Artificial Intelligence in CRM: The Revolution?

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Thanks to the development of intelligent algorithms and the various AI systems, many industries are currently being gripped and shaken by change. After all, these new possibilities offer a wide range of options and, above all, the potential to bring in significantly more efficiency. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is of particular interest to companies. Here, the use of artificial intelligence offer particularly great effects.

So let us consider whether artificial intelligence CRM and where the advantages and difficulties lie.

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Systems in use and the new opportunities

There are already many different systems in use, which, due to the way they work, are definitely considered to be artificial intelligence can be called. A good example can be found in the various large online stores, where goods suggestions are presented to you individually. Behind these recommendations are highly complex algorithms that not only use your individual buying behavior as the basis for the recommendations, but also draw on the customer target group assigned to you and also use this as the basis. The systems work with a low error tolerance, so that you very often receive optimal and appropriate recommendations.

But the possibilities of modern AI go much further.

A Artificial intelligence in the CRM environment can access the ever-increasing volumes of data much better and more effectively than any human being and structure, organize, relate and use them. So let's take a look at the various advantages that can be gained from the use of artificial intelligence in the Customer Relationship Management result.

Proactive and reliable: the transparent customer

Even modern CRM systems depend on information about customers being entered and, if necessary, maintained by employees. Even the most modern concepts require the maintenance of customer data by employees in order to determine the probable future behavior of customers.

The artificial intelligence in CRM will significantly change these processes. On the one hand, the machine can combine significantly more data and process it simultaneously; moreover, insights into potential purchasing behavior can be extrapolated from this data in real time. The artificial intelligence in the CRM segment will thus be able to work much more effectively and represent the customer and his wishes more precisely and accurately. The predictions about customer wishes and customer behavior will thus be significantly better, which will increase the profitability of the Customer Relationship Management increased.


Expert knowledge from the machine

Basis of the Customer Relationship Managments is data-based prediction. It is necessary to determine exactly which actions a customer will prefer next from the existing customer data. This has already become increasingly difficult in recent years because companies often lack the right employees. Data sets are becoming increasingly large and confusing, and expert knowledge is required to determine behavioral disposition. It is therefore not surprising that it is becoming increasingly difficult to precisely address one's own customers and to comprehensively record them with their personality traits.

The Artificial intelligence in the CRM environment however, can easily handle these tasks. Machine learning and adaptive modeling of predictions can be used to achieve accurate and, above all, flexibly scalable effects.


Conversation between man and machine as an opportunity

The Customer Relationship Management is based on and operates primarily through direct customer contact. Here, too, modern AI can make a significant contribution to serving customers in a more targeted and effective manner. As this year's Google presentation has shown, an AI can now communicate with customers using natural language and, for example, make appointments with them or accept complaints. It is therefore only a matter of time before the various AI solutions are so mature that they can no longer be distinguished from a real human being by the person they are talking to.

Now, if we add the aforementioned predictive capabilities of AI in real time, customers in the context of CRM can be served at all touchpoints by the artificial intelligence targeted and optimally addressed. There are thus many more synergies with the customers, which increases the efficiency of the Customer Relationship Management strengthened once again.

AI is no longer a specialized solution

Artificial intelligence was long considered science fiction and particularly complex. However, the results of recent years have shown that this is not true. Modern AI solutions are already available on the market in a variety of forms, and some of them can even be deployed directly from the cloud. For the artificial intelligence in CRM experts assume that this will be so mature by 2020 that AI will be in widespread use. Even today, it usually takes no longer than 90 days for a current AI solution to be integrated productively and maturely in a company.

Artificial intelligence in CRM and other use cases
There are numerous use cases for AI

It is therefore not surprising that we are also active, among other things, in the Customer Relationship Management will increasingly rely on AI-supported processes in the future. Finally, a artificial intelligence clearly at an advantage over humans in many areas.

The revolution is far away - evolution is not

It is not really purposeful in the field of artificial intelligence in the CRM environment to speak of a revolution. This is because a direct overthrow will not be achieved by the new technologies, as they cannot yet work sufficiently autonomously.

Rather, one can speak of an evolution of these business units, as the weighting is changing significantly.

While the normal everyday cases in the field of Customer Relationship Management can be effectively retrieved by AI and thus automated, employees have the chance to target individual customers or special target groups much more effectively and thus strengthen the effectiveness of the various efforts.

The intelligent use artificial intelligence in this segment is thus an economic reinforcement, but not an overthrow of the previously valid work structures.

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