowadays rely on AI to provide users with the best possible Play out relevant search results. Marketers can also take advantage of this by combining SEO and AI to improve their SEO. Artificial IIntelligence offers many advantages in SEO, because it can analyze huge amounts of data and recognize patterns that often remain hidden to the human eye. Moreover, it learns continuously and gets better and better over time. Nevertheless, SEO should never be built solely on the recommendations of an AI. The ideal strategy is always a mix of AI and human intelligence. 


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