Link SEA and SEO strategy for sustainable success

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In many companies SEA and SEO not only from different teams or employees, but are also supported by not linked together. A real mistake. Due to the differences and similarities of SEA and SEO, excellent synergies can be exploited. And ideally, this combination also lets the company act more economically. Often, data is collected twice, which could be avoided if both measures were precisely agreed upon and combined. We show you how SEA and SEO combined with each other provide more profitability.

Why both SEA and SEO provide important marketing functions?

It is most understandable if you first consider the two measures or strategies individually. SEA measures are usually available for especially fast successes responsible. They are used by many companies to first of all pay for Visibility and Customer traffic to provide. With SEA ads, you generate traffic and achieve a high reach practically without delay.

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SEO measures on the other hand require significantly more time for success and only achieve the desired effects in the medium and long term. For this SEO measures are usually free and also have without further financial contribution longer lasting.

In order to maximize success, it is now necessary to combine SEA and SEO measures and to use the synergies of both measures.

You profit with the SEO measures for example from the SEA Keyword Ad Tests and from the optimizations of Meta Title and Meta description significantly. The SEA measures, on the other hand, benefit from good search engine optimization. Because the optimized pages offer the users exactly the contentshe is looking for. Thus benefits the user and thus also your company will benefit significantly from the combination of measures.

Different strategies to achieve greater success

There is a whole range of different strategies to use SEA and SEO linked and combined for your own success. We have for you the Three most common and effective strategies selected. We show you which successes you can expect from the respective strategy.

The double visibility of the content

This strategy relies on the fact that through both SEA and SEO you can equally high visibility and relevance generate. In the optimum case, you are at the important keywords present at the top via both SEA ads and organic rankings. However, this strategy requires a relatively High budget, as you will generate many clicks via these measures.

However, you can also use the Website traffic and thus the Significantly increase salesThis is because you can specifically oust the competition from the top positions and thus generate an enormous amount of reach. This is the strategy of choice, especially for large and well-positioned companies. This allows them to optimally link SEA and SEO for the most important keywords and to profit equally from both measures.

Gradual withdrawal of SEA in favor of SEO

The so-called Pull-back strategy represents the opposite of the first strategy. It combines the synergy of SEA and SEO with the possible Savings potential of lower SEA measures. The better one's own search results become in the organic rankings, the less important SEA measures to improve visibility become.

You can therefore use the SEA measures more as a motor and boost for the organic rankings and gradually reduce them.

For keywords with a very good ranking you can thus Without a loss of visibility reduce SEA costs. However, you must expect that potential competitors fill the freed SEA spots with your own ads and thus lower your visibility. Since the top SEA ads are always displayed above the organic rankings, you may lose valuable clicks. However you also save cash or can invest the SEA budget in lower ranking keywords in a more targeted way.

Cover all search areas

If you are just starting to explore the different possibilities of SEA and SEO, or have a build new site for your company, this can be the right strategy for you. You can cover the upper areas of the search results secured through the SEA measures. Through your SEO measures, the lower search results are subsequently also covered, since an increase in ranking usually occurs very slowly.

Thus, you will also reach the users who not only use the highest search results, but who also use the lower areas of the search results sift. You can thus easily increase the reach by many more users and thus benefit from SEA and SEO benefit equally strongly.

However, this strategy is Not a permanent solution. Because through good SEO measures you gradually rise in the rankings and thus can no longer cover the lower search results. In this case, the other strategies make more sense for you. Especially the second strategy, the strategic reduction of SEA measures can lead to the desired success here.

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The choice of strategy depends on the company

You can see that some of the above strategies already differ in approaches. Which strategy you pursue with your company depends, among other things, on the Target group and the direct competition in your market segment. Also your current SEO Successes play an important role.

If you already rank very high through SEO measures, you can no longer effectively apply the third strategy, for example. Here, the first two strategies can be equally useful. Through regular reportings and a constant analysis of the target group and the competition, you can flexibly adapt your strategy to the respective situation.

A combined strategy of SEA and SEO promises greater successes

Through the Combination of SEA and SEO you can use the full Exploit the potential of search engines. Thus, you can significantly increase the traffic to your website and the number of qualified leads. It is important that you do not choose just one strategy. You need to continuously check its efficiency again and again and to Adapt strategies to the situation. Pay particular attention to your competitors. Because they usually react to your strategy as well. Through the targeted combination of SEA and SEO, you can significantly increase your market shares in online marketing and thus generate lucrative competitive advantages.



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